There was a bustle of excited commotion thorough out the lunch room when I entered it. I weaved my way through the crowds of people until I could Alice, situated at our usual eating spot, practically bouncing out of her seat.

I sat down across from her, almost nervous, as she turned her "Oh my god I have major gossip!" look onto me. I smiled nervously.

"Hey, Alice." I said, reaching across the table to pluck one of her French fries off of her plate.

"Oh my god Bella I have major gossip!" she gasped.

See. Told ya.

"The Cullen brothers are coming to town!"

I dropped the French fry that were half way to my mouth onto the table.

The Cullen's…. The Cullen's were coming here, to Forks.


"Why on Earth would they possibly want to come to Forks for?" I asked, staring at her with an open mouth and wide eyes.

Alice shrugged and popped a French fry into her mouth. "Well, I think they are going to the surrounding, bigger towns, but I heard they were going to drive by at some point this week. I don't know, I guess they haven't been having too much luck in the bigger cities."

In my moment of open mouthed, shocked silence, Rosalie sat down, sighing, with no food just like myself. "So we need to make sure we are not anywhere out in the open when the Cullen's drop by." She muttered, reaching across the table, much like I had done, to grab some of Alice's food.

"How did everyone know about this except me?" I asked.

The Cullen's were notorious, probably all around the world, for their connections in crime. You want to talk about organized crime, then you talk about the Cullen brothers. You want to figure out how every living person on the planet can know they've broken basically every law and only spent maybe a max of one years in prison, you look to the Cullen family history.

And if you want to figure out the most fucked up family ever, you should take a long look at the Cullen's.

For literally years they have been courting woman like it was the 1800's still. They'd take the woman even if they refused, force them on a few dates, and then dump them maybe a week, sometimes a few days, later. They were major players, those three guys.

Edward, Jasper, and Emmett.

And then there were the woman who refused to go out on even a date with them and the next day, guess who disappears for a few weeks.

Yea, sure, they show up a few hundred miles away like a month later, but you'd have to be stupid not to make the connection. They never said a word either, those scared little fuckers.

It was just creepy, you know? Three men (I don't think I mentioned how ridiculously god like they look) search endlessly for their future wife.

Yeah, you heard me. Their wife. They are so committed to settling down or some shit like that. Weirdo's.


They're coming here. Which means every woman in this state is in danger. Yea, even Rose, Alice, and I. No, I'm not that full of myself to even remotely think he'd look even once at me. But you never knew with those fuck heads of a family.

Like for Christ's sake how did they get away with it? Was it the money? I mean, they were probably one of the richest anywhere, so they could pay off the police officers, right? Or they were good at covering their tracks. I had no idea. I didn't really care, either.

"You know what day they're swinging by?" I asked, picking the fry I dropped on the table and eating it.

"Nope." Rose said absently, looking down to adjust the top of her shirt.

"Who would you guys opt for?" Alice asked, catching both Rose's and mine attention. "You know, out of the three brothers. Which one would you totally have sex with?"

I choked on the fry, causing Rose to slap my harshly on the back so I could cough it up. "Jesus Alice." I coughed. "That shit is tabooed, you know that."

Alice snorted as I glared at her, but when she looked at Rose and saw the same reaction, she sobered up. "Oh come on you guys. We are seventeen years old. They are over twenty. Why on earth would they even notice us?"

I swallowed hard and looked to Rose. "Edward." I said finally, nodding my head. "His hair is fuck me hot."

I blushed and grabbed another fry.

"Emmett." Rose said, nodding her head and grabbing the fry I took out of my hand. "I'm a fan of the muscle.

Alice smiled widely. "I'd either go with Emmett or Jasper. But I think I like Jasper he seems all mysterious and secretive."

I laughed. "Honestly, neither of you would consider Edward?"

"Oh, I'd consider him, definitely." Rose said. "But the question was asked in a way that said you could have any of the three and if I had to choose between the three of them, then I'd take Em."

"Yea, I guess if I had the three of them to choose from then I'd take Jasper." Alice agreed, nodding her head.

I shook my head and stood up. "I'm ditching Calculus for a smoke, care to join me?" I groaned, stretching my back.

"I won't smoke, but I'll join." Alice said.

Little miss perfect.

"Can't." Rose sighed, standing. "Have a test. You know the rules. Can't skip if we have a test, quiz, or a really hot guy in the class."

I laughed and nodded.

The bell ran through the lunch room and Alice and I waved goodbye before moving outside for the last period of the day.


The week came.

And the week went.

No notorious silver porches, belonging to the Edward. No signature Jeep of a Mr. Emmett Cullen. No big as Hummer of one Jasper Cullen. We heard they stopped by in Port Angeles with their father Carlisle. Probably doing some business. Next day they moved down to the beach, kind of moving directly around Forks. After the beach, we kind of lost track of them.

