The following happens after Seasons 1-5 and After the Fall (Which counts as Season Six to me).


David Boreanaz as Angel

Vincent Kartheiser as Connor

Amy Acker as Illyria


James Marsters as Spike

(Since Gunn's in a coma and Wesley is dead dead, they are no longer regulars)

1: Forgiveness (Special Guest Stars: Andy Hallett, and J. August Richards. Co-Star: Joss Whedon as Betta George) – Angel, Spike, Connor, and Betta George visit Gunn, who is still being guarded by Illyria, at the hospital in Silverlake which Lorne is overseeing. Connor, Spike, and George are unwilling to forgive Gunn for what he did during The Fall (Torturing George, killing Connor, and "Being a bloody bastard"). Angel points out that human and vampire Gunn were the same as Angel and Angelus, so Gunn was not himself. They return to the Hyperion and officially re-open Angel Investigations again.

2: Angel vs. Dracula (Special Guest Stars: Andy Hallett, and J. August Richards. Guest Star: Rudolph Martin) – After learning about The Fall, Dracula decides to re-sire Gunn, but instead ends up fighting Illyria. After arguing with Spike and being defeated, Dracula retreats.

3: Guardian (Special Guest Stars: Andy Hallett, and J. August Richards) – Spike visits Illyria at the hospital and asks her to come back, assuring her that Lorne has hired extra protection, since most of the demons in LA want Gunn dead. Eventually, she agrees.

4: Emotionally Damaged (Special Guest Star: Julie Benz) – Illyria and Spike discuss her conflicting emotions about Wesley, Fred, and Gunn, while Angel and Connor bond and discuss Darla.

5: Boys and Their Toys (Guest Star: Mark Lutz) – Angel and Spike attend a screening for a feature film depicting The Fall of Los Angeles (which is completely inaccurate), where people get turned into their costumes. After recovering the sword Gunn used to kill Angel and being turned into Angel (his costume), Spike relates to him better.

6: Prom Night (Guest Star: Brad Kane) – Tucker Wells is released from the Los Angeles Rehabilitation Center he had been sent to seven years ago, boasting that he will finally have his revenge on Buffy, only to find out that she has left the state. After he is defeated, he is returned to his cell with no chance of release.

7: Missing (Special Guest Star: Glenn Quinn) – Angel, Connor, Spike, and Illyria trail a mysterious demon with teleportation abilities similar to Illyria's old powers. During the battle, Angel vanishes (the demon seemed to have teleported him somewhere) and Doyle appears in his place.

8: Old Faces in New Places (Special Guest Star: Glenn Quinn) – As the demon disappears, Doyle sees Spike and demands to know what he had done to him and why Spike is acting like a good guy and who Connor and Illyria are. Spike explains Connor and Illyria's origins, and about his soul. Doyle isn't sure whether Angel having a son or Spike having a soul is more surprising to him. When he asks to speak to Angel, Spike admits that Angel has disappeared. At the same time, Angel is stuck in another dimension.

9: Search (Special Guest Stars: Glenn Quinn, Andy Hallett) – Spike, Illyria, Doyle and Connor split up and try to track down the demon. Doyle asks Connor if he knew Cordelia. Connor reluctantly informs him that she had died a few years ago. They reminisce on happy memories about her. Angel wanders around the other dimension while someone watches him. Doyle and Connor finally find the demon outside the Silverlake hospital where Lorne and several mystics were trying to stop it from getting to Gunn. Spike and Illyria join in. After Illyria kills the demon, she discovers that she has absorbed its powers, then timeslips to find Angel.

10: Recovery (Special Guest Stars: Glenn Quinn, Andy Hallett. Guest Star: Adam Baldwin) – Illyria finds Angel and Marcus Hamilton, who inform them that this is Wolfram and Hart's home dimension, the location of the Senior Partners. Illyria timeslips herself and Angel back to the real world. Lorne tells Angel that he will continue to watch Gunn, but refuses to take part in the upcoming battle. Doyle and Angel reunite. After Angel explains where he was, Doyle reveals that when W&H kidnapped Angel, the Powers that Be resurrected Doyle, feeling that he was the key to help Angel defeat them. Angel then fills Doyle in on everything that happened to him in the past six years since he had died. Meanwhile, Hamilton tells the Partners (represented by colored balls of light) about Angel's escape and Doyle's return. They assure him that Doyle being brought back will not be any trouble for them.

