Me: I'm back! Who missed me?

Sonic: I didn't.

Me: Hey! I thought I took care of you last chapter!

Sonic: Guess what? I'm back too.

Me: Back to my point. Hope you like this chapter full of lame comedy. Enjoy!

Sonic: I'm sure their pressing the back button right now.

" Who cares about that! We have a world to save!" announced Sonic striking a heroic pose.

" Who are you, Batman?" said Amy smirking at her sarcastic comment. Then, out of no where the sound of a crashing building pierced the groups ears. They quickly covered their ears and looked up only to see a giant robot towering above them.

Sonic, Amy, and Tails dashed away from the robotic beast to a spot faraway from the bustling city.

" Sonic...Sonic stop I'm...outta...breath..." panted Amy. Sonic and Tails stopped. They realized that they were in a quiet park with nobody else in it.

" Where are we?" asked Tails

" A park, duh." said Sonic

" No, no I know we are in a park just, where?"

" Yeah, where are we? Only five minutes ago we were in the city?" Amy said, barging into the conversation.

" We are probably just in a park, I mean I can hear the robot we're not that far away." said Sonic trying to listen for the taco robot.

Nothing. No tacos shooting for them, no crashing buildings, no shrieks and screams. Sonic started to walk towards the city or what he thought was the city. The three walked behind the fearless blue hedgehog until it was dark. They were getting no where.

" Sonic, it's getting dark, maybe we should ask someone for help." said Amy. Sonic just smirked and said..

" Funny thing is..."

So what did you guys think! Ok, so I just got a brilliant idea. Just a heads up this is now going to be a little more dramatic then intended. Please, don't give up on me, please. Also, please, please review. I need to know what you guys think. Next chappie I will have Sonic finish his sentance. What's the funny thing. Hmm...