Hello everybody! This is my first fanfiction in a long time and I promise you nothing. My grammar is horrible and I tend to skew the timeline to fit my needs. People are definitely OOC and I may ignore a character altogether. This will be a slash fic with Harry/?. Not sure who I want to be his bubby yet. There will be no polls and if you have any ideas please let me know, I might consider them. Chapters won't be very long, but I think I can finish a whole story without freaky long breaks in-between each chapter.

On with the story!

I own the Harry Potter series only when I'm dreaming. Thankfully, I have mastered daydreaming. I do not own the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, if I did it would be named Xander the amazing Zeppo!

Chapter 1

There are times when Harry absolutely hated his life, and this was one of them. The moment he got off the train from Hogwarts and he saw Uncle Vernon's ugly mug he knew this summer was going to be hell. When Vernon first caught sight of Harry his face turned a very unattractive and ruddy undefined color. He was tense and his arms were by his side, fist clenching and unclenching from anxiety and anger. Vernon hated being at King's Cross Station because he knew of the freakish things that went on there.

Harry swallowed, tightened his hands around his luggage and walked toward his volatile uncle. As he walked out of the station with his uncle, neither saying a word in greeting, his only consoling thought was that he had sent Hedwig to Remus before he left Hogwarts. He didn't want her to get hurt by Uncle Vernon and his cousin Dudley. He would not let her be an outlet for their anger and cruelty.

A push broke him out of his thoughts and he stumbled trying to catch himself. He looked back at his uncle and saw a satisfied smirk cross his face, before he walked passed Harry and got into the car. Harry carefully blanked his face and looked away. He didn't want to give his uncle a reason to hurt him this early in the summer. He already knew that Uncle Vernon planned on extracting his pound of flesh from Harry after being threatened by Sirius. Unfortunately for Harry, Sirius died this past year in the Ministry. Vernon had nothing to fear from a dead man and he would make Harry pay dearly for his small reprieve.

As Harry looked climbed into the car he took a deep breath and silently prayed in vain that this summer would end soon and that he would not suffer too much at his relative's hands. Harry looked up into the rearview mirror and when he saw his uncle's scowl he couldn't help but send another prayer up.