The following technically takes place directly after Season Seven, but also mid-Season One. You'll understand when you start reading.


Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy Summers

Nicholas Brendon as Xander Harris

Alyson Hannigan as Willow Rosenberg

Charisma Carpenter as Cordelia Chase


Anthony Stewrat Head as Rupert Giles

1: Welcome Back to the Hellmouth (Special Guest Star: Kristine Sutherland) – Buffy nods off on the school bus headed for Cleveland, and wakes up in her bedroom in Sunnydale. Joyce tells her she needs to get to school. Buffy is back in mid-Season 1. She is unaware that she is dreaming and acts as if she really is back in 1997.

2: Underdogs (Guest Stars: David Boreanaz, Mark Metcalf, Andrew J. Ferchland) - The Anointed One goes through trials of training by The Master, culminating in an effort to bring Xander down to free him. Xander is then saved by Angel, who is in turn saved by Xander from the Anointed One and a vampire he sired. Angel and Xander agree to never tell Buffy about this.

3: Creepy Crawley – A student named Howard Crawley discovers the Giant Praying Mantis eggs in Dr. Gregory's classroom and uses them to attack the kids who bully him. Then they go out of his control and the gang have to stop them before they take over the school.

4: Bugged Out – After Crawley is bitten by one of the baby Mantis demons, he turns into one himself and becomes insane and murderous. Buffy is forced to put him out of his misery. Being turned into a Mantis is metaphoric for him taking bullying the wrong way and it literally turned him into a monster.

5: Black Mirror (Guest Stars: David Boreanaz, Mark Metcalf) - Buffy and the others find themselves in a parallel universe upon meeting alternate vampiric versions of themselves, plus Giles. Parallel Xander has a Mohawk, Parallel Giles has a mullet, while Parallel Buffy has black highlights in her hair and is wearing an outfit similar to The Master's. An ensouled Master (Using his original human name Heinrich) helps them. Having witnessed them vanish, Cordelia tells Giles what had happened and they try to find a way to bring Buffy and the others back.

6: Dimension of Confusion (Guest Stars: David Boreanaz, Mark Metcalf) – Giles and Cordelia open a portal to bring Buffy and the others back. Heinrich sacrifices himself to allow them to escape. Buffy tells Giles about the parallel world they had been to. He says that other dimensions do exist, but they should never cross paths. He adds that he hopes he and Cordelia opened the portal correctly, saying that portals are very particular about who or where they open to. We later see that the parallel universe versions of themselves have also escaped. They decide to take over the world they are now trapped in, starting by opening the Hellmouth

7: Reverse Reflections (Guest Stars: David Boreanaz, Mark Metcalf, Andrew J. Ferchland) – The parallels approach The Master of the real world, trapped underground. It turns out that he had opened the original portal that sent Buffy into the parallel world, trying to send himself out of his mystical prison and to the Slayer above ground, instead accidentally sending Buffy to him in a parallel world as opposed to sending him to her. In the same end, when Giles tried to bring Buffy back, he also accidentally summoned the parallel versions of themselves as well, bringing parallel Giles with them, since he (the real Giles) activated the portal. The Master and the Anointed One are skeptical of the parallels, but ultimately decide to join forces with them with the common goal of opening the Hellmouth and killing the Slayer.

8: Transfer Student – A new student from India arrives at Sunnydale. Willow tries to be friends with him, but discovers that he is also a transfer student in the sense that he can use an Indian meditation technique to go into a trance and transfer his mind into other people (Body jumping, basically). Buffy has to track him down and she and Giles restore everybody he switched bodies with back to themselves. The student's power is binded by Giles afterward.

9: Double Vision (Guest Stars: David Boreanaz, Mark Metcalf, Andrew J. Ferchland) - After months of mistreatment, Parallel Giles is finally pushed too far and rebels against Parallel Buffy. Parallel Giles tells Buffy about what happened, offering inside information on the other's plans. He explains how unfairly Parallel Buffy treated him and why he decided to turn against her. The Scoobies are unsure of whether they can trust him, since he is an evil version of Giles (Giles himself is particularly hesitant). Meanwhile, Parallel Buffy, Xander, and Willow agree to do what the Anointed One couldn't: bring The Master live sustenance to free him, after which the five of them would rise and take over the world. They try to capture the first person they come across (Cordelia), and she is rescued by Angel. However, The Master and the Anointed One plot to kill the parallels once they take over and open the Hellmouth. But the parallels ditch The Master once they find that the Hellmouth is right under the school and decide to kill Buffy and open the Hellmouth themselves.

10: Broken Glass (Special Guest Star: Kristine Sutherland. Guest Stars: David Boreanaz, Mark Metcalf, Andrew J. Ferchland) - After recruiting some other vampires, the parallel trio attack the high school. Willow, Xander, Giles, and Parallel Giles take out a few vampires apiece. Buffy saves Xander from Parallel Xander, who had been teasing him about being in love with the slayer in this universe. Then Buffy is attacked by her own parallel self. The floor of the library cracks open down to (Unknowingly for the Scoobies) the Hellmouth. Parallel Buffy is about to knock Buffy down into the crack when Parallel Giles runs forward and flings himself into his old leader, knocking her off the edge along with himself, saving Buffy's life. Later, Giles confides in Willow that he is concerned because his evil self turned out to be good after all, which he thinks could mean that he might not be. Willow reasons that Giles must be such a good person that every version of him must have decency in them. Underground, The Master curses the parallels, but is glad they didn't succeed. The Anointed One suggests they stay underground and wait for the Codex prophecy to take place. Later, Joyce sees Buffy off to bed, asking how her week was. Buffy says "Oh, the usual stuff." Joyce then tells her that she'll see her the next morning. Buffy closes her eyes and hears screeching tires. Buffy bolts awake back on the school bus, which has stopped next to a small diner. Xander has shook her awake, saying that this was a good enough spot to rest and plan out everything for the future. Buffy nods and stares out the window, remembering a time when things were considerably easier, and happier. But just as dangerous and strange.