Read: Story with a Chobits theme; if you haven't read or seen Chobits it's basically a boy finds a robot girl they figure things about themselves and what it's like to be in love and find that person who will love you. Basically, it's also really cute. This story is not a crossover and will differ from the series, one it's two men and two there will be different issues and/or problems.

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Arthur Kirkland an aspiring college student was taking a normal class this afternoon as per usual. A normal boring class, in a normal boring school filled with to be expected normal boring students. Well to most other people they wouldn't consider themselves boring, Arthur was the boring one to most of the students at the school. He wasn't the type who went out and partied or drank and messed around though he did have one or two experiences where drinking got the better of him but he has been staying clean for the rest of college. He was a man of study and wanted to graduate with a masters in literature and hopefully history as well. Because of his lack of social attitude he stayed inside mostly unless he was working which he helped run a small cafe down the street from his house.

Today, he was sitting taking notes in class when the teacher announced a school wide lottery taking place. For a small fee one can buy a ticket and have a chance to win a model Humanoid Personal Assistant or HPA for short. These were basically computers that looked like humans, who could do human tasks while also balancing the complexities of computer programming. Arthur didn't have much money, he was paying his own rent for his own apartment but the ticket was cheap and it was nice to have a little dream.

Yes, the thought of having someone to do the laundry, to do the dishes and take care of things in his apartment would make him cry tears of joy. Of course being a realist he didn't actually get his hopes up for winning but he thought it wasn't so bad to take a chance now and again.

With that Arthur bought his ticket, dropped the other end in the collection box and soon forgot about it ever happening to preoccupied with school and work to remember he was part of a lottery he probably wasn't going to win.

He forgot about it instantly and never thought about it again until a week later when around 10pm he heard loud knocking coming from his door. He wondered who it could have been at this hour and hoped it wasn't one of the neighbors or the landlord expecting rent of all things, he still had a few days. When he opened the door he was surprised to see a delivery man with a rather large package.

"Uhh...may I help you?" Arthur asked as he probed his mind to what he could have bought that was so huge, he eyed it carefully and was truly puzzled on what it could be.

"Arthur Kirkland, sir?" The man at the door asked then handed him a piece of paper.

"Yes, That's me." Arthur said and took the paper, that had his name, address and student Id.

"Yes, You're the winner of the school lottery, here's your HPA." The man said the wheeled the box in, almost not being able to get it through the door, albeit they were pretty narrow door ways.

"That lottery? Really! Bloody hell...I never thought..." He trailed off when the man put the box in the small living room and turned around to leave without another word.

Arthur then looked at the box, he walked around and tapped a few times, there was no noise and couldn't help but sigh.

"...Honestly, what am I doing?" He said and proceeded to grab a razor blade to cut the cardboard apart. He opened it up and inside was what he considered the most amazing thing in the world.

His HPA, a man, curled up like a child with what seemed to be a white night gown with a red ribbon around his neck. Arthur stared in wonder as he tried to grasp his situation, this all had to be too go to be true. It just had to be. He cut the box open more so he could gain more access to the body. He noticed that it was rather tall and from just trying to drag it off the box and lay it out on the floor, much heavier. Finally getting it laid out on the floor he took a moment to examine the face of his new addition to his home, it looked young but very handsome, it had dirty-blonde hair with e peculiar piece that stood out funny.

The brit then folded up the cardboard box flat and leaned it against the wall. He then went back to examining his prize. His heart rate sped up when he realized he finally got what he wanted, now things were going to get easier and he wouldn't have to worry about housework and such so much. With his excitement he knelt down beside the robotic man and scanned his eyes up and down it's body, taking note how very realistic it all was but also a very problematic matter.

"Where's the bloody on switch." Arthur sigh and tried to inspect the body further but found no hint of where there was an on switch. He took a moment to think and tried to see if commanding it to awaken would work, which it did not.

"If I...were a robot...were would they put my on switch?" He mumbled and his mind slowly but steadily went to a dirty place. Arthur Kirkland was for the most part a homosexual, he hasn't been in too many relationships to show for it but he did prefer guys over females. He did treat everyone equally but he couldn't help the feelings he had or the fleeting thoughts he would get when he saw a particularly handsome man.

He gulped and with shaking hands and a small blush he was trying t push away from his cheeks, he lifted up on of the legs and put it over his shoulder. He eyed the man's ass for a moment and concluded it did look as if his finger would go in without a problem. He slowly and delicately pushed his finger, it was strange how real it felt inside despite that it was still rather cold and wondered if they wanted to make it this authentic. It would have been weirder if when he pressed in all he felt were wires and switch or button, but that's what he guess was in their.

With a deep breathe he pushed the finger in further, it felt soft but it was obvious it was simply fake material. He moved his finger, probing a bit and has having a hard time fighting back even more of a blush. When he saw no signs of movement from the robot under him, he growled in irritation and thrust his finger as deep as he could colliding with something a little firmer. Suddenly he heard a reboot noise and withdrew his finger and put the robots leg down as it arched it's back and then rested back down. Surprised by it's sudden movements he scrambled quickly away and put his back against the wall, staring at the robotic man still on the floor.

"U-Um...Hello?" Arthur asked timidly.

The robotic being sat up and opened his eyes to reveal a beautiful shade of blue.

"Hello? Can you speak?" Arthur asked beginning to calm down as he stared into those deep pools of blue.

The robotic man nodded, his face straight and eyes glossy.

"Thank you for waking me, please wait a moment to download personality file." The man said in a computerized voice that made Arthur cringe a bit.

"F-Fine." was all he could say, he was just relieved it was working properly.

