Unrequited Love.

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Chapter 6.

"you don't give a damn about Bella. You're just doing this to appease your own guilt! You don't care if she stays or goes...if she ends up living in a hell hole or in a fucking ditch. You don't-"


the silence on the other end of the phone is deafening. I heard her gasp but that was it. Until..."what?" was rasped.

"I'm in love with Bella" I whispered.


She fucking hung up on me.


It been a week now. And I've done shit. No actually, I've mopped all week. And that's it.

I got Jasper to work on Alice and I now know Bella's flight info. Her flight leaves at 1.30pm and I plan to be there. To beg her to stay. Tell her I love her, and just hope it's enough.

My phone starts ringing, flashing 'Emmett'.

"what do you want?" I groan, really not wanting to speak to him...or anyone right now.

"are you gonna get out of your pit today? Come into work?" his voice is light and teasing but I can still detect the worry.

"yes and no" I muttered, throwing one arm over my eyes. The sun burns!

He sighs loudly "Edward, your times up man. You had this week and you've done nothing. Your work is suffering! You need to come in"

"times not up! I'm not letting her go without a fight. Her flight leaves at 1.30pm. Once it's airborne, then I'll admit defeat, until them it's on!"

"WHAT!" he yells "please tell me your not going to the airport!"

"of course I am. I'm not just gonna let her leave! I love her" I yell back,

"why the hell couldn't you have figured this out earlier? Save her and yourself all this heartache"

"I was a dick, okay? No one knowns that more then me!" I jump up from the bed, and make my way into the bathroom. I start brushing my teeth whilst he talks.

"Have you even thought about this? What your gonna say when you get there? How she's gonna feel?"

"yes! Of course I have. I've thought of nothing else!" I yell, toothpaste dripping down my chin.

"and have you thought about how you'll feel if she still goes?"

that kinda knocked me for six. I hadn't thought of that.

"positive thoughts man!"


"-no!" I snapped "I don't want to hear it! If she turns me down...well then maybe I'll feel the pain she did when I rejected her. But all I know, is that if I don't try I'll always wonder what could have been. Don't tell me you wouldn't do the same thing, if it was Rosalie!"

"big difference dude! Rosalie doesn't hate my guts!"

"yeah...whatever dude. I gotta go"

"Edward no-" hung up! I can't listen to his shit any more. It's 8.45am and I still gotta get dressed and washed, travel up to Seattle and find Bella in a crowded airport.

Emmett keeps ringing my phone, so I switch it off. I can't deal with him any more. Nothings gonna change my mind.

Rushing around like a headless chicken, I shower dry and dress in twenty minutes. I don't stop to eat breakfast or even grab a jacket, I just run to the car.

Traffic is...a fucking nightmare. Back to back traffic almost all the way into Seattle, and it only gets more congested the closer I get to the airport. And finding a fucking place to park is just...yeah, let's not even talk about. I'm not proud of some of the things I said to that old grandpa, but come on! It was clear I was about to reverse into that spot!

I'm running through the airport now. Very aware that it's almost time for Bella to board, which is why I spent a fucking fortune on a ticket to Peru just so I could get passed security.

I keep getting glares and tuts as I run to...wherever she it. I have no fucking idea what gate she'll be at, so looks like running around is my only option.

I soon spot a familiar head of blonde hair.


And just next to my lanky brother is his Mrs. and my love hugging. Bella's back is towards me and I freeze knowing if Alice opens one of her eyes, she'll spot me...and then probably give me a black eye.

It isn't Alice who sees me though. It's Jasper.

Silently and without reusing Alice's suspicion, he makes his way over to me.

"Please tell me this is a sick joke!" he hisses.

"Look, I know you and Alice are against this, but please I need to talk to her" I make to pass him, but he moves to block my path.

"I'm sorry, but I can't. That girl needs a fresh start, and you being here isn't going make her leaving easier. She's already a mess!"

