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Unrequited love.


"Hey Bella" I smiled as I walked past her desk.

"Morning Edward, your first appointment's at 11.00 a Mr. Hunter" I winked in response and walked through to my office. Bella's been my assistant for four months now and seriously it working out so well. She's professional at all times, and yet I can talk to her as a friend as well. She's shy and quiet but really sweet and fascinating to listen to once you get her into a conversation with her. Most people will pass her desk, not even looking at her let alone greet her. She doesn't get invited out with the office staff much, but I know she doesn't care about that kind of thing, she has a few close friends and that's the way she likes it.

Also, I know Tanya's not threatened by her. Tanya, my...well, I suppose she's my girlfriend, has hated all my other assistants, saying they flirt too much or there too good looking, and for some reason she doesn't think that way about Bella.

I would never tell her that I'm actually more attracted to Bella then all the other assistants I've had. The fact that she doesn't see herself as beautiful is actually one of her most attractive traits.

If I wasn't with Tanya, I would have asked her out by now. Just seeing her bite that lip, I almost come undone.

Sighing to myself, I load up my computer, and prepare to meet with Mr. Hunter this morning. It's only 9.30 when Bella buzzes my intercom.


"Mr. Cullen?" she only ever calls me 'Mr. Cullen' is it's an important client or Tanya. "Miss. Denali's here to see you"

see? I know her all too well.

"send her in, thanks" I chuckled.

A few moments later, Tanya walked through the door. She was surprisingly dressed in casual jeans, her hair was a mess, and she had no make up on. I knew something was up.

"Hey, what's up?" I walked around my desk to kiss her, only she turned her head so I kissed her cheek.

"Edward..." she croaked, tears filling her eyes.


"I did something bad" she whimpered.

Oh god, what now?

"well what was it?" I began rubbing her arms trying to encourage her. She bit her lip and looked up at me through her lashes...and all I could think was that she couldn't pull it off as well as Bella could.

"if you don't tell me, I can fix it. Is it money? How much?"

"no – no it's not that"

"that what Tanya?" I sighed. This happened almost every week, it gets tiring.

"I cheated on you" I barely heard her whisper. My arms drop from her, and I back away.

"what?" disbelief colouring my tone

"I slept with someone" she cried as tears began pouring.

"who?" I demanded, my blood was boiling, and I could feel anger flowing through my body.

"Edward -" she sighed.

"-don't 'Edward' me, who the hell was it? Who was so fucking irresistible that you ruined a three year relationship for?"

"it's only ruined if you let it get between us"

"DON'T! Don't you fucking dare pretend like I'm the one who has the potential to break us up, you did that all by yourself as soon as you got between the sheets with that... that fucker. Now tell me!" I screamed. I didn't care that Bella could hear, and I didn't care that possibly the whole office could hear, I just wanted answers.

"Mike" she croaked "Mike Newton"

"oh god!" I groaned as I threw myself into one of the chairs, my face buried in my hands. "My best friend?" I whispered.

She nodded her head once after I looked up, tears had stained her face, and it was red and blotchy...she looked horrendous.

"get out" I demanded, my voice no louder than whisper.

"Edward -"

"NO!" I yelled "get the fuck out. Pack your shit and you better not be in my house when I get home. Anything I find that belongs to you will be burnt. Don't contact me. I never want to see you, you complete whore, ever again"

she burst into loud sobs, as she ran from my office, slamming the door on her way out.

Rage filled my every pore, and I began throwing files around the office. In one quick sweep, the whole content on my desk was covering the floor.

"AARRGH!" I groaned, as I tug at my hair. My office is a wreak, and I know Bella and probably the whole office had heard the whole argument and my tantrum afterwards.

I timid knock on my door brings me out of my rage.

"WHAT?" I bark. If that slut's back, I'm not gonna be able to keep together what ever shit I still have.

I shy brunette peeked around the door, not opening it more that a crack. Her big brown eyes took in my office that looked like a bomb had gone off.

