A/N: Again I am going to skip forward a little bit, just so it won't be too boring

One month and three weeks later


"Percy, Annabeth, Paul and I concluded that Annabeth should not go to school for the next week. She can go into labor any day now and we don't want it happening at school." Sally explained to us on Sunday morning.

"What! No I am not missing school!" I exclaimed.

"Annabeth, we understand that you are a big fan of education, but we do not want you going into labor during school hours, it is for the best." Paul told me.

"But…" I started but Percy cut me off.

"Annabeth, I'm sorry but I agree with my parents. You don't want to go into labor during school, do you? Remember your first day of school." He told me and I considered the thought.

"Alright." I muttered in agreement.

"Mom, you promise that you'll call me when Annabeth goes into labor." Percy said.

"Of course." Sally replied and we all smiled.


I was driving alone in my car to school. I reached Goode High and headed to Mrs. Grachisky's classroom. There was a substitute at her desk, and I'm assuming she was gone for the same reason as Annabeth. On the board it said that his name was Mr. Abner. "Mr. Abner…" I started as I walked up to the desk. He looked up at me.

"Yes?" He asked.

"I'm guessing that Mrs. Grachisky is gone because she is nearing her due date." I guessed.

"Correct." Mr. Abner said.

"Well, my girlfriend is Annabeth Chase; she will probably be absent the whole time you'll be here, not because of you but for the same reason as Mrs. Grachisky." I explained.

"Your girlfriend is pregnant?" He asked.

"Yes sir." I replied.

"Well alright then, thank you." He said and I headed back to my desk. School was normal, and nothing huge happened until the fourth day without Annabeth. I was in the middle of lunch when my phone (which my mother insisted I had during the school year) vibrated in my pocket. I walked into the men's bathroom and stood in one of the stalls, just so I wouldn't get caught. I took my phone out of my pocket and it said home. I quickly answered it.

"Mom, is everything okay?' I quickly asked.

"Percy, Annabeth is in a lot of pain right now, but her water didn't break yet. I need you to come pick us up and take Annabeth to the hospital right now." My mom replied calmly.

"Sally! I think my water just broke!" I heard Annabeth call.

"Hurry." My mom told me and then she hung up. I practically ran to the office and signed myself out of school. I then drove as fast as I could without going over the speed limit. I arrived at my apartment building and ran to our floor. I opened the door with my key and walked inside. Annabeth and my mom were on the couch and Annabeth was breathing heavily.

"Come on!" I said and helped Annabeth get up. We got to my car and my mom drove while I sat with Annabeth in the back. Annabeth was gripping my hand, she was still breathing heavily and I noticed a couple of tears rolling down her cheeks.

"Don't cry; break my hand if you need to." I told her calmly (even though I was freaking out on the inside).

"But it hurts." She whispered.

"I know, but we'll get through this, you'll get through this." I replied and she managed a smile, but her face turned to immediate pain afterwards. I looked out the window and saw that my mom was approaching the hospital.

"Percy, take Annabeth inside while I find a parking spot." She said and I helped Annabeth out of the car. We walked into the hospital. The minute we got in a nurse came up to us with a wheel chair.

"She's going into labor." I explained and the nurse nodded her head.

"If you wouldn't mind sitting down, we will take you to a hospital room." The nurse said and Annabeth sat down.

"Sir, if you won't mind checking her in…" The nurse started.

"Yes of course." I muttered and went to the check-in desk. "My girlfriend is going into labor." I said to the woman behind the desk.

"What's her name?" She asked and smiled at me.

"Annabeth Chase." I replied. She typed something on the computer and soon said, "thank you, you may go with her now." I went over to the nurse that was with Annabeth and she took us to a hospital Annabeth laid in the hospital bed while the nurse started setting things up to monitor both babies and stuff.

"Dr. Ray will soon come to look at you, you should be lucky that he was here today instead of his office." The nurse told us and left. A couple of minutes later my mom walked in the room.

"Percy, I need the doctor, I can't take it any longer." Annabeth whispered to me while gripping my hand.

"Don't worry, he will come." I told her. About five minutes later Dr. Ray walked into the room. Once he saw the look on Annabeth's face is smile disappeared.

"Looks like this birth won't last hours like some others; we need to start right away!" He exclaimed and a couple minutes later at least four nurses came in and started wheeling Annabeth's bed out of the room. Dr. Ray stayed behind. "We can only have one person in the room with her; it has to be family member or a person that is closely related to the baby/babies." He explained.

"I'll go." I volunteered.

"Percy, are you sure you want to see the birth?' My mom asked me.

