Chapter one!

I know! I know! I'm bad! I should be finishing my other stories but this idea got ahold of me and it annoyed me SOO much I'm wrighting this now.

Disclaimer: I do NOT (unfortunatly) own the characters.

Tory's POV:

I ran. As fast as I could. I was a freak. A mutant. And someone wanted me to be their lab rat. Ben, Hi, and Shelton ran beside me. Hi was panting. Ben was silent, looking straight ahead. Shelton was letting out low moans of fear. I was only running this fast on pure adrenaline. We crashed through the undergrowth. I could see Sewee, which looked like it was miles away. Hi, Shelton, and Ben streaked ahead of me. They were faster when flaring. Not by too much. But still faster.


Two bullets grazed me. One made its self at home in my chest.

I collasped. Pain burned and spread through my chest. I could hear my pack calling me. But everything was fading into a calm, quiet black sheet.

Ben's POV:

Hi, Shelton and I streaked ahead of Tory. I hopped quickly into the boat. I turned quickly when I heard the gun shots ring out. I saw Tory collaspe. Hi and Shelton were shouting her name. I joined in. We all raced towards her. The guys chasing us were picking up her limp body. I tackled the one holding her. Hi, and Shelton went for the other one. I scooped Tory up in my arms and carefully put her in the boat. Only then did I remember Coop. Aw shit. We forgot him at Tory's house. Now we had no backup. His bite and distraction would've been useful. Oh well. We would have to do with what we have.

Tory was losing a lot of blood. I took off my shirt and pressed it to the wound, slowing the blood loss. But we needed actual bandages, not just my shirt pressing to the wound! I was panicking. I admit it. I didn't want to lose Tory. I haven't even told her how I actually feel about her! Life was sooo unfair. Ecspecailly to me! Why why why!

Hi and Shelton hopped onto the boat and I hesintally pulled myself away from Tory and started up the boat. But I guess it was better to get away from them. Shelton tended to Tory's wound and I drove the boat as fast as it would go, glancing back at her every few seconds.

Coopers' POV:

My mother friend was in trouble. I went beserk on the door, trying to get out. Mother friend needs me! The one called 'Kit' came over to see what was causing the noise. Obviously seeing it was me he said, "What'cha doin' boy? You want out?"

"(Yes! I want out!) Aroo! Bark bark arff!"

'Kit' stared at me a while longer then opened the door for me. Yes! Free! I can help Mother friend! I bounded down towards the beach, pacing along the where the water met the beach. Finally I saw 'Bens'' boat, Sewee. I howled. Where was Mother friend? I don't see her... I knew it! Something bad happened! I bounded out into the water and swam towards Sewee. 'Ben' narrowly managed to swerve the boat to avoid hitting me. If you're gonna say it's my fault then you're wrong. He shouldn't be going so damn fast! I swam back to shore. 'Ben' and 'Shelton' were pulling Mother friends' limp body out of Sewee. I snarled and lunged forward. Mother friend needs me!

Shelton, I think, shoved me away as I tried to get to Mother Friend. I kept trying to get to Mother Friend but they all shoved me back. I growled, annoyed. I roughly forced my way past them and gently licked Mother Friends' face. She didn't move.

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