It was another day and the NCIS team were out at a crime scene. It was a freezing cold day and the ground was iced over. Tony shivered and wrapped his winter coat around him tighter. He was walking beside Ziva, who was walking slowly, not wanting to slip and land on her butt, like McGee had earlier. Gibbs was in front of the three, leading the way to the crime scene on the frozen lake nearby.

Tony hated the fact of going on a frozen lake, as he had been watching a movie and the ice had broken when these kids were sliding across it. He knew it was just a movie but it could happen. Tony was so deep in thought that he didn't hear Gibbs shouting out orders.

"-got that DiNozzo?" Gibbs asked.

Tony froze as he snapped out of his trance, and tried to think of something to say.

"Yes Boss," He replied slowly.

"Okay. Tony, Ziva you two are on the ice," Gibbs told them.

Tony's heart stopped, as he remembered the movie. He swallowed the lump in his throat and nodded hesitantly.

"But what about McGee, shouldn't he be going on the ice with us?" Ziva asked.

"I'm staying here to photograph the scene," McGee replied.

"Now get to work," Gibbs ordered.

Tony and Ziva did as they were told and walked towards the lake. Tony was a little bit scared of walking across the lake and he was getting more scared by the second. He looked at Ziva as she walked on to the ice and towards the body. He took a deep breath then put his foot on the ice and then the other. He stood still, calming himself then he took a few slow steps across the ice. He didn't know why he was so worried as he realised the ice was stable and he walked over to Ziva.

"What took you so long?" Ziva asked looking at Tony.

"I was just making sure the ice was stable," Tony answered.

"Oh... Well lets collect some evidence then," Ziva said.

"Yeah lets. I'll look over there," Tony pointed over by the foot prints on the edge of the lake.

Ziva nodded and Tony started to walk towards the other side of the lake. He was halfway to the other side when he heard a creaking. He stopped still and looked around at the ice. He shrugged thinking it was just his imaginaton and he kept wallking. He heard a crack this time and he became worried.

He turned to look at Ziva and walk back towards her but as soon as he took a step the ice gave way, sending him plunging in to the cold frosty water. As he sunk under the water, he moved his arms and legs as fast as he could, struggling to get to the surface again. Tony's head broke the surface and he gasped for breath, trying to find his voice. He wanted to call for Ziva or McGee or Gibbs but he was panicking and was struggling to keep his head above the water.

He sunk under the water once more, feeling the cold water creeping under his skin and freezing his body. He tried to get to the surface again but was losing energy. He began splashing his arms and kicking his feet, forcing himself to the surface once more. He spluttered and gasped as he tried to shout.

"Ziva! He-" He yelled before he sunk under the water for the last time.

The water was so cold and he couldn't hold his breath much longer. He never new water could be so anguishing and chilly. His mouth opened and he breathed in water, in a final choking rush. The water burned his throat and he tried to cough only making himself swallow more of the liquid. His vision was filling with little grey dots and it was becoming narrow. He looked up to the light above water once more before his vision faded to black.

Ziva was just putting on her white plastic gloves that they have to wear so they don't tamper with the evidence, when she heard a shout.

"Ziva! He-"

She recognised it was Tony and she looked around, searching for him. She couldn't see him but then she saw the crack in the ice and her heart dropped.

"Gibbs!" She shouted.

"Ziva?" He asked.

"The ice broke and I don't know where Tony is!" She told him.

"McGee call 911 now!" Gibbs ordered before he ran on to the ice.

Ziva walked as fast as she could to the hole, looking at the ice as she walked. Gibbs was running towards the hole not caring if the ice broke underneath him. The only thing he cared about was getting to Tony. As he arrived next to Ziva he took off his coat and shoes, took a breath then dived in to the water.

Once under the water he swam downwards looking for Tony. He was hoping he wasn't too late and that Tony would be okay. As Gibbs went further down he spotted something. He swam faster towards the lifeless man and grabbed him by his waist. Tony's eyes were open, looking at him. Gibbs quickly swam upwards towards the surface and kept a tight grip on the man next to him. As his head broke the surface he gasped for breath and held Tony's head above the water. He lifted Tony up as best as he could towards Ziva.

"Grab him Ziva," Gibbs ordered.

"I got him Gibbs," Ziva told him.

Ziva grabbed Tony's coat tightly as Gibbs climbed out and hoisted his senior field agent up on to the ice. He moved Tony away from the hole not wanting him to end up in the water again. As Gibbs and Ziva knelt beside Tony, Gibbs looked at his features. His eyes were glazed over and unfocused, his lips were blue, his skin was grey and he looked like one of the corpses from autopsy. Gibbs reached down putting his two fingers against Tony's neck searching for a pulse and when he didn't feel one, he put one hand on Tony's sternum and then put the other on top, lacing his fingers together.

"Come on DiNozzo! Stay with me!" Gibbs ordered.

He leaned up so his knees were the only thing on the ground, he locked his elbows and he started chest compressions. As Gibbs looked down at Tony he wondered if Tony had felt this way when he had to rescue him and Maddie. He did 30 compressions then he tilted Tony's head back, opening his airway, he pinched his nose with his thumb and index finger, opened his mouth, leaned down, sealed his lips around Tony's and then breathed in to him. Tony's cheeks puffed out and his chest rose as Gibbs sat back and then gave another breath.

"Breathe! Come on DiNozzo! You are not allowed to die on my watch, you hear me!" Gibbs urged.

"Please Tony," Ziva begged, holding his limp hand.

Gibbs started compressions again, looking at Ziva. Ziva had tears in her eyes and she was dreading the outcome of the situation. Gibbs was panting slightly as he applied more pressure on Tony's chest. Gibbs remembered Tony saving his life and now he was returning the favour.

"Breathe! Breathe! Come on DiNozzo! You better start breathing or I'm gonna head slap you so hard!" Gibbs warned.

After 30 compressions he bent down and gave his agent 2 more breaths. Once again Tony remained immobile and unresponsive. Gibbs did another round of CPR and then he heard the sirens. As Tony felt a warm sensation on his lips, he felt pressure on his nose, he felt someones rough lips on his, he felt air being forced down his throat, but the sensation went away quickly. Tony blinked and began coughing and choking on the water in his lungs, the water spewed past his lips and Gibbs and Ziva turned him on to his right side. Tony gasped and spluttered as Ziva stroked his wet hair.

"You're gonna be okay Tony," Gibbs told him as he put a hand on his senior field agents shoulder.

As McGee ran towards them with the paramedics, Gibbs and Ziva knew Tony was going to be okay.

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