Takes place directly after Buffy Season Eight and Angel Season Seven.

Season Nine

Main Cast

Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy Summers

James Marsters as Spike

Eliza Dushku as Faith Lehane

Tom Lenk as Andrew Wells

Amy Acker as Illyria


D.B. Woodside as Robin Wood

1: Welcome Back to the Hellmouth (Special Guest Stars: Alyson Hannigan, and Anthony Stewart Head. Guest Stars: Nicholas Brendon, David Boreanaz, Vincent Kartheiser, Felicia Day, and J. August Richards) - Buffy, Xander, Willow, Faith, Andrew, Giles, Dawn (coming back for her college break), and Robin (who was transferred after Vi was given his squad in New York) are currently based in Cleveland. Angel and Spike work in Los Angeles separately and Illyria is back to watching over Gunn. One night, a demon breaks into Gunn's hospital room and kidnaps him.

2: Old Wounds (Special Guest Stars: Alyson Hannigan, and Anthony Stewart Head. Guest Stars: Nicholas Brendon, David Boreanaz, Andy Hallett, Vincent Kartheiser, and J. August Richards) - After the demon escapes with Gunn, Illyria and Lorne call Spike and Angel respectively for help. They do help, but separately. Leaving Connor in charge of A.I., Angel helps Lorne research the demon's origin, while Spike and Illyria attempt to track it down. Angel discovers that the demon is a Hellmouth worshipper, so he, Spike and Illyria track the demon down to Cleveland and, unwillingly (at least for Spike), Buffy. Everyone except Andrew is shocked to see Spike (Buffy is basically catatonic). Robin demands to know how Spike came back to life. Spike briefly explains about the amulet. After Willow mistakenly addresses Illyria as Fred, Spike explains her story by saying it was Giles' fault since he didn't agree to help them. Giles says that there was nothing they could have done for Fred anyway. Underground, the demon deposits Gunn in a dark cavern, awakens him from his coma, and welcomes him to the Hellmouth. The first thing Gunn sees when he wakes up is a floating, pulsating ball of light hovering in front of him.

3: The History of Magic (Special Guest Stars: Alyson Hannigan, and Anthony Stewart Head. Guest Stars: Nicholas Brendon, David Boreanaz, Vincent Kartheiser) - Giles says that this Hellmouth happens to be the location of a portion of the Source of Magic, and if it is destroyed, all supernatural power will be erased from the world, making slayers mortal and vulnerable. Andrew asks why the Source is split up. Giles explains that it used to be whole, but was separated and placed in different parts of the world by The Powers to ensure that the whole thing is not destroyed all at once, because it would cause a huge imbalance on the world. Spike asks why the demon needs Gunn. Giles surmises that since only a mortal can get near enough to destroy it without harming themselves, as it is fatal to supernaturally enhanced beings, and since Gunn is in a coma, they would think of him as the easiest for them to use. Later, Buffy talks to Xander (who had curtly excused himself when Angel and Spike had arrived) and convinces him that she won't forget about him just because they came back. Feeling better, he, Willow, and Giles volunteer to find the Hellmouth, while Connor arrives.

4: The Truth Hurts (Guest Stars: David Boreanaz, Michelle Trachtenberg, Vincent Kartheiser) - Spike and Buffy tell each other about what had happened to them between now and when Spike had died destroying Sunnydale. He says that he didn't tell her he was alive sooner because he wanted her to remember him as a hero and thought that it would distract her. Angel is upset with Connor for coming, but he says that Lorne is watching the office. Buffy also discovers that Connor is Angel's son. Buffy confronts Angel about it. She is furious that Angel found other love interests after her ("Even Cordelia!?"). Angel says that he loved Cordelia, but not as much as he loved her, adding that he'd never slept with Cordelia anyway and Darla was caring and support, not actual love. Dawn arrives, meets Connor and is reunited with Spike.

5: Rescue (Special Guest Stars: Alyson Hannigan, and Anthony Stewart Head. Guest Stars: Nicholas Brendon, David Boreanaz, Michelle Trachtenberg, Vincent Kartheiser, and J. August Richards) - Xander, Willow, and Giles return with the location of the Hellmouth. Buffy, Xander, Willow, Spike, and Dawn volunteer to go rescue Gunn. Inside the Hellmouth, they encounter the kidnapping demon, who says that the Source must be destroyed so the slayers will lose their powers and not be able to destroy the Hellmouth, but Buffy quickly kills him. Then they find the room with Gunn and the Source. Gunn is overcome with guilt over his actions during The Fall. After discovering what the ball was, Gunn realizes that that if it is destroyed, all supernatural effects on the world would be erased, including everyone's memories of The Fall. But Buffy realizes that this would also erase her and Willow's powers and Dawn's existence. She struggles to stop Gunn, but the closer they get to the Source, the weaker she becomes (Gunn is unaffected since he is human). He manages to get past her and destroys it. A once, Dawn vanishes in a flash of green light, and Buffy, Willow, and Spike become human.

