Takes place two years after Buffy Season Seven, one year after Angel Season Five, and directly after Angel Season Six (After the Fall). Runs parallel to Angel Season Seven.

Season Eight

Main Cast

Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy Summers

Nicholas Brendon as Xander Harris

Eliza Dushku as Faith Lehane

Tom Lenk as Andrew Wells


Alyson Hannigan as Willow Rosenberg

1: Cleveland (Special Guest Star: Anthony Stewart Head. Guest Stars: Michelle Trachtenberg, Iyari Limon, Indigo, Felicia Day, and D.B. Woodside as Robin Wood) - Real time: Buffy, Xander, Willow, Faith, Andrew, and thirty-something slayers stare at something in front of them. Buffy says "Yeah, this'll do just fine." Flashback to 2003, a few days after "Chosen": The school bus is parked outside a small diner in Nevada. Buffy, Xander, Willow, Giles, Dawn, Faith, Andrew, Kennedy, Rona, Vi, and Robin are sitting at the largest table (Robin and Rona have already been to a hospital). Buffy announces that she will be splitting everybody up to round up other activated slayers around the world before settling down in Cleveland, the location of the next Hellmouth, as her main headquarters: She and Dawn will go to Rome so Dawn can finish school, Xander to Africa, Willow and Kennedy to Brazil, Giles and Andrew to England (So Andrew can begin Watcher training), Robin to New York, Vi to Japan, Rona to China, and Faith to Cleveland, where she will stay and train the slayers who had survived the previous battle in Sunnydale. A few hours later, everyone is at the Nevada airport and preparing to depart for their respective destinations. Buffy assures them that most of their positions are going to be temporary. They depart. Flash forward to 2005, two days before real-time (A couple of months after Angel Season Six ended): In Rome, Buffy and Dawn discuss her going to college. Buffy isn't comfortable leaving Dawn by herself while she rearranges everybody's locations, so she allows her to come with her to the Cleveland airport where they will rendezvous with the others. Xander, Willow, Giles, Faith, Andrew, and the home group of slayers left with Faith are there waiting for them. Giles agrees to accompany Dawn back to Rome and help enroll her into college. They take the next plane back to Rome while Buffy, Xander, Willow, Faith, Andrew, and the other slayers head off to find a base for themselves (The one Faith had used previously had kicked them out because they were partying and making too much noise). Now back to real-time. Turns out they were looking at an old, abandoned hotel building all by itself. Xander asks how this can possibly be 'just fine'. Buffy asks him to think of another place that could hold thirty-plus people. They enter the building and see that it is very moldy and dilapidated. Xander sighs and says unenthusiastically "Home sweet home."

2: Home Improvement – Buffy and the others to try to adjust to their new base by cleaning and repairing it, dealing with some odd occurrences along the way.

3: Vengeance (Guest Star: Andy Umberger) - A Vengeance demon blends in as a slayer and causes mayhem by having others unintentionally state wishes (including Andrew's "I wish that everyone liked me more.", causing everyone to clamor for his attention, Willow's "I wish that everyone would just back off of me a little.", after which nobody could come within five feet of her, being stopped by an invisible force field, and Faith's "I wish we could have more action instead of sitting around.", resulting in the base being attacked non-stop by demons and vampires). After realizing what is happening, Xander summons D'Hoffryn and convinces him to withdraw his demon after telling him about Anya's death and that he now knows how he had felt when she had chosen to become human and had lost her forever. They eventually form to a truce: D'Hoffryn doesn't bother Buffy again and vice-versa.