"Bella. Can you cancel all my meetings?" I tried to keep my voice somewhat friendly, she hadn't done anything wrong, but the state I was in, I knew that it hadn't come a friendly, or ever nice, at all.

"yes Mr. Cullen" was all she replied before closing the door, and leaving my in silence. The only noise was my heavy breathing, and my heartbeat that was thudding in my ears.

Remembering my whiskey stash in one on my cupboards, I began drinking. I don't care that it's only a little after 10 in the morning. I need this.

I didn't even bother with a glass, preferring to drink it straight from the bottle. I sat on the floor legs crossed at my ankles, with my three bottles of whiskey, I plan on drinking it all.

Tanya and I met at one of my mothers parties. She's a serious socialite and my father will do anything to keep her happy, and if that means hosting parties every few months and going to other people's parties every week, then so be it.

Tanya is the daughter of Terry Denali, who works with my father at the hospital, my father's a life saving surgeon whereas Tanya's is a plastic surgeon.

Sparks didn't immediately fly, and it took a while for me to agree to go out with her. I didn't even official ask her to be my girlfriend, but it was nice having someone to go to parties and functions with. Her shit began to show up in my house, and I never said anything.

I'd known Mike since I was 18. we were room mates in college, and both just clicked. We'd agreed that if either of us got married, we'd be each other's best man. And now I found out he's...

god, I feel like such an idiot.

They both played me for such a fool. I have no idea how long they've been at it,but I do know now that him being at my place when I get home from work is no longer a coincidence.

I was brought out of my retrieve by a knock on my door.

Bella came in, her coat on, and her bag fixed on her shoulder.

"where you goin'" I slurred, I don't know if she understood me, I didn't even know how much I'd drank.

"Oh my God, Edward!" she gasped, looking at me. "how much have you drank"

"I dunno" I attempted to stand, but I just fell on my ass again.

"Edward, don't move, I'm going to call Jasper to come get you"

"i don' wan my brother" I whined.

"well tough" she left the office for a moment. When she returned, she picked up all the empty bottles from the floor, and sat down next to me.

"I've changed my mind. I will go to...erm...that...thingy...you know the meetin'" I decided.

"Edward it's 9pm, everyone's gone home. You need to go home."

We were quiet for a good few minutes before I tried to brake the silence.

"she was fucking my so called best friend"

"I'm so sorry Edward" I felt her hand rub my back. It felt good, and as I slumped against the cupboard door, my head soon found itself resting on her slender shoulder.

Soon she began running her hand through my hair, and I couldn't stop crying at such a comforting gesture.

"she was an idiot. You don't deserve her. You never did"

"what do you know?" I mumbled harshly into her shoulder "maybe that was what I deserved. Maybe I'm such a bad person, that that was punishment for all my sins"

"because I know your not a bad person"

"yeah? Well I know all women are sluts. They tell you what you want to hear to get your money or to have sex with you, then they get enjoyment out of crushing you and tearing your best friend from you"

"Edward, not all women are like that"

"yes they are." I growled.

"no there not. One day you'll find someone who loves you...they might be closer than you think"

"what the hell is that suppose to mean?"

"erm...nothing, nothing!" she stuttered.

"no, no, no!" I yelled, pulling away from her "I'm sick of lies. Tell me what you mean!" I demanded.

"i was just..." she was biting her lip again "well maybe...maybe someone you don't even realises is in love with you"

I burst out laughing "Like who?" I gruffed.

"like..." she took a deep breath before whispering "like me"

she was looking at the floor, playing with her fingers.

I laughed bitterly "well that makes me feel so much better. Bella Swan, the office mouse is in love with me. Gee, what an honour" I scoffed. "like a consolation prize? Lost my girlfriend and my best friend, but don't worry everyone, I get the office reject!"

I didn't even feel bad when I heard her snivelling.

"You don't need to be such a jackass about it" with that she stood and left the room, and I'm guessing the building.

I laid down, on the carpeted floor, waiting for my brother...I think she said Jasper was coming.

Before long I was asleep, and had no idea that I'd just made the biggest fucking mistake of my life.

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