6: Redemption (Special Guest Stars: Alyson Hannigan, and Anthony Stewart Head. Guest Stars: Nicholas Brendon, David Boreanaz, Vincent Kartheiser, and J. August Richards) - Buffy, Xander, Willow, Spike, and Gunn stare around in confusion. They remember Gunn destroying the Source and who they are, but not The Fall or Dawn. Willow is upset about her lost powers, while Buffy and Spike don't know what to think. When they return, they find out that Faith is still a Slayer and Angel is still a vampire, but the other slayers are human. Giles reasons that the Source must only have erased supernatural power within a few feet of itself and that the reason the other slayers were affected was because Willow created their power, and since hers were wiped, theirs was as well. Angel and Connor take Gunn back to LA; Giles departs to work in England; Spike stays with Buffy because he is glad of an excuse to be away from Angel, plus now that him being alive is out in the open, he feels obliged to stick with her; Illyria stays because Spike is staying.

7: Only Human (Special Guest Star: Alyson Hannigan. Guest Stars: Nicholas Brendon, David Boreanaz, Vincent Kartheiser, and J. August Richards) - Xander tries to help Buffy and Spike adjust to being human, while Angel, Connor, and Gunn discuss recent events on their way back to LA..

8: Immortal (Special Guest Star: Alyson Hannigan. Guest Star: Nicholas Brendon) – Buffy and the other battle a demon that claims to be immortal.

9: Cold Flame (Special Guest Star: Alyson Hannigan. Guest Stars: Nicholas Brendon, Iyari Limon, Amber Benson as Tara) – Kennedy returns to find out what had happened to her powers and discovers that Willow has been turned mortal too. She informs Buffy that all the depowered slayers are panicking, running away, or rebelling. Later, Tara appears to Willow in her room. Willow tries to touch her, but her hand goes right through. Willow is initially upset, but Tara says it's a miracle that The Powers allowed Willow to see and interact with her at all. Then Kennedy walks in. She assumes Willow summoned Tara from the dead to be with her. She yells at Willow and storms out. Later, Willow tells Kennedy that Tara is dead and she can't resume her relationship with her anyway. Feeling slightly better, Kennedy suggests that they go out and prove that they can still handle themselves even without powers. But while encountering a pack of vampires, Kennedy is killed. After being saved by Robin and Faith, Willow is advised by Buffy to take some time off, then take over Kennedy's position in Brazil. In her room, Willow sits on her bed, crying. Tara appears again, looking sympathetic. She sits on the bed and reaches out, putting her hand on Willow's shoulder (The Powers have allowed her to be corporeal this one time). Tara sits there and holds Willow.

10: Where No Man has Gone Before (Special Guest Star: Leonard Nimoy. Guest Star: Nicholas Brendon) – As a Christmas gift, Buffy had purchased two tickets to a Star Trek convention for Xander and Andrew. They meet Leonard Nimoy and later end up in a battle with a group of demons, who tried to assassinate Nimoy, who is revealed to be a sorcerer. After the battle, he tells Andrew he can have either his autograph, or retain the knowledge of his secret (he will wipe everyone else's memories). Andrew chooses the memory. But after getting his memory wiped, Xander gets him the autograph for him anyway. When they get back, Buffy gives Xander a job in Europe to help Giles keep track of the panicked ex-slayers. He protests, but she tells him that she will still be here when he gets back and that she can't focus with him and Spike always at each other. He agrees, but remains stubbornly convinced that Buffy's old feelings for Spike will resurface if they are together for too long.

11: The Darkness in Me (Guest Stars: David Boreanaz, Harry Groener, Juliet Landau as Drusilla) - Faith and Illyria discuss each other's temporary evil pasts and realize that they have much more in common than they thought. Spike and Andrew also relate to having been evil at points in their lives and how meeting Buffy had changed them.

12: Trust (Special Guest Stars: Pierce Brosnan, and Anthony Stewart Head. Guest Star: K.D. Aubert) - After discovering that the Watcher's Council had been destroyed, Bernard Crowley decides to visit Robin and discovers that he is working with Spike, who he knows killed Robin's mother. He is skeptical and can't believe that Spike is good. After Spike saves his life, Crowley finally accepts Robin's choice to work with him and departs to help rebuild the new Council with Giles. Robin tells Spike that he'll never forgive him for killing his mother, but accepts that he has changed.

