It didn't take long for the storm to pass; all it really was a few growls of thunder and flashes of lightning. It wasn't too late at night so they decided to continue their journey. Tails walked next to Junie like usual he decided to strike up a conversation and dig into her truly.

"So…uhh…" he stuttered. Junie looked at him sweetly. "Yeah." She said in a sweet tone. Tails just didn't know what to say. He was lost in her deep brown gaze and her tone. He thought that was the sweetest voice he ever heard ring through his ears.

"Hello… Earth to Tails." She joked. Tails shook his head, recovering from his trance. "Tails, you wanted to talk to me." Junie stated, he let out a little nervous laugh trying very hard to keep his cool. He finally spoke.

"Um, well…I was just wondering about your life. How was it?" he managed to say between a few stutters. "Oh." She spoke with sadness in her voice and looked down at her feet. Her eyes filled with tears and she tried her hardest to keep them back.

"I'm…I'm sorry was that a bad question?" Tails regretted.

She kept her head down and shook her head, thinking of her horrifying past. Tails was stunned by her behavior she said she had a completely normal life before so now, why is she crying over her past.

Tails put out is arm and quickly took it back then, regretting that move he slowly and carefully stuck it out and placed it calmly on her back. He stroked her back soothingly, reassuring her that everything would be fine.

"It's ok... it's ok." Assured Tails, he felt awful for his friend. "It's ok… it's ok."

"No it's not!" she demanded. Tears still streamed down her face. "Why, you have a great life, and you have us."

"I lied, ok!" Junie shouted ashamed, Tails avoided her eye contact and looked at the moist ground below, "Junie, I'm…I'm…" he trailed off, dumbfounded for words. "No reason to be sorry I was the one who lied." She spoke.

"If you were ashamed of doing it, why'd you do it?" asked Tails.

"Because, I didn't want you to judge me like all the kids in school do and I didn't want you to know my true past." Junie explained, as she was looking at her feet sadly.

"True past?" asked Tails.

"You know I do not want to explain." Junie said.

"That's ok, I know how yo-" he was interrupted by a very loud crashing sound. Nobody could identify what it was so they looked around for answers little did they know that the robot they've been searching for was towering above them.

"He looks like he's ready for a fight." Stated Sonic. Sonic did a spin dash towards the robot but, missed.

"Sonic!" Amy said darting towards him.

"Guess it's us." Said Tails; looking at Junie. Tails took out a hammer and started to pound the robot Junie did some fighting moves. As soon as Sonic got to his feet he was able to fight, it didn't take long to knock this robot out.

People that were collapsed on the ground arose; Amy dashed towards Rouge happy to see her. The town was saved but, not until this.

Tails searched for Junie, when he finally found her he pulled her close and kissed her.

"Sorry." He blushed violently, and rubbed the back of his head like Sonic did.

"For what?" Asked Junie and she kissed him again.

Well, that's a wrap! I hope you liked this story because I loved writing it. Yes, I do know that the ending wasn't as epic as expected but, I had no inspiration. Be sure to keep up with me because I plan on writing a lot more. Never forget the good old Cosmo7Tails ;)!