We kind of stopped caring, too.

Who gives a shit about the brothers anyways? Sure, they were perfect to look up online when you were horny, if you catch my drift.

Other than that… not really good for anything.

It was Friday.

A full week of every student gossiping about the brothers. Every student looking over their shoulders, even in class, as if they would barge in, in the middle of their class to proclaim their love for them. Yea, some people actually wanted them to ask them out.

Sick fucks.

Alice and Rose were coming over my place tonight. We were going to crank out a few projects since yes, we liked to skip, but no, we did not like to watch our grades plummet to the fucking floor.

We had ambition, believe it or not.

They had crammed themselves into my piece of shit truck and we were chugging along just fine until the god damn thing made some sound that vibrated through our seats.

"Oh shit." I swore, and pulled the damn thing onto the dirt shoulder where it spluttered and died. "Aw the mother fucker!"

I got out of the truck and slammed the rusting red door shut. It made a metallic clang as it closed and the entire frame seemed to rock. "You stupid piece of shit!" I yelled, and kicked the tire.

I moved to the front of the car and opened the hood. A plume of smoke shot out and smashed me right in the face. I choked on it and stumbled back, letting the hood fall. I fell to one knee and gasped for breath.

"Bella, come on inside the truck its cold out!" Alice called from the door she opened.

I stood to my feet again and propped the hood open, this time making sure my face was clear of the smoke cascading off of the jumbled mess of wires and tubes and metal.

I groaned and took a step back. I don't know why I even bothered looking. The entire thing looked like shit, how could I figure out what looked more like shit than the other things? I screamed in frustration and kicked the truck again.

I screamed swears between each kick, my foot having gone numb a long time ago.











"Start the fuck up!" I yelled.

"Bella!" Rose snapped. I looked up at her, looking at me with raised eyebrows.

"Get out of the car, we're walking." I growled. I stomped to the driver's side and ripped my bag out.

The car was always breaking down. It was always sputtering, always looking shitty, but I was so positive this was it. And there was no fucking way I was riding the bus again. Not when Mike Newton still rode it. Kid was too fucking persistent.

I closed the door again, and let out another frustrated yell as I threw my book bag at it and started my kicking assault again.

"I can't fucking believe this!" I screamed. I picked my bag up and again and hit it against the door again and again. "Stupid mother fucker!"

Alice and Rose had stepped out of the car and I don't know which one, but one of them rested their hand on my shoulder. I looked up. It was Rose.

"Look behind you." She whispered, her eyes wide. She swallowed hard and I followed her directions.

I hadn't even heard the car pull up, let alone hear the doors open and close. I mean, come on, how angry could I have been to not hear a fucking Hummer pull up to the opposite side of the road?

I stood there, panting, holding my book bag by one hand, and looked at the group of men standing in front of the vehicle.

Aw no fucking way.

"Holy shitting Jesus." I whispered.

"Hello, I'm Edward Cullen." One of the men said, a very familiar looking man, who stepped forward. "These are my brother Jasper and Emmett."

I swallowed hard. This was what Rose looked so scared about. I looked over to Alice real quick, who seemed to be shitting her pants at this moment.

"I—we—we're going, sorry if we blocked the road." I said, looking behind me. Nope. The road was open wide. That's why I pulled onto the curb.

"Oh no, you're fine." Edward fucking Cullen said. "It just seemed to us that you were in distress."

The brothers smiled at this. Fuckers smiled. Okay, so they just watched me try to beat up my truck and did nothing? Fuckers.

I couldn't figure out why I wasn't scared. Was it because I was dreaming? Or was I in shock? I mean, these were the infamous brothers standing not ten feet away from us. They were looking at us. They were talking to us.

"Okay then." I said slowly. "We have to get back to my house though . . . so . . ."

I left it open, hoping they wouldn't object to us fucking them over and leaving.

"Do you need a ride?" Emmett asked. His eyes flickered to Rose, and I followed his gaze. She was blushing furiously and looking down.

"God damn it Alice I told you that conversation was fucking tabooed." I whispered furiously to her, obviously not quite enough.

"What conversation?" Jasper asked quietly, looking at Alice.

"We are just going to walk." I said quickly, ignoring his question, and threw my bag onto my shoulders and moved. Rose and Alice followed. "Thanks though."

"Wait." Edward said, his voice snapping out. I paused and looked back. "We insist."

A threat.

That was a motherfucking threat.

I gulped and looked to Alice and Rose. They looked helpless. I nodded my head reluctantly and moved towards the brothers. You didn't deny them. Unless you wanted to be abducted in the middle of the night.

Edward stepped forward and opened the door to the back of the Hummer. I paused and looked up at him (he was really freaking tall man) and met his gaze quickly. He looked at me curiously, his eyes scanning m face, searching.

