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"Yo Annabeth!" I heard. "Earth to Chase! Hello!" Someone said and a pair of fingers snapped in front of my face. I immediately perked up. We were at the sword arena and I was lamely fighting on of my many brothers.

"Huh?" I asked.

"You okay, you seem…different." Rory said. He seemed like he should belong in the Hermes cabin.

"What do you mean by different?" I snapped.

"Sheesh, you just seem slower and you dozed off at least two times." He explained.

"I guess I'm just tired." I slumped down.

"Come on, this isn't the Annabeth I know." He whined.

"Just leave me alone." I mumbled.

"What! But you're my sowed person partner thing." He said and held up his sword.

"Oh yeah." I said somewhat embarrassed.

"Hey Malcolm! Get your group out of here! It's our turn in the sword arena!" Clarisse shouted at Malcolm.

"Come on guys, on to the climbing wall." Malcolm's voice rang through the arena. We all put our swords away and followed him. I immediately everyone started climbing up the wall dodging all of the obstacles. I planted my feet on the ground and didn't move. Malcolm looked at me. "Annabeth, come on!" He urged. I shook my head.

"Told ya' she was acting different." Rory said.

"You never told me that!" Malcolm replied.

"I told her." He said and pointed to me.

"Okay, that doesn't help us!" Malcolm answered. "Come on Annabeth, you've never been scared on the climbing wall, you were always the first one up there." Malcolm urged me. I shook my head again.

"I don't feel too well." I mumbled.

"Huh?" They both asked me and I repeated myself louder this time.

"She's probably faking it so she won't have to climb the wall." Rory said.

"No, Annabeth won't lie; I think she's telling the truth." Malcolm replied. To prove my point (and Malcolm's) I hurled, right then and there on the ground. I didn't mean for it to be on good timing (if there is such a thing as good timing when you hurl), but what happens is what happens. "She's definitely sick." Malcolm agreed with me. "Rory, do you mind taking her to the infirmary?" Malcolm asked Rory.

"Sure thing." Rory said and walked towards me. "Told ya' you were different." He whispered in my ear. We started walking towards the infirmary. My hair was in my face and my face was probably pale. At one point I got dizzy and started seeing black spots everywhere. It stayed like that until I finally laid down on a bed in the infirmary. "Stay here, I'll go get Chiron. If you feel like you're gonna' hurl, uh, use this." He said and planted a bowl next to my bed. He then ran off and I could hear him yelling Chiron's name.


"Chiron!" I yelled his name. After a couple more times Chiron finally came out of the big house.

"What is the matter my boy?" He asked me.

"Annabeth's in the infirmary, she's sick or something and I thought that you should look at her because well, let's just say she doesn't look too good." I explained. He nodded his head and headed to the infirmary.

"You go back to your activity." He said and I ran off.


I saw Chiron walking up to my bed. He touched his hand to my forehead. "You have no fever, that's good." He said. He then looked at the bowl that I already puked into while he wasn't here. "Here." He said and gave me a square of ambrosia. I slowly chewed it and didn't feel better.


We just finished our last activity for the day. "Hey Malcolm! Where's Annabeth?" I asked Malcolm as I walked up to their cabin.

"Oh, uh she's in the infirmary." He said seeming slightly worried.

"What happened?" I quickly asked.

"She wasn't feeling too well." He replied.

"Okay thanks." I said and started sprinting towards the Infirmary. I ran into the infirmary just as Chiron came out. I looked up at him.

"She's in that room." He said solemnly and pointed to the closest room. I calmly (NOT!) walked into the room.

"Hey." I said and heard my voice cracking a little bit. She smiled weakly and it seemed like a little bit of color returned to her face.

"I'm worried." She whispered.

"Why?" I asked her.

"Ambrosia…didn't help." She replied. She seemed full of life by now and she pulled herself into a sitting position.

"Okay, so there could be two reasons that the ambrosia didn't help." We heard from outside the door.

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