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Chapter 43

Embry POV

I slowly started to wake up. I was cautious not wanting to wake the beauty that was lying in the bed next to me. I smiled the memories from the night before filling my brain. It was a fantastic evening. The former pack and their families had all met on First Beach for a combination graduation and rehearsal dinner. Lilly Uley had graduated with honors from UDub with a degree in Marine Biology. She had already been granted a position at the Marina on the reservation. That job would be a fantastic fit for her.

From Lilly my thoughts naturally went to my son. Nash had also graduated with honors from UDub. He had a double major in Primary Education and Physical Education. He was now employed as both the 7 and 8 grade teacher and the PE teacher at the tribal school. He had also started coaching Rec league ball, from Kindergartners through Middle School; any kid who wanted to participate was welcome. This kept him busy the whole year with Basketball, Softball and Baseball.

They had taken their time settling down. That was something that Sam and I was both happy about. I was glad that they had taken the opportunity to be teenagers. With all of the supernatural in our lives it was easy to grow up too fast. Both Emily and Bella had encouraged the kids to get the most out of their high school years. It also didn't hurt that now at least they would be able to financially support themselves.

I thought back over our life and everything that had happened the past ten years since my Bella had returned to me. I had never imagined that I could be as happy as I was. Oh... It had been a challenge, balancing the pack, the tribe, Bella and my children. It was a difficult job, but I loved it. I couldn't help but to be proud of who I was and who I had become; a leader for my people, a husband, a father.

The tribe had flourished. Our membership was the highest it had been in years. We now had over 700 members. The economy was better; the businesses on the reservation were all doing well and expanding out into other communities. Others were starting web businesses, selling their homemade crafts to people all over the world on Amazon and EBay. Houses were in good repair and more of our teens were attending college and getting degrees. More and more of our children were learning the language of their ancestors and the legends of the tribe. Most importantly to me was the acceptance of my family in the community. The prejudice that Bella had once been subjected to was now a thing of the past. In truth the community had embraced both her and Nash.

I allowed my mind to wander back to the party from the night before. We had told legends and other stories. We had danced and played games on the beach with our friends and family. Finally we had sent our youngest three off to spend the night with their Uncle Jacob and Aunt Holly. With our three joining their four, the Black house would be full of children for the night. Both Jacob and Holly loved having all of them underfoot.

Holly seemed to think that it was Billy's interference that had kept her from conceiving before. I thought she might be on to something there. It just seemed a little strange to me that she couldn't have a baby for so many years, but then suddenly, once the spells were broken and my life was back on track she becomes a baby making machine. I don't know, Bella said it was karma. Billy had kept me from my birthright for his own selfish reasons. In return the spirits had kept him from gaining the one thing he wanted most. But then, once he couldn't interfere anymore, life was able to get back on track.

Apparently Sam and Emily were the only ones who still needed to pay. Well it was mostly Sam. It made me wince to think about everything he had gone through. While some people said it was deserved others thought it was just pure bad luck, an accident. I mean how many men can say that they lost a testicle to a pencil injury? I shuddered as I recalled the weeks following that operation. Lilly had stayed with us most of the time and SJ had practically moved in with Paul and Rachel. How the two of them ever tolerated three demons instead of just the two they were used to having I will never know.

I shook my head and got my mind back to happier times, the night before. With the party over and the kids gone, Bella and I were able to sneak back to the house. That was when the true fun had begun. It had been a while since Bella and I had enjoyed each other so completely. Not that we didn't have our fun when we could, it was just difficult with the kids and all, to be together like we both really wanted.

Now my Bella was laid up against me with her head on my shoulder. Her face was peaceful with her mouth slightly open. She was snoring lightly and her hair was a tangled mass that tickled my chest. She had an arm stretching across me and one of her legs was sandwiched in between mine. I reached down and adjusted things somewhat. It wouldn't be good if she were to move and accidentally hit me with her knee.

I gazed down on the sleeping vision of my wife. Bella was just as beautiful today as she was when I first met her. In truth, she was probably more beautiful. Her dark hair now had thin streaks of silver and her once smooth skin now had the occasional wrinkle.

Looking at her you would never know that she had given birth to four children. In addition to Nash, we had Charles 'Charlie' Embry. Bella found out that she was expecting him not long after we found each other again. He was now nine years old. He was fiercely loyal, competitive and good in every sport you could imagine. His true passion however, was surfing. He knew about the pack, he had found out by accident after seeing his brother phase during a rough patch in his teenage years.

After Charlie, we had thought that we were finished with our family. Our daughters were a surprise to us both. Bella was on birth control when she got pregnant with the twins, Bailee and Brenna. They were now five and a half and absolutely adorable. They had everyone wrapped around their little fingers.

I sighed, I never dreamed that I would be as happy as I was now and it was all because of the beautiful, wonderful woman that lay by my side. She stirred and her leg brushed against my morning wood. I barely stopped the moan from escaping, but the feel of her rubbing against me like that gave me other ideas. Ideas I intended to work on.