13: The First Move – Illyria is visited by The First Evil (Appearing as Illyria herself), who wants revenge on Buffy and Spike for what they did to its plans. It tells her that it knows she still wants to rule the world like she used to, since it has her memories. Eventually, she agrees, but tells The First that is working with it, not for it. Meanwhile, as Buffy and Spike patrol together, old feelings start to arise again, resulting in Buffy kissing Spike. Feeling ashamed, she runs off. Spike catches up to her and asks what wrong, adding that "You made the first move, not me". Buffy says that her feelings for him have returned, but she doesn't want to betray Xander. Spike tells her to do what she wants to do, saying that no matter what, someone is going to be hurt. She says she can't make up her mind right now and leaves.

14: Nostalgia (Special Guest Stars: Pierce Brosnan, Kristine Sutherland. Guest Stars: David Boreanaz, Mercedes McNab, Danny Strong, Adam Busch, K.D. Aubert, Jeremy Roberts, with Brad Kane, Juliet Landau as Drusilla) – While sitting around, wondering what to do, Andrew suggests that everyone tells an interesting story from their pasts. He starts by recounting how he became a member of The Trio: Originally, Warren and Jonathan wanted to recruit Tucker, but since he was currently in a correctional facility in Los Angeles and they found out that he had a brother with similar skills, they decided to try Andrew instead. Robin goes next, telling them of when he first found out his mother was a slayer: He had been at a carnival with his mother and her 'friend' Bernard Crowley, when a vampire attacked them. After slaying the vamp, Nikki and Crowley confessed (they had hoped not tell him until he was much older). Faith went next, telling the story of how she had met her first Watcher and (with difficulty) how she met and dealt with Kakistos. Buffy then explains about the day she told Joyce all the things she had done as a slayer that she was oblivious to during Seasons One and Two. Spike gets ready to go when Angel calls about Harmony being spotted in the area. Spike hastily gives a short story about who she is, recounting how they had first met in between Seasons Three and Four during his search for the Gem of Amarra, concluding by saying it was the biggest mistake he had ever made in his life. Then he and Buffy depart, finding Harmony stealing in a clothes shop. Before they can do anything, Drusilla appears. Spike finds himself once again in the same awkward position he was in six years ago: Him surrounded by his three loves. Dru tells Spike that she is all alone now, since he joined Angel in the soul club and Darla is dead. Spike tells her that he hadn't gotten his soul to hurt her and is sorry. Harmony and Buffy give exasperated retorts about Dru, each other, and Spike. Spike announces that he had loved all of them ("Except you, Harm. You were just an outlet for me."). Harmony starts to whine about how much she had dealt with being with him, but is interrupted by her body exploding into dust. Buffy urges Spike to kill Dru before she escapes, but Spike tries to persuade Dru to leave and not give him or Buffy any reason to kill her, insisting that she was one of the most important people in his life and still is now, but in a different way. He respects the time he spent with her and doesn't want to see her die. She seems to understand and walks past him. Then without warning, she jumps the now-human Buffy and, knowing Buffy can't hold her off now, Spike is forced to stake her from behind. After Dru's dust settles to the floor, Spike stares down at it in shock. Buffy watches him sympathetically. Later, when they had returned to the hotel and explained everything, Spike laments that you never seem to miss anyone or realize how important they were to your life until after they're gone. Andrew excuses himself and goes out while Illyria offers Spike some advice she had received from Wesley before the battle of the Circle of the Black Thorn: He had told her about how he had felt after Fred had died, regretting the time he hadn't been able to enjoy with her while they had the chance. At the same time, Andrew visits Tucker in his jail cell, telling him that even though they don't like each other, he is the only family he has left and really wanted to see him.

15: Have Faith - Faith and Robin try dating again, but ultimately decide to stay friends.

