A/N: Ok i know im not funny but some people think im funny so im just going to try and write a funny fic and you can tell me if im funny or not IN A NICE WAY THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Sonic: Who cares about your stupid author note lets get to ME!

Me: You know what...GO BATH!

Sonic: What the heck?

Me: While Sonic and I have a very normal argument this shall keep you entertained!

" Eggman is not going to get away with this!" shouted Sonic, like most heroes do. Just then Tails rushed to the scene and ran up to Sonic.

" Sonic," he said " What did Eggman do this time?"

" He built a taco robot and the robot is shooting tacos at innocent citizens!" exclaimed Sonic, Tails started cracking up.

" Tacos... oh that's so funny. What's next, is he going to start shooting bunnies at them, too." he said in between laughs.

" Tails! This is serious!" Sonic said when a taco came hurling at them, Tails caught it and took a bite out of it.

" Mmm...chicken." claimed the yellow two tailed fox. Sonic shot him a glance

" WHAT ARE YOU DOING! THAT COULD BE RADIOACTIVE OR HAVE SOME SORT OF NUCLEAR BOMB IN IT!" exclaimed Sonic. Just then Tails held his stomach and started to cough insanely.

" Tails!"

Tails did a little more coughing before he got up and started laughing at the scared hedgehog.

" Tails not funny! Let's just beat Eggman and forget this day ever happened." said the blue hero.

" That's going to be kind of hard to do." said Tails.

" What are you talking about?" asked Sonic while Tails just pointed right behind him. Sonic spun around only to see a pink figure dashing towards him with her arms open wide.

" Sonic!" she screamed while wrapping her arms tightly around him.

" Amy..." Sonic said slowly while trying to escape her deathly hug.

" I was so afraid you would get hurt by these tacos." said Amy concerned. Tails tried to hold in his laugh.

" What's so funny about that?" asked Sonic.

" Well, getting hurt by tacos. I mean that's not what you here everyday." Tails explained to the two hedgehogs.