4: Possessive Love (Gust Stars: Sean Maher, and Christina Hendricks) - Willow discovers a spirit who had been a past resident of the hotel, trapped in the building by a vengeance spell cast by his obsessive ex-girlfriend, who also ended up trapped there by accident. The catch of the spell is that once they are freed, one of them goes to heaven, and the other to hell. After both spirits are released, the ex-girlfriend possesses Buffy and seduces Xander into kissing her, but gives herself away by not knowing who Spike was. Then the other spirit possesses Xander in order to fight her. The girlfriend is forced out of Buffy and banished to hell. The other spirit leaves Xander, thanks them for their help, and ascends to heaven. After Willow fills them in, Xander tells Buffy about what had happened between him and 'her'. She feels bad for misleading him. Leaving the room, Xander suddenly realizes that his old crush on Buffy has unexpectedly returned in full force.

5: A Beautiful Mind (Special Guest Star: Anthony Stewart Head) - Giles returns and tells Buffy and everyone else about what had happened to him after he dropped off Dawn in Rome. He had gotten involved in a demonic competition for his life where he had to compete against a demon tribe's most intelligent member. If Giles won, he goes free, but if he lost, he would be killed. After winning the contest, the demons actually decided to worship Giles' intelligence. Only after making up a story about needing to stop a volcano erupting with the power of his brain did he convince them to let him go.

6: Lost Love (Special Guest Star: Anthony Stewart Head. Guest Star: Amber Benson as Tara) - While Faith and Andrew organize a training session for the other slayers, Willow is visited by Tara in a dream, warning her about an upcoming threat 'not from our world'. Buffy and Xander consult each other about Anya and Spike and their passing, then spontaneously kiss (for real this time). Andrew walks in to tell Buffy about the training session (awkward silence).

7: Psychology (Special Guest Star: Anthony Stewart Head. Guest Stars: Amy Acker, and James Marsters as Spike) - While Giles and Willow discuss her dream from the previous episode, Andrew has a private psychology session with Buffy and Xander. Xander admits that he still has feelings for Buffy, but feels somewhat guilty about it after everything he went through with Anya, while Buffy isn't sure what she's feeling and doesn't want to risk rushing into another failing relationship. Andrew suggests that they let it play out and see how they feel about each other later. After they leave, Andrew gets a call from Spike and Illyria, warning him that Tucker has escaped.

8: Brotherly Love (Guest Stars: James C. Leary, with Brad Kane) - While Buffy and the others take the slayers out for a training session, Andrew battles with his feelings about Tucker. He isn't very fond of him, but doesn't want him to kill Buffy or be killed himself. He also knows that Tucker is capable of what Warren had done if he was tempted to do it. He eventually decides that as long as Tucker doesn't turn up, he won't tell Buffy about him. Meanwhile, Tucker has arrived at the crater that was once Sunnydale and runs into Clem, who comes by on a regular basis to pay his respects for Spike's death. Tucker asks him if he knows where Buffy is. Clem says she may have gone to the other Hellmouth in Cleveland. A few hours later, Clem sees Tucker off at a bus station.

9: Rematch (Special Guest Star: Anthony Stewart Head. Guest Star: Rudolph Martin) - Dracula finds Buffy and confronts her about her 'ensouled ex'. After being defeated by her and resented by Xander, Dracula announces that he is going to retire to Transylvania to ensure that his reputation will not be ruined by anyone again. Giles asks Xander why he acted particularly jealously toward Dracula about Buffy. Andrew then reveals what had happened a few weeks earlier.

10: Black Mirror, Part 1(Special Guest Stars: Nathan Fillion, and Anthony Stewart Head. Guest Stars: Mark Metcalf, Clare Kramer, George Hertzberg, with Brad Kane) - Tucker arrives in Cleveland and prepares a summoning spell. In the middle of the questioning of Buffy and Xander, they, Willow, and Faith vanish. Andrew, the only other person with them at the time, had been left behind. He finds Giles, who had just left the room, and tells him what had happened. Giles asks him if he knows anyone or anything that can summon or teleport people. Then Andrew realized why he must've been spared: Tucker had found them and learned how to summon people as well as demons. Meanwhile, Buffy and the others find themselves in a parallel universe upon meeting alternate vampiric versions of themselves, plus Giles and Andrew. Parallel Xander has an axe slash over his left eye (similar to Kakistos' injury) instead of an eye patch, Parallel Andrew has a Mohawk, Parallel Giles has a mullet and a very Ripper-like appearance, while Parallel Buffy has black highlights in her hair and is wearing an outfit similar to The Master's. After a short fight, the parallel versions have them beaten, until they are unexpectedly saved by parallel versions of Glory, Caleb, Adam, and The Master.