"Exactly!" I yelled, one of my hands waving around "She doesn't want to go! And I'm gonna convince her not to!"

"Edward, this is a really bad-"

"EDWARD CULLEN! What the hell are you doing here!" well subtly was never Alice's strong point, and now she's storming over to me, leaving a shocked Bella and a lot of annoyed and intrigued people in the airport.

"no offence Alice or Jasper, but this really has nothing to do with either of you! This is between me and Bella. If she doesn't want me here, then I'll leave"

"What do you want Edward?" I hadn't realised she'd made her way over here, but her tear stained face was peering up at me.

So beautiful

"Five minutes, please"

"boarding call for Flight 630 to Phoenix."

"Edward I don't have time. That's my flight"

"No, Bella please. Just two minutes then! Please"

she sighs, and takes pity on me "fine"

I grab her hand and begin to tow her away from out audience.

"okay, you...you can't leave" is what comes out.

"Edward, I have to. I have no money, no-"

"no! I can help you. Just don't leave. Don't leave me"

"leave you?" she whispers, her head shaking slightly.

"yes" I swallow the lump in my throat. "stay with me. Stay for me"

"I don't..." she sighs "I don't know what you mean, Edward"

"I'm saying...what I'm saying is that I love you"

smooth Cullen. Real smooth.

Now Bella is resembling a fish. Mouth a gape. Moving slightly but nothings coming out.

Fucking great.

"I know this is a really big shock to you, and it was to me too. But I've been feeling it for a while now, and I realised that's why I did all that stupid stuff with the job. It was because I couldn't bare to lose you. I need you Bella. These past few weeks have been hell. Please, please don't leave me!"

her eyes meet mine, and they're so soft and tender. And so filled with tears. Her small hand reaches up and brushes a tear I hadn't known I'd shed.

"I love you, Edward-" without waiting for her to finish, I smash my lips to her. Elation fills my whole being.

She loves me still. And I love her. We're going to be all right. Together.

She kisses me back, her lips so soft and she tastes so minty.

Which is why it kills me when she pulls away.

"You didn't let me finish. I love you, but it's not enough"

no, no, no, no!

"don't do this! Please don't do this!"

"this is the last boarding call for flight 630 to Phoenix"

"I'm so sorry, Edward. I wish things could have been different, I really do. But I have to go" her tears are flowing down her face, and her voice is wobbly, racked with her sobs.

"no, please. Bella, don't leave me, baby!"

"goodbye Edward. I love you" with that she run off towards her flight.

"I love you" is my broken, whispered response.

Passers by stop to stare at the man stood crying, as he watches a plain take off. Few send my sympathetic smiles others send me looks of displeasure.

Screw 'em all.

"I'm sorry man" Jasper's hand pats my shoulder "but if it...hey! Where you going?" he begins running after me, as I sprint off.

"where the fuck do you think I'm going?"

"home hopefully" is his smart ass response.

"no dick face, I'm buying a ticket to Phoenix" I say, as I meet the end of the queue.

"what? Edward are you serious? This is a bad idea!"

"are you kidding me!" I shout "are you seriously saying you wouldn't follow, had it been Alice?"

sighing, he shakes his head "no, I'd be on the next flight out, I'm just worried you're gonna get hurt, but if you're set on this, I'll support you all the way. I'm gonna go home, Alice is waiting in the car. Good luck, bro. Call me when you land"

"thanks Jasper. For...well everything"

"your welcome. You're my brother, I'd do anything for you. Do you know when you'll be back?"

"I dunno man" I shrug "I just don't know"

"okay, well...good luck, she's a great girl" he hugs me, before leaving to find his wife.

"next" the woman behind the desk yells.

"One ticket for you next flight to Phoenix. The sooner the better"

"we have one departing in two hours." she tells me, typing on her computer.

"that's fine, thank you" I say, fishing out my wallet, and pulling out my card.


"no" I shake my head "one way"

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