"Mom, these are my babies, and Annabeth is my girlfriend. I don't care how disgusting it may look, but I promised her that I will be there with her, and that she could break my hand if she needed to. Please let me go." I replied.

"Alright then, I'll be waiting for you to come out and tell me some good news." My mom gave in and headed to the waiting room. Dr. Ray told me that I had to put on the same type of clothes that the nurses (and he) would be wearing so I put the clothes on over my regular clothes, as well as a hat that looked kind of like those nets that lunch ladies wear only without the actual net, gloves, and a mask. After we were wearing our new outfits, he led me to the room that Annabeth will be giving birth in. Annabeth was wearing a hospital gown with her legs propped up on those things that hold your legs while you're giving birth, I really don't know what they're called.

"Percy!" She exclaimed when she saw me. I rushed over to her and she gripped my hand. "I'm scared." She whispered to me.

"I know Annabeth. Just think of the good things that will come out of this." I told her and she nodded her head.

"You ready?" Dr. Ray asked and Annabeth nodded her head.

"On three, you're going to push, one…two…three!" One of the nurses said. Annabeth pushed, there was screaming involved. After about ten seconds Annabeth relaxed. The nurse counted again and Annabeth pushed.

"There's the head of the first baby." A different nurse said. Annabeth pushed again and I heard crying.

"You're doing great." I told Annabeth. They took the first baby away, which I was assuming that it was the boy, Tristan. Annabeth pushed again and squeezed my hand tighter than before, I almost screamed myself. The second baby took longer to come out, only about seven pushes later, they finally saw the head. Annabeth pushed two more times, gripping my hand tighter each time and finally, we heard another cry. Annabeth let go of my hand and sunk into the pillows that were on the bed. I looked at my hand, it seemed red and swollen. Dr. Ray was standing off to the side looking at a clip board. I walked over to him. "I know that you probably don't specialize in these things, but do you think Annabeth might have broken my hand?" I asked him. I was cradling my left arm and it hurt…a lot.

"Mmhhhh, I would have someone take a look at that." He said after comparing my hurt arm to my perfectly fine arm. Annabeth was sleeping on the bed. The twins were placed in two cradles and I practically forgot about my arm when I looked at them. For now, they were named Twin A and Twin B, just like the first time that we found out Annabeth was having twins. Twin A was still the male, and Twin B the female.

"Have you thought of any names?" A nurse startled me.

"Uh, yeah but I want her to be awake when we actually give them their official name." I said. The nurse's gaze moved to my arm that was still red and swollen.

"Do you want me to x-ray that?" She asked me.

"Uh yeah sure, but I don't really want to leave her." I said and my gaze moved to Annabeth.

"She'll be alright; we've got the doctor and some couple of nurses here." She said and I nodded. She led me to an x-ray room that was on a different floor of the building.

"Can you lie on that table?" She asked me. I hopped onto the table and she placed a led apron on me. She placed my arm on my stomach area and moved the x-ray machine right above it. There was a doctor behind a glass wall (that didn't connect all the way across from one wall to the other, just about half-way) that was sitting at a computer. They took pictures of my arm and then I sat in a chair waiting for someone to return with the results. About five minutes later the doctor came up to me and told me that I fractured my hand. He took me to a hospital room and I chose a turquoise color for my cast. Soon my arm was wrapped in a cast and he told me that I would need to return in two weeks and then he will determine when the cast will be taken off. I headed back to the room that Annabeth was in and walked in with both of my hands behind my back. Annabeth was still lying in the be, but she seemed awake. The twins were still in their own cradles asleep.

"Percy." Annabeth said and smiled weakly.

"Guess what." I said.

"What?" She asked me.

"You fractured my hand." I said.

"You're kidding, right?" Annabeth asked and I held up my left arm to prove it.

"Oh my gods! I am so sorry!" She exclaimed.

"It's fine." I replied and we both smiled,

"Will you still be able to hold the twins?" She asked.

"Hopefully." I replied.

"Come here." She said and I walked over to her. I sat down on her bed beside her and she kissed me on the lips. That's when I remembered about my mom.

"Oh gods! I didn't tell my mom yet!" I exclaimed.

"What in Hades Percy! How can you forget that?" She asked me.

"Well, I was taken to get x-rays, so I guess I forgot." I muttered sheepishly.

"Well, go tell her!" She exclaimed and I walked towards the waiting room. I noticed that Paul had also arrived and my mom was sleeping, her head on Paul's shoulder. I walked up to them.

"Is everything alright?" He asked.