11: Black Mirror, Part 2 (Special Guest Stars: Nathan Fillion, and Anthony Stewart Head. Guest Stars: Amy Acker, Mark Metcalf, Clare Kramer, George Hertzberg, with Brad Kane, and James Marsters as Spike)- After the parallel good guys are driven off, the Parallel Master (known as Heinrich) and Glory tell Buffy and the others about their universe: Glory (The Slayer), Caleb (Glory's Watcher), and Heinrich (a vampire cursed with a soul) fought against Parallel Buffy (known by them as The Master) and the other vampires, along with some one-time villains including The Principal (Snyder) who had ascended into a demon and eaten The Mayor, a cyborg called Riley, a hell-god called Cordelius, and a trio of vampires called The Three (of which Parallel Andrew is the only remaining member). Over time they recruited Amy; a witch, Adam; a soldier, Drusilla; a girl who was once part of a trio of nerds, and Warren; an ex-member of The Three who had fallen in love with Glory and gotten his soul for her. During the last battle of Sunnydale, Amy, Drusilla, and Warren had perished along with Heinrich, who had used an amulet to destroy the Hellmouth and take the other vampires with him. Then a few days later, Heinrich had been resurrected through the amulet and, unfortunately, so had the other vampires who had died after the amulet activated. In the real world, Andrew calls Spike and Illyria and tells them that Tucker has found Buffy. Then he goes and confronts Tucker himself.

12: Black Mirror, Part 3 (Special Guest Stars: Nathan Fillion, and Anthony Stewart Head. Guest Stars: Amy Acker, Mark Metcalf, Clare Kramer, George Hertzberg, with Brad Kane, and James Marsters as Spike) – After telling Andrew where he had sent Buffy, Tucker says that he had spared him because he is his brother and was hoping he would help him. They argue about opinions and loyalty until Spike and Illyria arrive. In the parallel world, Caleb tells Buffy that only way he can think of to return them to where they came from was the same way they had got there. Then their parallel selves attack again. In the ensuring battle, Parallel Faith and Andrew are killed.

13: Black Mirror, Part 4 (Special Guest Stars: Nathan Fillion, and Anthony Stewart Head. Guest Stars: Amy Acker, Mark Metcalf, Clare Kramer, George Hertzberg, with Brad Kane, and James Marsters as Spike) - Spike and Illyria battle demons that Tucker had summoned. Tucker reluctantly reverses the spell. Heinrich sacrifices himself to enable Buffy and the others to escape. As Buffy and the others reappear, Tucker runs off. When Buffy questions how Andrew had managed to save them all by himself, he notices Spike and Illyria slipping out quietly, not wanting her to know of their involvement.

14: Dimension of Confusion (Special Guest Star: Anthony Stewart Head) - Buffy tells Giles about the parallel world they had been to. He says that other dimensions do exist, but they should never cross paths, reminding her about what had happened when Ethan had caused dimensions to bleed into each other. After being interrogated about Tucker, Andrew decides to try to be more useful and asks Faith if she can help train him to fight better.

15: Beauty and the Geek – After extensive training, Faith feels that Andrew should be tested in a real battle. After he helps Buffy drive off a vampire attack, she admits that Andrew has definitely improved.

16: Virtual Reality (Guest Star: Brad Kane) – Tucker sends Buffy and Andrew into another dimension of his, full of various Sci-Fi characters. Andrew helps guide Buffy through the fantasy world and to escape.