Her skin was still cooler than mine but not by much. Even though I no longer phased, my temperature was still slightly higher than normal. I ran my hand over the smooth skin of her back and down to her ass. I cupped her cheek in my palm and then holding my breath I shifted to my side taking her with me.

She continued to sleep.

I reached my hand up toward her shoulder and let my fingers trail down her arm. Little goose bumps followed the path that I traced across her skin.

She shifted onto her back and I smirked deciding that Bella needed a wakeup call. She was sleeping way too hard for what I had planned.

I thought for just a moment about exactly what I wanted to do to the sleeping beauty that shared my bed. The endless options played through my mind and suddenly, I knew. I skipped over her mouth and neck on my way down her body. I didn't even pause by her almost perfect breasts. I had my destination in mind and I was absolutely certain about how I wanted to wake her up this morning.

Her legs required just a slight adjustment; they needed to be just a little bit further apart. I took care of that and then I carefully slid my body down the bed to lie between her thighs.

As I caught the scent of our combined fluids from the night before, it seemed as if my erection has become impossibly harder. I reached out with my tongue and licked straight up. I could taste her usual flavor mixed with the slightly salty somewhat bitter flavor that I knew was me. I dug in.

My tongue traced her folds, my lips molded themselves to hers and my teeth scraped and nibbled. I waited, it didn't take long until her hips shifted, I took advantage of her movement and pulled her legs over my shoulders. Now I could really get down to business.

I alternated my methods, using the wide flat portion of my tongue for long licks followed by the pointed end for deeper probing.

Her hips bucked and I was treated to a sudden spurt of her arousal. I moaned and she pushed up onto my mouth. I licked up her slit and pulled her clitoris into my mouth, rolling my lips around it.

I felt her hand on my head and I looked up. Bella was awake, her upper body supported by a single forearm. She was staring down at me with lust filled eyes. While I watched her face I slid a finger up inside her and started moving it in and out. Her head lolled back and her mouth hung open. She was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen.

I added a second finger and made my movements faster. A low moan rose up from her throat and she clenched her thighs around my head. Her hips thrust up and down until I finally had to lay my arm across her stomach to hold her still.

I pressed up with my fingers at the same time that I bit down on her clit and she exploded on my mouth, her body releasing a torrent of fluid. I cleaned her up the best I could with only my mouth and tongue before I started the slow crawl up her body.

I stopped when I loomed over her, my arms on either side of her head. She pulled me down toward her and kissed me. She groaned at the taste of her body on my lips and then she eagerly cleaned her fluid from my face. My already hard cock started dripping when she whimpered.

I rose up on my knees and held still for a moment, trying to keep control. It was almost impossible, the scent of her desire permeated the room, her fluids were dripping down the crack of her ass and pooling on the sheet underneath her. She looked at me, her eyes heavy with desire and it was all I could do not to lift her up and shove my aching cock inside her.

I reached for her, intending to do just that when she shook her head and smirked. I paused, my left eyebrow lifted in question. She answered me by rolling over and pushing her ass up in the air. Her forearms were on the bed and she leaned against them, giving me an irresistible target.

She looked back over her shoulder at me and moaned, "Fuck me Embry."

I moved forward and aimed my cock at her opening. I ran the blunt head up and down several times until she was thrusting back on me. I angled my prick slightly downward and groaned when I watched it disappear inside her. My hands gripped her hips and I started a steady back and forth motion. I pulled out almost completely before sliding back inside her, my balls slapping up against the lips of her cunt making a splat sound echo around the room. Her dripping pussy clenched around my stiff rod and I fought to hold off my release.

I leaned over her back and wrapped my arms around her thighs before pulling her back firmly. I sat back on my legs with her on top of me, her legs splayed on either side of mine. Grabbing hold of her hips once again, I propelled her body up and down my shaft. She moaned and whimpered as her head moved from side to side.

"Fuck... gotta stop... fuck... feels so good." Struggling not to cum I stopped. I didn't move I did nothing but pant.

"Embry," she groaned, "Please..."

I grinned and lifted her up once again pulling her completely off my stiff cock. I turned her around and impaled her with my shaft. She wrapped her legs around my waist, put her hands on my shoulders and held on. Again I lifted her up and down my erection, her muscles squeezing tightly around me.

"Embry..." she moaned.

"Fuck Bella..." I growled. "Do... you know... how fucking good... this feels?"

"Now Embry... gonna cum... gonna cum now Embry," she panted. Her walls tightened and gripped me while she rode out her release. I didn't fight my own any longer. I felt my cock expand, her walls incredibly feeling even tighter around me.

I thrust up into her twice more before slamming her down one final time, sinking my prick as deeply into her as I could. Jets of hot semen shot from my aching cock, coating her walls in my thick white cream.

She fell forward limply, laying her head on my chest while we both tried to catch our breath. We were both soaked in sweat and strands of her hair were stuck to her neck. My head tilted toward hers and my lips rested gently on her forehead.

Several minutes passed before she looked up at me and tilted her head. I stretched down and caught her mouth with mine. It was a gentle kiss, full of love and contentment. It was a promise of forever.

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