"Annabeth is good, and so are the twins, perfectly healthy. The only bad thing is my hand." I said and raised up my arm with the cast. "She actually fractured my hand, just from squeezing it too hard." I said and we both burst out laughing, thankfully there weren't that much people there, actually, it was only us three and another guy with blonde hair and blue eyes, he looked worried. The laughing made my mom wake up and the minute she looked at my hand she actually started laughing.

"Let me guess, Annabeth gripped your hand to tight and broke it." She said in between laughs.

"Fractured it." I corrected. The guy looked at us; he seemed pretty young, in his twenties or so. He stood up and started walking towards us.

"I'm sorry for bothering you, but I couldn't help but hear the name Annabeth, my wife, she's been talking about an Annabeth almost every day when she comes back from her job as a teacher. She says that Annabeth was her favorite cabin mate at a camp that both of them used to go to." He said while rubbing his neck. "But, I don't know if it's the same Annabeth you're talking about." He added.

"I think I know who you are, you're Mrs. Grachisky's husband." I said.

"How'd you know?" He asked.

"She's my first period teacher at Goode High. You are talking about the right Annabeth, her little sister form Camp Half-Blood." I explained.

"Yup, I'm Kyle Grachisky, son of Apollo." He said and we shook hands. "So Annabeth actually hurt your arm so bad just by squeezing it?" He asked.

"Yeah, she was in labor and she's only seventeen it was a lot of stress on her, even though she went through harder things. We led the second great titan war together, and won it." I explained.

"Oh, she already gave birth; my wife told me that she was pregnant with twins. Mrs. Grachisky is in the middle of giving birth, but the hospital called because I was stupid enough to go to work, knowing that she could give birth any second. They wouldn't let me in because she was in the middle, they haven't reported yet, well I got here about five minutes ago." Kyle said.

"I should probably get back to Annabeth, it was nice meeting you and good luck." I said.

"Thanks." He replied and I led Paul and my mom to the hospital room that Annabeth was transferred to. I knocked on the door and then let myself in. Annabeth looked at me and smiled. My parents followed me to the cribs. They both looked at Annabeth, asking for permission to hold them and Annabeth nodded. My mom picked up Peyton and Paul picked up Tristan.

"Annabeth, I saw Mrs. Grachisky's husband in the waiting room." I told her.

"Mrs. Grachisky is also here?" Annabeth asked surprised.

"Yeah she's in labor right now, her husband said that he was stupid enough to go to work knowing that she could go into labor any second, the hospital called him but they wouldn't let him in because she was in the middle of giving birth, he's waiting in the waiting room." I explained.

"Well, let's hope that everything goes well for them." Annabeth replied and I nodded. My parents were cuddling the twins. Both of them had their eyes open. Tristan had my dark hair, but Annabeth's stormy gray eyes. Peyton had Annabeth's blonde hair, but my green eyes. We were so caught up in everything that we didn't notice two people joining us in the room, well, not exactly "people".

"Percy." My real dad said and I turned around.

"Annabeth." Athena also said and Annabeth craned her neck to see her mother.

"We finally agreed on something…how in Hades could you have children with my arch enemy's child!" My dad exclaimed, I could see anger boiling up inside of him. I noticed my mom and Paul holding the twins close to their chests while they were up against the wall. I could see that even my mom was scared by my dad's sudden outburst.

"Annabeth, my favorite and smartest child." Athena mumbled.

"Just because you're arch enemies doesn't mean we have to be arch enemies!" I exclaimed and all heads turned towards me. "Have you ever thought of it?" I continued. "We live our own lives, no; we are living our own life! We choose who we want to marry or have children with, we choose who our friends are, we have feelings too and we don't base everything off of what you do! Annabeth and I love each other and there's nothing you can do to stop it!" I shouted my anger rising every second. I didn't care if we weren't supposed to shout at the gods or in this case our parent.

"Percy." Annabeth warned and put her hand on my arm.

"The girl even broke your hand, and you still love her for doing such a thing!" My dad yelled at me.

"It wasn't her fault! She was in pain, and I chose to be there for her!" I screamed.

"Why would you make such a choice?"My dad asked.

"Because I love her dad, I love her." I said calming down a little bit. My dad shot me a glare. "You know what I don't understand…" I said. "Why you two are still fighting over something that happened I don't even know how long ago. You're gods, you live forever, and you want to spend eternity fighting over some stupid thing that happened like a billion years ago?" I asked. "Is it really worth fighting?" I added.

"The boy's right." Athena said, and to let you know, I was quite surprised by this. "It's not worth fighting over something that is so old it is in books." She added.