Silence filled the room except for what sounded like a soft hum. The robot's eyes lit up even more and there seemed to be numbers scattering about at the speed of light in the reflection.

"One moment..." The robotic man chimed then closed his eyes. He opened them after a few minutes and they looked like normal eyes again but this time there was more expression on his face. He smiled so brightly.

"Hey dude! I'm ALfred! What's your name?" The robot claiming his name to be Alfred said cheerfully.

"Alfred? Well, I have no problem with the name but I thought owners named the machine not themselves. Oh, where are my manners, Arthur Kirkland. You will be helping me out from now on." Arthur said straightening his back and smirking at the man in front of him, his mind told him that things were finally going to go his way.

Alfred stared for a moment then stood up, Arthur noted that the white night gown wasn't entirely too long and cleared his throat as he stood up also not bothering to look Alfred in the eyes. He did notice that Alfred was a rather handsome young guy, he looked built but wasn't too muscular he had a nice face; Arthur quickly shook his head trying not to think about those thoughts when he knew that Alfred was indeed just a robot.

"Well, Alfred...right now I'm going to go do some reading and then head off to bed." Arthur said and tried to look at the robot with a clam expression despite his nervous sweating.

"Ha ha! You're boring Arthur!" Alfred stated loudly.

Arthur gasped in shock from what he said and a vein throbbed in his forehead. "I'm not boring you twit! I just enjoy reading!"

"Boring! Boring!" He cheered childishly.

"Y-You...bastard, I should just turn you off!" He said clenching his fist, then Arthur heard thumping from below and the downstairs tenants yelling at him to shut up.

"Haha, You need to calm down dude." Alfred said with a smile.

"Would you shut it?" Arthur said trying to whisper as loudly as possible but was just making a fool of himself making Alfred laugh.

"Arthur, I like you." Alfred said and grabbed the mans head smiling cheerfully, Arthur looked terrified from the hold and tried to get his head free but found the grasp too strong. Alfred leaned his head down and smashed his lips against the smaller mans. Arthur fell back on his butt in surprise making Alfred fall down on top of him, he let out a gasp from the crushing weight on top of him and bruising weight on his lips. Arthur tried to turn his head away from the kiss but he couldn't help but notice how soft and warm those lips actually were. Despite the roughness of it all, this was a nice kiss.

Alfred parted the kiss and both stared at each other ignoring the neighbors yelling, Arthur was breathing heavily as he looked up at the man above him who was smiling childishly. Arthur looked at the man and noticed the night gown had slipped it's way up the man's body , he blushed when he noticed that the robot was anatomically and then he felt that blood was starting to run down into his lip.

Alfred tilted his head concerned. "Arthur, you're losing blood out your nose."

"I-I'm fine you git, now would you get off me?" Arthur snapped turning his head, Alfred's eyes then went glassy as a light moved across a few times and the hum of a computer filled the room again. Sitting back he allowed Arthur room but he was still too close for comfort. Arthur looked back at Alfred to only be met with the sight of the man taking of his white night gown and folding it up to hold it against Arthur's nose.

Arthur nervous leaned away but looked at the others calm smile and decided to shyly take the gown and press it to his nose, he was definitely going to need it now. He quickly turned his head so he wouldn't look at the naked figure in front of him so he could finally calm down. When he finished he put the he put the now slightly bloodied gown down but he refused to look at Alfred.

"You okay?" Alfred asked and leaned closer.

"I-I'm fine...just put some clothes on." Arthur said sharply with annoyance.

"I don't have any, can't I wear yours?" Alfred asked innocently.

Arthur turned and stared at the man dumbfounded, then switched to glaring at him spitefully. Alfred still kept his sweet smile.

"Do you think anything I owned would fit you?" He yelled.

"Huh?" Alfred asked then scanned the others body. " Hey, you're pretty small." He said and laughed.

"P-Prat!" Arthur hurriedly got up and ALfred followed closely behind, he went straight to his room where took off a sheet from his bed. He kept his head turned away and handed the sheet to Alfred.

"Wear this for now." He said shortly.

"Thanks." Alfred took it and quickly wrapped himself up in it.

"God, I'm tired now. Alfred...just go sleep in the living room." Arthur said still not bothering to turn and face him.

"Don't wanna." Alfred said with a huff.

"Just go to the living room." Arthur said this time a bit more sternly.

"Nu-uh! Let's sleep together." Alfred said.

"No we can't! You're a robot, do you even sleep?" Arthur asked trying to find a way to get the other to leave him alone. He turned to face the man to show he was seriously not going to take this.

"I can mimic sleep! Come on lets stay together!" Alfred said happily, hoping his good attitude would win the other over.

"Alfred go to the living room, as your owner I'm telling you to let me sleep alone." He snapped rather coldly.

"Ugh! big eyebrowed jerk ...and you're not my owner..." Alfred mumbled then with a sullen expression walked back to the living room.

When he was out of sight he closed his door and then collapsed onto his bed, he didn't bother to move the covers and get comfy, he was too tired to move now. He sighed in frustration and wondered if things were actually going to get easier for him but he slowly let everything go as he drifted into sleep.

Author Note! Uhh...I guess I just want to point out Arthur lives in an American apartment...cause that's all I know. Basically if you don't know it's like a house but waaayyyyy squished. Living room and kitchen, are half and half. About a 3feet of hallway and the bedroom with a small ass bathroom...if you're lucky. You can have a separate bathroom area but it's uber tiny too.

The only reason I point this out is because in Chobits, it was basically the living room and bedroom were the same place...maybe even the kitchen.