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Olivia walked into the bar and looked around shaking her head. She should have known that when she asked Abby to recommend a new club to visit it would have been country. It wasn't that she hated country music but it wasn't her first choice. She heard enough devastating things daily she didn't need to hear it in a song.

She slowly made her way to the bar. She figured since she was already here she mine as well have a dink. Besides who knew maybe she could find herself a cow-girl. After all Abby was constantly telling her she hadn't been ridden until she was ridden by a cow girl.

"What can I get you honey." A middle age woman who looked like she had seen better days asked.

"Budweiser bottle please." Olivia said as she used the mirror behind the bartender to scan the building without it being noticeable. She wasn't looking for prey but instead she was *casing* the joint. As an officer the first thing you learn is to find all possible points of entry and areas to use as cover if needed. Even when not on the job old habits were hard to break.

"First time here?" The bartender asked as she placed the bottle in front of Olivia.

Olivia nodded at the bartender before turning around to face the crowd. She hated having her back toward the door and crowds. That was when she noticed the woman on the dance floor.

The dancer had yet to turn around but there was something about her drawing her to her. There was a familiarity with the figure that she couldn't quite place. No matter how hard she tried she couldn't peel her eyes off the person dancing. What she wasn't prepared for was when the woman turned around.

Olivia spewed her beer everywhere when she realized less than fifteen feet away dancing her heart out was the one woman who tormented her days and haunted her nights. Alexandra Cabot. All she could do was stare with her mouth open at the carefree manner she was acting. How laid back and relaxed she was. The best part was how she threw her head back and laughed. A laugh that lit her whole face and made her eyes crinkle at the corners. A total opposite of what she was use to seeing.

Alex glanced over her shoulder to glance at the detective who haunted her dreams. Lord knew she should be arrested for over half the thoughts she had about her on a regular basis. She just hoped that tonight with Abby's help she would be able to make every one of her fantasy's come true.

Knowing by Olivia's reaction that she spotted her she decided to drive her crazy. She twisted around in Monica's arms so that she would be able to keep an eye on Olivia's demeanor while she taunted and teased her. Wrapping her arms around Monica's neck and tangling her hands in her hair Alex began to grind her ass into Monica. Monica in turn raised her shirt up to expose her stomach while she trailed her fingers across it.

Olivia gripped her beer bottle so tight that she was sure it would shatter in her hands. The anger and jealously that coursed through her while watching Alex shocked her to the core. Never had she wanted to walk up and knock someone out as bad as she did to the woman that Alex dancing with. That feeling was magnified by a million when the woman began to pepper Alex's creamy white neck.

Alex could feel the heat and anger radiating off Olivia from where she was. The intensity of the gaze was burning a whole in her skin yet at the same time soaking her underwear.

"I swear to you if she lays me out you will be paying for the rest of your life." Monica whispered into Alex's year.

"She wont I promise." Alex whispered back before pretending to laugh as she spun in Monica's arms to face her.

"Your not seeing the look I'm getting." Monica responded back as she trailed her hands down Alex's back and cupped her ass.

Olivia clenched her teeth together as she watched the woman grope Alex. She felt her breath quicken and her heart speed up. She could almost imagine what that would feel like.

"Honey if you want her so bad go up and interrupt." The bartender said as she walked up and noticed where Olivia's gaze was.

"Looks like she's with someone." Olivia spat out not meaning to be so rude to the lady.

"For the night maybe. Monica is a regular here and takes home a different woman every night. All the blond is going to be is another notch on her bed post."

Olivia spun around and faced the bartender.

"What did you say?"

"Monica is a regular she takes home a new conquest every night." The bartender said with a confused look on her face.

"Not tonight she won't." Olivia said as she slammed her beer down on the counter and marched off into the direction of Alex when a slow song began to play.

"Excuse me I am dancing with the lady now." Olivia said through clenched teeth as she approached Alex and Monica.

"The lady is with me tonight."

"Not if I have anything to say about it." Olivia said as she closed the gap between them and challenged her.

"I didn't sign up for a jealous girlfriend." Monica said after a few minutes throwing her hands up and storming off.

"Detective you had no…" Alex started to say but was startled when Olivia pulled her tight against her.

"I had every right." Olivia whispered against Alex's ear that sent shivers up and down her spine.

Alex who was not only unable to form thoughts being in Olivia's arms but so turned on she was afraid to say anything for fear of confessing it all. Instead she laid her head on Olivia's shoulder and nestled her neck as Olivia guided them around the dance floor like a pro. She was disappointed when the music stop and Olivia released her.

"Stay away from her counselor. She wants to make you another notch and you deserve better than that." Olivia said before turning to leave.

Alex stood in the middle of the dance floor dumb founded. Olivia came to her rescue danced with her and then was riding off into the night. This was not happening. That was when she recognized the song playing and noticed Monica urging her on from a corner.

"Olivia please lets dance." Alex called out.

Olivia thought for a minute before turning around pulling Alex to her. If she couldn't have forever she could at least have right now.

"Listen to the words of the song" Alex whispered as she wrapped her arms around Olivia's neck.

Olivia who would never deny the woman in her arms anything she asked did so as she pulled her tight against her body. It scared her on how well their body's formed together and how alive hers became with a simple touch from Alex.

Tuxedo waiters, black tie,

white tablecloths and red wine,

we've been planning, this night,

looking forward to it,for some time

now honey I know you love getting dressed up,

and you know I love showing you off,

but watching your baby blue eyes, dancing in the candle light glow,

all I can think about, is getting you home,

Walking through the front door, seeing your black dress hit the floor, uh honey there sure ain't nothing, like you loving

me all night long, and all I can think about is getting you home,

I don't need this menu, no I don't,

I already know just what I want,

did I hear you right, did you tell me,

go pay the waiter and lets leave,

now honey I know by that look in your eyes,

and your hand drawing hearts on mine, that our night out of the house, ain't gonna last too long,

when all you can think about, is getting me home,

Walking through the front door, seeing your black dress hit the floor, uh honey there sure ain't nothing like you loving me

all night long,

and all I can think about, all I can think about,

all I can think about, is getting you home.

As the song ended Olivia pulled back almost afraid she had totally misinterpreted the song. With a heavy heart she dared to look into Alex's eyes. She felt her heart soar when she saw the pure desire and lust in Alex's eyes for her. The fact cemented with the three words Alex whispered into her ear.

"Take me home."