"And, they are not us; they don't have to be enemies if they love each other." My dad said.

"Thank you son, you have showed us the truth." My dad said and to everyone's surprise, Athena and Poseidon hugged.

"We are no longer enemies, and are not against your love." Athena said and all of us covered our eyes except for my parents who closed their eyes while covering the twin's eyes, there was a bright light and the god and goddess left.

"Nice going Percy, they're finally friends, instead of enemies." Annabeth said and I kissed her cheek. Just then there was a shimmering light and an Iris Message appeared in front of Annabeth. Thank the gods that my parents were with the twins behind the message.

"Annabeth!" It was Thalia.

"Um, hey Thalia…what are you doing?" Annabeth asked.

"Iris messaging you." Thalia replied.

"Well yeah, I meant why?" Annabeth said.

"Well, the hunters are at camp and I was bored. Also we haven't talked since you know truth or dare, I am really sorry, I didn't know that it would make you puke." Thalia said.

"Don't worry, it's okay I was fine it was just really…disgusting." Annabeth said and shuddered at the thought of the mixture.

"Wait, are you in bed?" Thalia asked.

"Uh, yes why?" Annabeth replied.

"Because it's 4:32 p.m. no one goes to sleep at that time, not even for a nap! Especially not you, wouldn't you be working on homework or something?" Thalia said.

"We have no school, mid-winter break." Annabeth said.

"Mid-winter break was two weeks ago Annabeth." Thalia replied. "Wait, are you wearing a hospital gown?" Thalia asked while squinting and leaning forward, trying to get a better view of what Annabeth was wearing.

"Fine, you caught me, I got sick for like two weeks and Percy decided to take me to the hospital this morning, they want me to stay here for at least two more days just to make sure I'm okay." Annabeth lied.

"Oh my gods! Why didn't you tell me sooner?" Thalia exclaimed.

"I didn't think it was necessary." I replied. Just then there was a knock on the door.

"Is the doctor here?" Thalia asked.

"Uh, yeah sure, gotta go bye." Annabeth said and waved her hand through the message. I went to open the door. Kyle was standing in front of me with a grin on his face.

"Hey, how'd you find us?" I asked referring to the room.

"Told the front desk that I was a family friend here to see the babies." Kyle replied.

"Well, come in." I said and lead him into the room. "Annabeth, this is Kyle, Mrs. Grachisky's husband." I introduced her to the man.

"So this is the oh-so-famous Annabeth I've been hearing about." Kyle said and laughed.

"Yup, that's me." Annabeth said. My mom and Paul walked over with the twins.

"They look beautiful, with the combination of you two." He said.

"So, do you have a healthy baby?" Annabeth asked.

"Yeah, his name is Colton he looks like Jess." Kyle said referring to Mrs. Grachisky.

"Do you think we're allowed to visit other rooms?" Annabeth asked.

"I'm pretty sure that we are." I said. A nurse walked in the room to check on Annabeth.

"Um, excuse me but are we allowed to visit other rooms while we are in…recovery, also can we take our babies to other rooms?" Annabeth asked the nurse.

"You are allowed to go out of your hospital room while recovering from birth, if you feel you're ready for it and you can take you're babies out of the room with you, just not out of the hospital and you do need permission by the patient in the room before visiting it." The nurse said.

"Well my sister is actually in a room with her new born son and this is her husband, we were wondering if we could go visit her, he said that she actually wanted us to come so…" Annabeth said.

"Well then, you are able to go visit the patient." The nurse said and then left. Annabeth put on real clothes and we each took one baby. Apparently I could hold a baby, even with a cast on my arm. My parents said that they were going to head home, but I could stay with Annabeth during the night. They left and Kyle led us to Mrs. Grachisky/Jess's room. We walked in and the minute Jess saw Annabeth, a huge grin appeared on her face. Annabeth went and sat in an arm chair that was next to Jess's bed I stood behind the arm chair and Kyle stood on the other side of the bed. Annabeth and Jess switched babies. Colton had blonde hair, that looked like a mix of Jess's and Kyle's hair color and he didn't have stormy gray eyes, he had blue-gray eyes.

"Peyton is so adorable! I love how she got her mother's blonde hair but her dad's green eyes." Jess exclaimed.

"Funny thing is that Tristan has the opposite, he has Percy's dark black hair, but my stormy gray eyes." Annabeth said as she handed back Colton and was soon holding Peyton. Jess and I then switched babies, admired the infants and then retrieved our children. It was official, three quarter-bloods were born on February 10th, Tristan, Peyton and last but not least Colton.