I scowled and climbed into the truck, settling down into the seat and getting comfortable. Alice and Rose filed in next, buckling in, and we scooched closer to each other, holding each other's hands for strength. Emmett climbed behind the wheel, Jasper next to him, then Edward in the passenger seat.

Emmett started the car and it roared to life.

It was silent Emmett turned the car around to the direction my truck had been facing.

"This is weird." I announced, moving my butt because it was falling asleep.

Edward turned around and flashed me his famous half smile.

Oh fuck me.

"What's your name?" he asked.

I paused.

Don't talk to strangers, my mom had told me.

But don't don't talk to the Cullen brothers, every other human being on the planet had said.

"Isabella." I said curtly.

Jasper turned around, looking pointedly at Alice. "Alice." She muttered.

"Rose." Rose said on cue, guessing she would be asked next. Fuck this was not good. The brothers were signaling us out.

This was un-fucking-real.

"Isabella." Edward said, as if he were tasting my name.

I cringed.

And I cringed again at the way my body reacted to the sound of my name on his lips.

"What?" I snapped.

I mean come on, who just said someone's name out loud and then did nothing?

Alice squeezed my hand, warning me, reeling my temper back in. I don't know, maybe I was still pissed about my truck. Or maybe I was pissed that this was actually happening. We had thought they had left the state by now. Otherwise we would never have gone outside, let alone drive down a deserted rode.

I looked across Alice to Rose, who stared at me with raised eyebrows. Okay Bella, she was saying, reel that puppy back in.

I nodded my head and sighed, leaning back in my seat.

Edward was staring at me.

I scowled and pointedly looked away from his piercing gaze.

"This is my house here." I said, my voice quiet and moody. I hated showing them where I lived and slept.

I'll say it again. This was weird.

Emmett pulled into my gravel driveway and I opened the door and was out before the car even stopped.

I held the door open and stepped aside to let Rose and Alice out. "Wait, Isabella." Edward said as I moved to shut the door. I bit my lip and forced myself to look at him. "Would you and your friends care to accompany us tonight for dinner?"

I swallowed.

This was unreal.

I kept waiting to wake up and laugh at how ridiculous my imagination was. But that never happened.

Because this shit was real.

Alice and Rose were frozen behind me, and I looked back at their wide eyes and open mouths for a second. Nope. Nope I couldn't do it.

I took a breath and turned back to Edward. "Edward," I began, my voice sickly sweet. He smiled, the bastard, thinking he had won. "Go fuck yourself and then shove your dinner up your ass."

I stepped back and slammed the door shut.

But not before I saw his smile broaden into a full out grin that I was sure would haunt me tonight. That wasn't an "Oh well, guess she doesn't like me" grin. That was an "I sure love a hearty challenge" grin.

I turned around and grabbed my friend's shoulders, pushing them back over the walkway quickly and into the house. You never knew if they'd shoot us or something. I don't know, I've never told a mob member to fuck themselves.

I pushed them inside and looked back to see the Hummer pulling out of the drive way. I let out a breath.

This was going to be interesting.


"I still can't believe you said that." Alice whispered, hugging her knees to her chest on my floor. I sighed.

"Alice, that was like six hours ago. Let it drop." Rose mumbled, nibbling on another saltine cracker.

Charlie wasn't coming home tonight, which I found out when I found his note on the counter. That made me incredibly uneasy. If I had known my father, a cop, was going to be gone the entire night and leaving me and my friends alone and defenseless, then I would not have been that harsh with Edward.

But there was no taking it back.

We were just going to pull an all nighter, keeping knives and bats close by, and wait for Charlie to come back. He was on some fishing trip, and was just going to crash at the Clearwater's place.

"Drop it?" Alice asked, looking up at us, shocked. "We are going to get kidnapped tonight! Bella, you know how this goes!"

I opened my mouth to tell her to shove it when something creaked downstairs.

"Oh god it's happening." Alice whispered, her eyes wide, staring at the closed door of my room. "You have to check first, Bella."

I rolled my eyes and stood up, grabbing the baseball bat Charlie usually kept in his room, beside his bed. "I'll be back soon, losers."

I opened my door and closed it quietly behind me.

My heart was drumming impossibly fast in my chest.

Yea, I could act like they were all overreacting. But that didn't mean I couldn't be shitting myself secretly.

I walked down the hallway, and struck my head into the bathroom. Nothing. I moved to the top of the stairs and looked into the bottom room at the bottom step. We had left every single light on in the house so we could see things in these situations.

I saw nothing in the light.

I gulped and moved down the stairs, wincing when they squeaked. I hit the bottom and raised the bat above my head, looking both ways. I saw nothing.