17: Amy Witch Way (Special Guest Star: Anthony Stewart Head. Guest Star: Elizabeth Anne Allen) - Amy returns for revenge on Willow by trying to convince her to delve into dark magic again to destroy her. Willow is almost tempted, but defeats Amy, causing her to leave town.

18: Xanderless (Special Guest Stars: Seth Green, and Anthony Stewart Head. Guest Stars: David Boreanaz, Mark Metcalf, Robia LaMorte, Bianca Lawson, Christian Clemenson, Harry Groener, with Eric Balfour, and Alexis Denisof) - Xander experiences a universe in which he was never born, in which Buffy, Angel, Giles, Wesley, Cordelia, and Spike have died, while Jesse and Jenny Calendar are alive until they, along with Willow and Oz, are killed by The Mayor and his Ascension, which happened because of a chain of events starting with Buffy's permanent death at the hands of The Master. Then Glory ascended without any interference, resulting in all dimensions, including the Mayor-controlled-Earth, to be destroyed.

19: The Last Dance (Special Guest Stars: Nathan Fillion, and Anthony Stewart Head. Guest Stars: Clare Kramer, George Hertzberg, with Brad Kane) - Now desperate, Tucker summons the parallel guys to him, hoping he can negotiate with the bad ones to help him. However, they decide to kill him because Tucker had summoned them and was indirectly responsible for the deaths of their Faith and Andrew. Glory, Adam, and Caleb aren't happy either, but decide to protect him since he is human. Unfortunately, they are outnumbered and killed. Tucker runs for it as the parallels take over his base. Tucker arrives at Buffy's and begs for help after explaining what had happened. Buffy demands that he turn himself over to the police. He protests, but Willow tells him that if he doesn't want to end up like Warren, he must give himself up. Tucker finally forfeits and is led off to jail. Meanwhile, the parallels decide to take over the world they are now trapped in, starting by opening the Hellmouth.

20: Traitor (Special Guest Star: Anthony Stewart Head) – After years of mistreatment, Parallel Giles is finally pushed too far and rebels against Parallel Buffy. Parallel Xander finds that the brain modification chip in his head has stopped working, meaning that he could participate in the upcoming fight. Meanwhile, Andrew has second thoughts about Tucker going to jail and attempts to break him out. Faith convinces him that Tucker needs the time in jail for his own good.

21: Double Vision (Special Guest Star: Anthony Stewart Head) - While Buffy and the others debate what to do about the parallel versions of themselves, Parallel Giles arrives, offering inside information on the other's plans. He explains how unfairly Parallel Buffy treated him and why he decided to turn against her. They are unsure of whether they can trust him, since he is an evil version of Giles. Meanwhile, Parallel Buffy, Xander, and Willow decide to attack Buffy and get rid of her so they can locate the Hellmouth without interference.

22: Broken Glass (Special Guest Star: Anthony Stewart Head) - After recruiting some other vampires, the parallel trio attack Buffy's base. Buffy counter attacks with her percentage of the Slayer Army. Willow battles her equally magical double in a mid-air duel and barely defeats her. Andrew, Faith, Xander, Giles, and Parallel Giles take out a few vampires apiece. Xander saves Buffy from Parallel Xander, who had been teasing her about being in love with the 'dorky, wimpy' version of him in this universe. Then Buffy is attacked by her own parallel self. At this point, the surviving vampires hold everyone back as the two Buffys face off. They battle near a crack in the ground that the two Willows had caused, with magma from the Earth's core at the bottom. Parallel Buffy is about to knock Buffy down into the crack when Parallel Giles runs forward and flings himself into his old leader, knocking her off the edge along with himself, saving Buffy's life. The sun rises a few seconds later, dusting the other vampires. Later, Giles confides in Faith that he is concerned because his evil self turned out to be good after all, which he thinks could mean that he might not be. Faith reasons that Giles must be such a good person that every version of him must have decency in them. Buffy visits Xander in his room and says that she has decided to give the two of them together a shot, while Andrew sits alone in his room, thinking about Tucker.