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Mesmerized and Memorized

I can't help but take note of every detail. I can't help but try and memorize every detail of this perfect moment. Like the feel of soft, short silver hair tickling my neck; the feel of his slight weight on my legs and his warm breath misting over my own cold skin. I sigh slightly sinking farther into the scratch of deep red velvet, and polished wood of the lounge chair we are in. The rough leather and dusty, old parchment of my book scratch at my fingers fondly. The warmth of his body and heat of the fire against my cheeks attempt to lull me to sleep.

I take a breath, savoring the scent of his hair and the smells of heat and rosemary emanating from his skin. The sharp smell of watermelon gum and the soft underlying one of potato casserole leaves his lips with every breath. I smile at the memory of watching him putter around the kitchen, preparing the dish from his own recipe. The woody aroma of the burning pine ash and old, expensive leather and even older parchment permeate the room.

I close my eyes, shutting the old book carefully and resting it against the arm of the chair. I sit back, letting small sounds wash over and into me. Like his soft breath and the slight rustle of cloth accompanying each small movement. I smile at the soft, sweet sounds and half formed words that occasionally slip past pale lips with his breath. A gentle crackle and pop from the fire, and the silent murmur of countless books are the loudest sounds. And the soft, constant beat of his heart, so very close to my own.

Something changes and he shift, wrapping slender, white arms around my neck and burying his nose in my shoulder. I open my eyes and sigh contentedly. I simply sit and watch the gentle rise and fall that come with the even breathes of heavy slumber. Eventually I notice my own calloused hands tenderly stroking unruly, silver hair framing a round face, soft full lips, and large, closed now, scarlet eyes. I notice his unusually long, lashes brushing against my shoulder as his eyes move in REM. I smiles slightly wider, setting the book aside onto a small end table supporting a rarely used lamp. I stare at the fading embers of the fire, concentrating on the glowing, red heat.

Gingerly, terrified to wake him, I wrap my arms around him. One hand rests lovingly on his thigh, wrapped loosely in soft, black denim. The other on his spine, barred from his scarred, white skin by thin, green linen. I look him over before gathering his slight weight effortlessly into my arms. Silently I make my way out of the library, down the hall to our bedroom. Gently, I slip him from my arms to the overstuffed bed, lovingly tucking him into between the sheets, and stopping to caress his cheek before stepping away. Pale fingers wrap around my wrist as I turn to leave, holding me back. His eyes are still blurry with sleep and his voice hazy and soft as he smiles crookedly up at me.

"M-matt. Don't I even get a goodnight kiss?" He asks slurring slightly, only half joking. I step closer and comply, gently pressing my lips against his own full lips. He tastes of watermelon and sleep. I smile tenderly as I pull back.

"Good night, Gilbert. Sleep well."

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