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I was watching Spartacus and I got this idea.

Summary: Bella is captured and is a slave to a woman for her amusement. At first, the woman sees Bella as entertainment but as time goes by, she sees her in a romantic light. She and Rosalie go head to head for Bella's affections. Meanwhile, Bella will do anything to get out of this confinement and in search for her friends.

Chapter 1

Bella's POV:

I walk down the street with my four friends, laughing after a night filled with drinking. I knew I was drunk because when we were leaving the bar, as soon as the cold night air hit me, I fell flat on my face. My friends and I were laughing and telling stories, stumbling down the road.

My friends were two guys and two ladies.

There was William. He had short jet black hair, tan skin, light brown eyes, tall, muscle built but not overly dramatic. He was a ladies' man.

Austin was tall and muscle built as well. He had short dark blond hair, blue eyes, fair skin. He was always happy.

Ana had long dark red hair, fair skin, green eyes, and was also muscle-toned. She would be the biggest flirt you'll ever meet, yet, she did have a bit of a temper. Even the guys sometimes were afraid of her.

There's also Lexie. She was tall, had long blond hair, clear blue eyes, and fair skin, she had some muscle on her as well. It was no secret that she had the biggest crush on me. In fact, I think she is in love with me. To this day, she is still trying to get me to date her.

And then there's me. Bella. I had long brown hair, light brown eyes, fair skin, tall, a muscle built, but again, not overly dramatically so. I guess that you would expect my friends and I to be since we are all lycans.

Austin was finishing up his story and then he stopped as a man in armor was riding up to us on his horse.

"I must be more drunk then I thought." I said, taking in his appearance and the fact that he was riding a horse down the street.

"Then I must be just as drunk as you because I see the same stupid thing." Austin said.

The man stopped in front of us and got off his horse. He brought his hand up to his mouth and whistled. On cue, seven more riders in armor rode up to us.

"Forget about drunk, I'm shit-faced." I said, taking everyone in. They all got off their horses and walked towards us.

The leader, as I assume to be, said in a gruff voice, "Come with us."

My friends looked at him as if they were confused. I looked at them all and said, "Thanks but I'd rather catch a cab."

I started to walk around them but the leader cut me off, "Let me make myself perfectly clear. You do not have a choice."

I laughed. "What makes you think you can make me do anything?"

On cue, everyone revealed swords. Swords! What century are we in?

"I wouldn't mind a ride." Austin said.

"You're seriously considering going with them?" I asked.

Austin held up his hands and shrugged, "Swords beats hands, everyone knows that."

"We can take them." I said.

"Not in our state, love." Lexie said.

"What's the big deal? We'll just take the ride. It's a free ride!" William said.

"Yeah, except I don't believe they plan on taking us home. We don't even know why they want us to come with them." I argued.

"I'm with you, Bella." Ana said

"We're not even armed!" Lexie said. "Please Bella. Just come quietly. I don't want to have to worry about you."

"I suggest that you listen to what the whore says." The leader said, taking a step towards me.

"Don't call her that! I'm not going anywhere with you." I snapped.

He tilted his head, "Alright. Have it your way." He looked to his crew and nodded, giving a signal.

The crew circled around me, I was completely cornered. I couldn't help it; I was so drunk I didn't know who to strike first. I didn't have to worry about it for long because when I felt something blunt and sharp hit me in the back of the head, I passed out.

I woke up to the sounds of howling, growling, moaning, scratching and inhuman sounds. The smell alone, made me want to gag.

I winced in pain as I got up. I put my hand to the back of my head and felt a bump. That was the least of my problems. I had a huge hangover and I wasn't in a familiar place.

I took in my surroundings and saw that it was very dark. I could hardly see anything. I moved around and felt around to get an idea of where I was at.

I concluded that I was in a metal cage or cell of some kind and that I had chains wrapped around my wrists and ankles. As I walked to the edge or entrance of the cage, I heard and felt the chains clink together. The inhuman sounds got louder and more vicious.

I couldn't help but be scared; and that was a huge blow to my pride.

"Yo!" I called out. The noises continued. "Anybody out there?" I called out. "Excuse me?" I started to bang my chains against the metal bars, hoping that someone will come to me and tell me what's going on. "Yo!"

Despite the loud sounds, I heard footsteps approaching. My eyes narrowed when I saw that the leader from last night's events was in front of me.

I felt all the fear leave me and it was replaced with aggravation. "You!" I shouted, pointing to him. "Hey asshole! Why am I here? What happened?"

He just smirked and that aggravated me. He may have got one up on me last night but I was sober now and ready for payback.

"The name's Vladmir. I see you woke up. The mistress would like to see you." He said

"Mistress? What mistress? What's going on?" I asked.