I moved into the kitchen, shivering at the cold, and moved to close the window above the sink. Fucking Rose, she was always so hot that she felt the urge to open every window.

That had to have been the noise.

"Fucking pathetic." I muttered and turned around.

The lights went off, swarming me in a chill darkness.

There was a muffled thud from above me and I jumped, looking up. That was my room.

My breathing was coming in as almost pants by now as I moved through the house and up the stairs, past my bathroom and through the closed door of my room.

"Alice." I panted, coming into the room. No Alice cuddled on the floor. "Rose?" No Rose, eating saltine crackers on the bed, although the crackers were still there.

"Oh god this is so bad." I whispered, looking under the bed and in the closet. "Okay, you guys, if this is a joke, you got me. Come out now. I get it. I shouldn't have told the pretty boy to fuck off, I get it! Come out now or I might accidently bash you head in with my bat!"


I made some distressed noise as I moved to my open window. There was that noise outside again.

I looked out the window and dropped the bat.

The hummer was here.

"Come on!" I yelled, and hit the frame of my window. This was so bad. So, so bad. I didn't think he would actually kidnap us! We were just teenagers!

I turned around to run back out of my room, but froze instantly, almost stumbled.

Some guy was standing in my door frame. I didn't recognize him, with his long blonde hair and rugged, mean looking features, but I didn't need to. No matter what he looked like he was still a guy who was standing in my room.

I screamed and swung my bat. His eyes widened, not seeing this coming and I clocked him in the side of his head. He grunted and collapsed onto the floor, clutching his right temple.

I jumped over his body and ran down the hallway. He was groaning and lifted himself to one knee as I sprinted down the stairs. The front door was wide open and I sprinted through it, to the driveway. The Hummer was parked at the head and I only stumbled, nearly fell, about three or four times before I reached it and threw the passenger door open.

No one.

I pulled the back door open.

No brother, no Alice or Rose.

I looked in the back and saw no one.

What the fuck was happening!

I stepped out of the car and looked around me.

"Come out you lousy fuckers!" I screamed, my voice ringing through the air. Why the fuck could there be no close neighbors in Forks?

I was panting, holding the bat out in front of me, spinning in circles. All I saw was the car, the house, and the woods. And the shadows. So many shadows that could be holding so many things.

"Alice!" I screamed.


I yelled in frustration and swung the bat at the window of the car, but it only bounced back. Bullet proof fucking windows.


I gasped in mouth fulls of air and looked behind me. Then I saw the foot.

Just a little piece of it, sticking out from the woods. I gasped, dropping the bat and sprinted towards it. I pushed my way through the bushes and branches and kneeled in front of the body.

"Oh god, Rose." I whispered. She was breathing, I saw that much instantly. She looked as if she were sleeping, actually. I grabbed her shoulder and shook her. Nothing. "Rose, wake up!"

I saw Alice lying down next to her and I gasped, shaking her shoulder too.

"What the fuck, wake up you guys!" I spit through my teeth.

"They're drugged."

I gasped and stood up, looking into the darkness around me.

"Where are you." I demanded, turning in a circle.

"You shouldn't have denied us, sweetheart." Edward tsked from the shadows. "You should know we always get what we want."

"Show yourself you lousy fuck!"

I let out a cry of fear and nervousness and looked around me, panicked.

"Aw, that's not nice at all, sweetheart." Edward said, faking hurt. "But I do love that dirty little mouth of yours."

"This is wrong!" I screamed. "We're just teenagers!"

"For three more weeks."

I paused, my eyes widening. "How the fuck do you know my birthday?" I growled.

Where was he?

His voice sounded as if it was coming from all angles and I couldn't locate it.

"Aw, sweetheart, I know everything about you." He teased. "It's crazy what you can learn in six hours."

"Just get it over with!" I screamed.

I knew I had no way out of this, and the apprehension was killing me. I could fight him when I saw him, when he brought us wherever he was bringing us. And by god I was sure as fuck not going to be one of those victims that they scared into silence.

This fucker was going to get quiet the wake up call.


His breath whispered across my neck and I gasped, spinning around.

And he was there, standing in front of me, so close. I could feel the heat radiating off of his body and I looked up into his cocky grin as something sharp imbedded itself into my shoulder blade. I gasped, pulling away, but the next second the painful pressure was gone.

I looked at the needle he had in his hand.

I looked at the small pin prick of blood on my shoulder.


That mother fu—

My vision blurred and I stumbled to the side. He reached out and grabbed me and lowered me to the ground, laying me softly on the leaves as my breathing slowed.

"Sh, sh, you're okay, you're fine." He cooed, smiling that sexy as fuck smile at me.

"You fucker." I sighed, collapsing into the darkness, the darkness tainted by his smile and that laugh that rang out from my words.

God we were so fucked.