11: Injustice (Special Guest Star: Glenn Quinn. Co-star: Joss Whedon as Betta George) – Angel and Illyria are targeted by a mob for two reasons: to worship Angel for saving them, and to kill Illyria since she almost destroyed time. After she saves their lives, they decide to worship her too, resulting in her, Angel, Connor, Spike, Doyle, and George to barricade themselves inside the hotel.

12: Justice (Special Guest Star: Glenn Quinn. Co-star: Joss Whedon as Betta George) – Angel has to address the mob about what he does and what he is, so they can leave.

13: Wolf, Ram, and Hart (Special Guest Star: Glenn Quinn. Guest Star: Sam Anderson. Co-star: Joss Whedon as Betta George) – George, Spike, and Connor patrol the city while Angel, Doyle, and Illyria depart on a separate mission. Angel asks Doyle how they can destroy the Senior Partners. Doyle says that they can't because they are a balancing force of evil in the world, and if they are somehow wiped out, there would be a major power shift that could end up destroying the world anyway, plus they exist through the evil thoughts of humanity, making them nearly untouchable. However, he theories that they can be stabilized so that they can exist without doing any more harm. Angel insists on confronting them. So Illyria timeslips them back to W&H's dimension, where they are greeted by Holland Manners.

14: Angels (Special Guest Stars: Charisma Carpnter, Glenn Quinn, Andy Hallett, with J. August Richards, and Alexis Denisof. Guest Stars: Sam Anderson, Max Perlich, and Adam Baldwin. Co-star: Joss Whedon as Betta George) – Manners and Hamilton lead Angel to the Senior Partners (or the closest anyone can come to them). Their consciousness, three pulsating balls of colored light, tell Angel that they finally realized that he will not cooperate with their scheduled apocalypse and therefore must be disposed of. He is then attacked by W&H's army. Angel realizes that he is all by himself, in a pile of bodies, and bloodied: the vision of his role in the apocalypse for the Senior Partners. But the bodies were of his enemies, not innocents, and the euphoria he felt was not the thrill of slaughter, but the intensity of the battle. More minions approach him holding Doyle and (with difficulty), Illyria. The minion holding Doyle snaps his neck. The Partners say Illyria will be next if Angel doesn't surrender. Angel declares that even if they killed everyone he loved, it would just motivate him to fight harder. Doyle, meanwhile, had gotten back to his feet, snapped his neck back into place, and grabs one of the minion's weapons, stating that they aren't as smart as they seem to think they are, since they forgot that Doyle was half Brachen demon and couldn't die of a broken neck. Then he strikes a Senior Partner, vaporizing it. Apparently, W&H is untouchable except with their own forged weapons. While Illyria distracts the other minions, Angel grabs a weapon and strikes another Partner. The final one hypnotizes Angel with a vision of him and everyone who had ever worked for him in horrible states (Doyle with his skin burned away right before his death, Cordelia in her coma, Wesley with his throat slit, Gunn as a vampire, Lorne drunk and depressed, Fred with Illyria growing inside her, Connor insane post-Jasmine, Illyria convulsing with power, and Spike burning up from the amulet) saying that they would all be alive and better off without him. Then the vision changes with Angel vanishing, and everybody looks happy. The Partner says that W&H can reverse the damage and death done by his existence, just by letting himself die. Doyle runs up and banishes the last Partner. Doyle tells Angel that he was being deceived and to go before the dimension is destroyed. Angel tries to stay because he felt he deserved it. But Doyle reminds him of how what happened to everybody wasn't because of him, that he had saved them all from dying a lot earlier, and had made their lives worth something. Illyria timeslips herself and Angel out of the dimension as it implodes. Doyle is seen reuniting with Cordelia. Later, Whistler visits Angel and congratulates him on his success. Angel asks him if W&H's final vision was right. Whistler shrugs, reminding him that the vision of him in the Shanshu prophecy was altered slightly to their benefit, so that one could be too. Angel asks if his life's mission is over now. Whistler chuckles and says "Yeah, right. You've still got some redemption left ahead of you to fulfill." Later, Angel imagines himself and everyone together in one group again. Then everyone except him vanishes. Even alone, he would keep fighting.