16: Secrets and Lies – The First appears to Illyria again in her room (As herself) and starts to tell her more if it's plan. Walking by, Buffy hears what sounds like Illyria talking to herself and walks in. The First acknowledges Buffy, tells Illyria not to let her get away, and vanishes. They fight, but since Buffy is much less powerful now, she loses. Illyria escapes with Buffy, but not before being noticed by the others. Faith confronts Spike about his assurances that Illyria was on their side. He retorts that Illyria had always been a loose cannon and is still confused about the world and her place in it. Illyria brings Buffy to The First unconscious and tells it that everybody saw her attack Buffy, so she can't be a double agent anymore. The First changes form from Illyria to Buffy, saying that it can be the insider now and blend in, since they have the real Buffy captive. Illyria argues that this plan can't work because at some point, they will realize that it is incorporeal. The First assures Illyria that it had blended unnoticed into Buffy's group before, but this time, she won't be there to realize it. It tells her to recover the dust of The Master's bones at the bottom of the crater of Sunnydale while it is gone, and to let the Bringers do the rest. As Spike and the others continue to debate why Illyria betrayed them and how to rescue Buffy, 'Buffy' returns. She says that she fought her way free, and asks that nobody touches her, as she is very sore from fighting Illyria.

17: Masquerade (Guest Star: Mark Metcalf) – Illyria travels to Sunnydale's crater and uncovers what she recognizes as combustion dust from a very old vampire (The Master) and returns. The Bringers take some of Buffy's blood and start a ritual. Meanwhile, The First has successfully passed by as Buffy and, one by one, subtly manipulates Spike, Faith, Andrew, and Robin against each other. Buffy wakes up and escapes without any Bringers or Illyria noticing. In the hotel, everybody confronts each other verbally, then physically, until Spike senses something familiar about this and breaks it off, calling Buffy in. Spike asks her to punch him. At that moment, the real Buffy arrives and runs through The First and into Spike, proving she is the real one. Now exposed, The First says it has the advantage this time and will have much better support than Caleb and the Turok-Han now, and vanishes. A horribly awkward silence follows. When The First returns, Illyria questions how the project can work with Buffy's blood instead of the people nearest 'him' when he died. The First says that Buffy was also near him and was both his killer and his victim, creating a mystical link between them. The Bringers finish the ritual, and the dust rises into the air, forming The Master.

18: Confessions (Guest Star: Mark Metcalf) - The First tells The Master that if he does what it tells him to do, he will have a better chance of ruling the world and opening the new Hellmouth, since everyone thinks he is dead. After much arguing, they agree to take over together, then battle each other at the end for the final say on who will actually rule. In the hotel, everyone is awkward and ashamed of the truthful-lying stuff The First had revealed to them all. After confessing the true stuff and correcting the false stuff, they come to terms with it. Later, Buffy tells Spike that she has made up her mind. Spike starts to say that he had always known that she would turn him down, but she cuts in, saying that "I remembered what you said to Drusilla before, that you respect the time you spent together and still love her. That's exactly how I feel about you." Spike mutters about "Giving people ideas", but accepts her decision. Then Oz and Riley Finn arrive.

19: Once in a Full Moon (Special Guest Stars: Seth Green, Marc Blucas. Guest Star: Mark Metcalf) – Riley and Oz explain about Oz's village in Tibet being purged by Riley's army group. Buffy fills them in on everything they'd missed in the past five or six years, plus their current situation. Meanwhile, Illyria and The Master challenge each other as far as achievements and superiority.

20: The Truth Still Hurts (Special Guest Stars: Alyson Hannigan, Seth Green, Marc Blucas, and Anthony Stewart Head. Guest Stars: Nicholas Brendon, Mark Metcalf, Leonard Roberts, with Eric Balfour, and Lindsay Crouse as Maggie Walsh) – Buffy calls back Giles, Xander, and Willow. Oz and Willow reunite. Xander and Riley bond. Up in his room, Xander is approached by The First, appearing as Jesse, saying that Xander forgot about 'him' because of Buffy, who took his place in their group of friends. Xander denies this. 'Jesse' then says that Buffy didn't try hard enough to rescue him from the vampires and adds that Buffy is only stringing him along by pretending to like him so he will do whatever she wants him to do. Xander says he doesn't believe it, and that Buffy being too late to save Jesse was beyond her control. 'Jesse' warns him that one day she may be 'too late' for him to, then vanishes. The First also visits Riley (As his friend Forrest, Professor Walsh, Spike, and Buffy), trying to get him and Oz to back out of fighting for Buffy by reminding him of everything she did to result in them leaving her. Riley is somewhat affected, but refuses to leave Buffy, saying he accepts her flaws as part of her, which he still loves no matter what.