"Step to the wall and put your hands up on the wall." He said

"Bite me." I said.

"The hard way again huh? Because it worked so well for you last night." He said cockily.

"I was drunk. No way could you take me on without help." I said

His smirk grew, "Do as I say. This is your last chance." He got out what looked like a black stick.

"Not to go all school yard on you but…make me." I said, narrowing my eyes.

He nodded, "I can do that."

He brought up the black stick in his hand and shot it to me. Before I knew what he was doing, I felt shock waves being ripped through my whole body. I took a step back.

He looked surprised, as if he thought that should have immobilized me.

"Is that all you got?" I asked cockily."I feel more when I rub the carpet and touch the doorknob."

I see a quiver run through his jaw, "I guess I need to turn it up." He turned the dial and shocked me again.

I felt that more but it still didn't faze me. "Why don't you come into this cage and test it out." I said, trying to provoke him.

He turned the dial up higher. Significantly higher, I noted. I back up so that I was in the middle of the cage so that the device wouldn't be able to reach me. If he wanted me, he would have to come in.

He smirked and hit a button on the device; it shot out, making the device longer. It was so long that it could reach me. He shocked me again.

This time, it hurt. It felt like a swimmer's cramp in every single muscle in my body. I saw neon blue shock waves run across my body. I gritted my teeth and took in the pain. It was so painful that I couldn't think.

When I hit the ground, he stopped shocking me. I felt my body relax and tried to recover. I was breathing heavily. I heard what sounded like keys fumbling followed by the cage opening. I was too weak to do anything.

Vladmir unlocked the chains on me and put on new ones. I suppose for transport. These chains were much bigger, bulkier and heavier. "Come on. Get up. I refuse to carry you." Vladmir said

"Fuck off." I said.

Without warning, he grabbed the chains and proceeded to drag me. After about fifteen feet, I couldn't take it anymore. The cement was ripping my skin off my back. "Alright. I'll get up."

When I got to my feet, I saw that we seemed to be in a prison like area. I saw animals and humans in cages just like mine. It was so dark and depressing. As we passed by cage after cage, I saw the beings in them, try to strike us.

We went up the stairs and down hallways. The longer we walked, the better the building seemed to be. By this point, the mansion seemed to be fit for royalty. It was no longer dark and depressing.

It seemed like we had walked for a very long time. Vladmir stopped us at double doors and knocked.

"Come in." A beautiful voice rang out. Vladmir opened the door and fairly dragged me inside. I heard the doors close behind and saw that we were in a huge room. There were hard-wooded floors, a golden chandelier hung down in the middle of the room, tall ceiling and a marble fireplace at the side. This was probably the biggest, most luxurious and most beautiful room I've ever seen.

A woman was sitting on a chair, I think a throne. She was obviously in charge. The woman had long blond hair, brown eyes, light skin, full pink lips, and the body and face of a super model.

Along the walls stood bulky men with their hands behind their backs looking straight ahead. She has them well trained.

"So glad you could join us." The woman said. By the tone of her voice, I knew she was annoyed.

"My apologies. This one would not cooperate." He said, bowing.

"She's feisty?" She asked, intrigued.

He nodded, "She is one of the hardest ones." He said. "I had to ramp up the tazor to over 900,000 volts.

The woman's eyebrows shot up in surprise and I could tell she was impressed.

"Well, well. It looks you found her, the right one, this time." She said.

"Can someone tell me what is going on here? Where are my friends?" My patience was long gone.

The woman smiled and I could not help but melt. I mentally scolded myself.

"There, there love. No need to be frightened. You see, this is a business. I find and capture supernatural beings. People come and place bets on who is stronger." She said.

There was a long pause. "That still doesn't seem like mother goose to me." I said.

She smiled and nodded, "You're correct. There is a catch. The one who is left standing and alive, is the stronger one."

"Fight to the death?" I asked.

She nodded.

"So you captured me to fight and place a bet on whether or not I will survive?" I asked incredulously. "Why am I the lucky one who got caught?"

"You're a lycan are you not?" She asked.

I decided this may be my chance. "No, I don't know what you are talking about. I'm human, just me."

She laughed, "You are a terrible liar. Please come forward."

When I didn't move, Vladmir yanked on the chains and I flew forward, in front of her.

"Not so rough, Vladmir." She said. She got up from her throne and walked down the stairs until she was in front of me. Since I was a lycan, I could smell the arousal on her. She wanted to mate with me!

"Would you please be so kind as to remove all of your clothes?" She asked in a sweet voice.

The lycan in me growled in protest. No way was this going to happen.

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The mistress will look like Allison McAtee from the movie, Bloomington.

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