The Better Epilogue (because I was insane when I put the first one up)

Xander straddled Harry and grinned down at him playfully. They had been married for five years. Five long, glorious years. The moment Harry turned eighteen Xander had popped the question. The clock had struck midnight and he got down on his knee and proposed to his amazing boyfriend. Then he got down on his knees for his boyfriend.

After defeating Glory and then turning around to defeat Voldemort the two had decided to take a break from the Scooby Gang. They had simply left, and not come back. They exchanged phone calls with the Scooby Gang, and they were on call. If something bad happened with a capitol B, then they would go back and help out. So far they hadn't been needed which was kind of great.

Xander and Harry had spent the last seven years exploring the world and basically doing anything that struck their fancy. They went to Hollywood, Memphis, Tennessee (Xander really wanted to try their barbeque), and Japan. It was the road trip of Xander's dreams, and Harry had admitted that when he was a child he had wanted to be free to explore as well. Now he could, and they were both taking advantage of the vast amount of money at their disposal.

Right now they were in Vegas, and surprisingly they weren't losing at all. Xander had an amazing winning streak at the tables and the slot machines just poured out their money for Harry. They were up in a honeymoon suite in a very expensive hotel. Harry had started a food fight with some of the fruit they were eating, and they ended up running around the room and pelting each other with pieces of cut up fruit. Xander thought that the hotel would never be able to get the stains out. He'd finally tackled Harry, and the man cried out in surprise as they both fell to the ground.

Xander leaned down and kissed him, and Harry pressed up against him. Their tongues met in a dance that they just never seem to get tired of.

"ahem." Someone cleared their throat.

The couple broke apart and looked at the man in their hotel room in shock. Harry cried out in happiness.

"Sirius!" Xander rolled off of Harry and the green eyed wizard launched himself at the supposedly dead man. Harry had no thoughts of this being an imposter, and for some reason Xander thought this man was the real deal too.

"Harry." The two embraced before Sirius released him. "I'm afraid that I don't come with only good news." Sirius said.

Xander stood up and walked besides his husband.

"What's wrong Sirius? Why are you here? How are you here? How-"Xander covered Harry's mouth with his hand and stopped the stream of questions from pouring out. Harry had really learned how to babble from his time spent with Xander. Xander nodded at Sirius to continue. The gray eyed man chuckled.

"The wizarding world needed you, Harry. Without you they had no drive, no one to lead them. Dumbledore was killed not long after you left my Severus Snape, and he took control of Hogwarts. Luscious Malfoy seized control of the ministry and owned half of Diagon Alley. Through them Voldemort controlled the wizards of Britain."

"But Harry did fight for them! He gave his life for them and they used him time and time again! Friends, family, and people he trusted betrayed him over and over again! I'm not letting him go back to them! They can fight their own damn war!" Xander was furious. Harry was finally happy. He wouldn't let them ruin it.

Sirius shook his head.

"It is too late now. Wizarding Britain has fallen; it has now gone to the creatures."

"I'm sorry, but what?" Xander had finally removed his hand from Harry's mouth.

"Many centuries ago the goblins created a fail-safe. They created a contract before the time of the founders with the wizards. If the wizards tried to take control of goblins and enslave them they would attack with everything at their disposal. Unfortunately for Voldemort, the contract was lost and forgotten long ago. When he attempted to attack Gringotts, and take control of the money and the goblins the contract went into effect."

"How does that lead to the fall of the wizards?" Xander asked.

Sirius gave a great sigh.

"The moment it was discovered that Harry was missing the goblins began to prepare for war. Not only did they have weapons and skilled fighters, they had the other creatures. Many creatures sought sanctuary in Gringotts, the goblins asked, and they agreed to fight. They won."

"I have the feeling that's not all." Xander said uneasily. Sirius gave a grave nod.

"A clause of the contract stated that if the wizards lost then the goblins would gain control of the wizarding world. The goblins split their control with the rest of the creatures that had aided them in the war. Two years ago the wizards rebelled, and broke another clause. According to the contract, rebellion could only be justified if the wizards were treated cruelly. Despite being nasty little buggers, the goblins had not treated wizards like lower life forms and made them into slaves. They just had little power."

"What happened after they broke the clause?" Harry asked quietly.

"Every single wizard lost not only their magic, but their memories of the wizarding world. They have been integrated in the muggle world with false memories added. Harry, you are the only British wizard in existence."

Harry paled, and swayed slightly. Xander put his arm around Harry and steadied him.

"I should've…I should've went back. I should've helped." Guilt and remorse tore at him.

"No," Sirius said, "it was far too late Harry. It was too late the moment Petunia took you out of Britain. Your destiny changed. You became something different and so did Xander."

"I'm sorry, but huh?" Xander looked at the man clueless.

"Xander, both you and Harry have defied fate. You two have survived when you should have died. You two have changed many things that should have been. Harry, you should have died that Halloween. Xander you should not have been able to save buffy. Glory would have died without your assistance, but Buffy would have died as well. At this moment Tara should have been long into her grave, but she is still alive and happily living her life with Willow. Both of you have done the impossible time and time again. You've both fallen off the path assigned to you, and are now creating your own. Harry, you and Xander are wild cards. If you are involved it is impossible to determine how anything is going to go. And the Gods like that."

"I thought the Gods would hate stuff like that." Xander asked frowning.

"Normally they would, but you two have made things much more interesting for them. It's like watching a new, unique movie. They can't get enough of either of you."

Xander and Harry exchanged looks.

"I have a bad feeling about this." Harry said.

Sirius grinned at him.

"Don't worry Prongs Jr. I'm done with the doom and gloom. This part is fantastic!"


"They've decided to turn you two in Gate Keepers!"

"A what?"

"Gate Keepers are souls that are reborn again and again in different dimensions. You'll keep popping up in alternate universes and living different lives over and over again."

"And this is good how?" Xander asked.

"Just think. Your souls are entwined; instead of living one life and moving on you get to fall in love over and over again. It's going to be great!" he bounced around excitedly. "I'm going to be one too! Just think of how many people can appreciate my amazing looks."

Harry rolled his eyes.

"When do we turn into Gate Keepers? I have the feeling that I don't have much of a choice."

"You've got until you die in one world before you're moved to the next."

"But what about my cloak?" after years of searching Harry had still not found it, or any version of it. He was getting discouraged.

"Don't worry pup, what doesn't find you in one life will find you in another. I mean, I am here after all." Sirius smirked at Harry's gasp.

"You-you mean, I might be able to see my parents?"

"Yup, you'll probably be entering into alternate worlds too."

Harry gave a happy laugh and turned to drag Xander into a deep kiss. After his initial surprise Xander kissed him back feverishly. They pulled back with red, swollen lips. Xander grinned at Sirius.

"Any more good news?" he asked hopefully. Sirius gave a bark-like laugh.

"I like this one, Harry."

Harry beamed at Sirius's approval of his husband.

"But as for your question, nope. I'm all out of any kind of news. I'm just glad that I got to come here and see you again before the next life, Harry. My time is up, and I'm off to the next life. I'll see you two there." And with a bright flash of light Sirius disappeared.

Xander turned to Harry.

"So…I say we've got another fifty or so years to kill. Wanna backpack through the Amazon?" Harry just laughed and pushed Xander to the ground and kissed him. In the back of his mind he was already planning their trip.

And they lived happily ever after.

THE END…for now.

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