21: End of the Line (Special Guest Stars: Alyson Hannigan, Seth Green, Marc Blucas, and Anthony Stewart Head. Guest Stars: Nicholas Brendon, Mark Metcalf, Robin Sachs) – Buffy sends Spike to find Illyria and The First. He arrives at the Hellmouth in time to hear The First telling Illyria to timeslip again to find another portion of the Source of Magic and bring it back there. Then it tells The Master to reprogram it to erase only good magic and to amplify its power to affect the whole world, after which they will open this Hellmouth. Spike informs Buffy of what he saw and heard. Buffy is unnerved to learn that The Master is alive again. Giles departs, saying he has an idea on what to do about The First, while Buffy, Xander, Willow, Faith, Andrew, Robin, Riley, and Oz depart. They find Spike, but Illyria has already returned and The Master has already reprogrammed the Source. Spike tells them that they've made it immune to physical attack this time. The First then commands The Master to do one more adjustment to The Source: to shift the balance of evil in one direction, directly affecting The First's presence. In a flash of light, The First becomes corporealized as an exact duplicate of Buffy with Slayer powers (its Buffy form was from the time she dies last, when she was still a slayer). As Buffy and the others debate what to do, Giles returns with Ethan Rayne, saying he has found help.

22: The Source (Special Guest Stars: Alyson Hannigan, Seth Green, Marc Blucas, and Anthony Stewart Head. Guest Stars: Nicholas Brendon, David Boreanaz, Andy Hallett, Vincent Kartheiser, Mark Metcalf, Robin Sachs, with J. August Richards, Amber Benson as Tara, and Alexis Denisof. Co-Star: Max Perlich) – Giles explains over Buffy's exaggeration and anger that Ethan had worked with The First before, so he might know some details about its plan. Ethan says that The First had tried to recruit him before Illyria and told him what its plan was, but he'd turned it down. Angel, Connor, and Gunn arrive, due to a call from Spike earlier. Ethan then reveals what was erased before, including Dawn, and that the only way The Source can be shut down now would be if a good supernaturally enhanced person merged with it, resulting in that person's death. Refusing to sacrifice anyone on her side, Buffy insists that since Ethan is supernaturally enhanced and is helping them, he should qualify and do it because of all he had done to them before. Ethan reluctantly agrees, but before he can do it, he is killed from behind by The First. With their position revealed, everyone starts fighting. The Master makes straight for Buffy to 'break their tie', but Gunn shoves her aside and takes the bite instead. Before he dies, he tells Buffy to accept this as repayment for unintentionally erasing her powers and Dawn's existence. While fighting, Illyria sees the ghost of Wesley, who asks her to think about what she is doing. After listening to Wesley and seeing Gunn's body, Illyria realizes that she cared about Gunn and everyone else (thanks to Fred's memories), that she had worked with Angel for so long that she qualified as good and will die if the plan proceeds, and that The First had tricked her into switching sides. She turns to The Master and rips his head off, stating that she was wrong to switch sides and want to take over. Then the Source activates. As Illyria runs toward it, The First says she will die if she merges with it anyway, and is better off just letting it happen. Illyria says she wants to die doing the right thing, then merges with The Source and disintegrates, but it does not shut down. The First laughs, saying that Illyria actually did not qualify as good because she did not have a soul. Hearing this, Angel instantly runs forward. Buffy and Connor yell at him not to do it. Angel says that he realized this is what he was meant for and that the Shanshu prophecy actually referred to him and Spike in different ways (Spike becomes human, Angel prevents the final apocalypse, and they both helped save the world on multiple occasions). He tells Buffy and Connor that he loves them, then merges with the Source, combusting into dust, and The Source and The First vanish with him. After a long silence, Andrew asks if it is over. Wesley, who is still there, says that it is. Everyone is shocked to see him (he could only be seen by Illyria previously). He says that that The Powers believed that he could convince Illyria to switch back to the side of good and prevent The First's plan, confirming that The First is now trapped in limbo (Not able to interact with the world, while still existing and keeping the balance of good and evil intact). He also points out that since only one portion of The Source was officially destroyed, there will still be demons, vampires, and a single Slayer to fight them once again. He nods at Faith, then says farewell and ascends. A few weeks later, Giles has begun reforming the Watcher's Council as its new head, hired Andrew and Robin, and becomes Faith's official Watcher; Connor returns to L.A. where he and Lorne continue running Angel Investigations in his father's honor; Oz and Riley return to Tibet, and Buffy and Xander stay together, but decide not to marry (Due to Xander's fear of marriage ruining their relationship, as proven with his and Buffy's parents) and live together with Willow (Who starts astral-training with Tara on how to channel her magic back again). Spike lives by himself, but always visits to see Buffy and Willow. They all unofficially retire from fighting full-time, but always help out Giles and Faith if they need them. Observing all of this, Whistler says "Good job Angel. You did it. All is well now." And vanishes.