Me: Well, I'm back!

Sonic: Great * sarcasm*

Me: You know you don't have to be so mean.

Sonic: Actually, I do. Remember the script.

Me: When did we get a script?

Sonic: Last chapter you Einstein.

Me: To the show!

After a long night of travel, the gang of three crashed in an Eat 'n' Park. When it was morning, the sun gleamed through the window reaching their eyes. Amy was the first to wake up. She stretched and then realized that she just slept in a booth of Eat 'n' Park.

She walked over to where Sonic was sleeping and slightly shook his arm " Sonic," she whispered " Sonic, get up." Sonic yawned and batted his eyes a few times.

" Morning Ames," greeted Sonic with a grin.

" C'mon get Tails we have to start traveling again. We are only in South Carolina." Amy said.

Sonic quickly got up and walked over to the sleeping eight-year old.

" Tails, Tails wake up." said Sonic. Tails was rather easy to wake up and he got up immediately. After everybody was up they all headed out the door and headed towards their destination. It was hot and sunny outside and was probably about eighty degrees.

Tails trailed behind the couple and soaked in his surroundings. Seeing Amy and Sonic made him think about Cosmo. He missed her they were great friends and all he wanted was the chance to see her again.

By the time it was dark the group was in North Carolina. They decided they were just going to hang out in the woods they were in for a while.

Tails got some wood to make a fire. Everybody gathered around the fire and began talking.

" So, do you think the robot is going to kill us?" asked Amy

" I think we can get it in time." Sonic confidently said.

" But, what if we don't?" asked Amy with tears swelling up in her eyes thinking of the thought.

" Well, why think of the thought I know that it's very possible this is the end but we can't live in the future." explained Sonic putting an arm around his girlfriend comfortingly. " Tell you what why don't we take a walk over to that lake. Like that idea?" asked Sonic standing up and offering his. Amy nodded.

" Tails we are going to the lake over there. Shout if you need us." alleged Sonic. Tails nodded and watched the two head away from him.

Tails glared up at the moon. And spoke some words upon himself.

" Cosmo," he murmured " it's been really long since I've seen you and those precious moments we had together were the best ones of my life. So, now I just need you to listen. I miss you and I just want you to know you were a very special friend to me. I wish I could yell this to you in person but for now this is good. One last thing, I love you." he poured out is hearts thoughts while tears were welling up his eyes.

Just then the cracking of a branch caught his attention. " Hello," he called " Sonic?"

Tails was looking in the direction of the cracking but, there was nothing. He waited and waited until a shadowy figure appeared.

" Hello?" she called.

" AAHHH!" screamed Tails. The girl rushed over to the frightened fox. She had a dark green fur and was about the same age as Tails. She had beautiful shoulder length brown hair and wore a shirt striped dark green and white. She also wore a pair of white shorts and black low top converse.

" Oh, I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you." said the young fox politely.

" Oh it's fine I get scared real easy." said Tails " If you don't mind me by asking, who are you?"

" Oh yeah sorry, I'm Junie the Fox but, you can just call me Junie." said Junie holding out her hand. Tails shook her hand and said..

" I'm Miles but, everybody calls me Tails and I think you know why." Tails said waving his two Tails.

" That's so cool. How are you here anyways, I thought I was the last living thing on this planet?" asked Junie. Tails walked over to a log by the fire and sat on it, motioning the young girl to sit next to him.

She climbed on the long log next to him and Tails began to speak.

" Well, my friends and I were traveling so fast that the shockwaves didn't reach our brains." explained Tails.

" Shockwaves?" questioned Junie.

" Yeah, shockwaves. The robot sent out shockwaves practically knocking out everyone."

" Oh that makes sense now." said Junie.

" What about you? How are you still alive?" asked Tails.

" Well, I'm guessing it's because my brain is wired differently." explained Junie sighing at the fact.

" Huh? What do you mean?" Tails asked with a confused expression on his face.

" Well, I was born with this brain disease making my brain work different and so I'm guessing these shockwaves couldn't find a way to knock me out." She sighed at her sad story.

" Wow, I'm so sorry." Tails said patting her on the back.

" Well, it's okay, I learned to accept the fact that I'm different." Junie said with a smile on her face.

Just then Amy and Sonic walked back to the campfire and saw the two foxes.

" Tails, who is this?" asked Sonic.

" This is my new friend, Junie." Tails answered introducing them to the girl he just met.

" It's a pleasure to meet you." Said Junie happily shaking their hands.

" Well, I'm Sonic and this Amy." Sonic said.

" How is it that Junie is still alive?" asked Amy. Tails glared at Junie and Junie glared at Tails. Tails could tell that Junie didn't want him telling her secret so Tails made up something real quick.

" Well, Junie was…uhh… running track really fast like us." He said checking if they were convinced. They didn't looked to amused but they just decided to play along.

" Alrighty then." Sonic said shrugging.

" Is she going to be traveling with us?" asked Amy. Tails glanced at Junie once again.

" Sure why not." Junie said with a polite smile. This made Tails smile and so the now group of four crashed in the forest.

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