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Ahem this is where the mature warning comes in. Do please enjoy.

Arthur expected their next date to go a little more smoothly. He doubted that there'd be any distractions for Alfred, and that they would be able to spend their time quietly and comfortably. He made a small picnic for himself, butit hurt that they really couldn't have that cliché picnic scene.

He would have to make do with what he had. He still made it with the feelings that he would be eating with the one he cared about most. He would hit himself on the head when he got sentimental like that. What was he? A love sick puppy?

It didn't help that Alfred would come in and wrap his arms around him. It was a surprise every time, and Arthur would scold him that he was busy, or that he had a knife and could have cut himself. Alfred would have just smiled, hold Arthur for awhile, and watched him cook till he was finally kicked out.

Arthur wasn't a great cook, and it was hard enough concentrating on what he was doing without Alfred's presence. When the other wrapped himself around him and just rested there in a loving and comforting way, Arthur just wanted to melt back into him.

It felt safe, very warm and safe.

The two made their way into the city. They were going to stop by a small cafe that, from what Arthur heard, was supposed to serve the best tea. He had saved up a bit of money for the expense, and decided for their date that he would give it a try.

Alfred commented on how he thought Arthur shouldn't be spending his money on tea, but the Brit was dead set on trying it. Since it was Arthur's turn to pick the date, and to do what he wanted, Alfred smiled and went along.

The cafe was fancy, albeit a bit busy this Sunday morning. Alfred smirked and walked Arthur over to his seat.

"What are you doing? The lines is getting even longer?" Arthur asked with furrowed brows.

"Hey, it's your day. I'll get it and you just wait here." Alfred said with a grin.

Arthur blushed, but scowled all the same. " What's brought out this gentlemanly behavior?"

Alfred blinked, but his smiled never faded from his lovely face. " I can't do something nice for you? Well, okay then. you can go stand around in line, and I'll sit here."

"Gah! You tosser!" Arthur stood up with a huff. "Fine! I will."

Alfred gently pushed him back down in his seat, and bent down to give him a kiss on the cheek. "Just kidding! I got it dude!"

With that, Alfred went to go stand in line, leaving a very flustered and embarrassed Brit in his wake. This did give Arthur time to watch the other. He'd never really though of it before, but Arthur had never really just stopped and looked at Alfred. It seemed more like the other way around. Alfred was always watching him, with sparkling blue eyes and a bright smile.

So he decided to watch him, since Alfred wasn't paying attention or would not notice. Arthur rested his head on his hand, and with the slight tilt of his head, looked at the other's back. He could see that odd piece of hair that always stood up, and the muscular neck with broad shoulders. He turned his head to the side and Arthur quickly averted his gaze,then shyly looked back. Alfred was talking to a mother and her daughter. He smiled kindly to them, and they seemed to hit it off on some random topic.

Alfred was always talented with opening people up and making them feel welcomed. Arthur knew he could talk to Alfred about anything. He might get some snarky remarks, but Alfred wasn't mean or judgmental. Arthur smiled softly and watched as the mother picked the girl up, and Alfred smile to the little girl and give her a pat.

It was endearing, Alfred was. Arthur didn't notice that Alfred looked his way before their eyes were locked, and Alfred smiled and gave him a tiny wave. At first, Arthur wasn't sure how to respond. He wanted to hide because he was ashamed of being caught, but he also wanted to smile and wave back.

He defaulted to pouting and turning his head away, facing forward. If Arthur had been looking, he would have seen Alfred tilt his head then shrug his shoulders. Alfred had grown accustom to Arthur's little quirks. He smirked, and reverted his attention to the line.

When he got Arthur his tea, he walked back and sat down with a little grin.

"So, you were checking me out right?" Alfred asked with a grin.

Arthur nearly knocked his tea over, but was able to recover and place his spoon to the side. "I...wouldn't say that."

"Admiring?" Alfred furthered.


"Checkin' me out?" Alfred asked with a grin.

"Of course not!" Arthur hissed through clenched teeth, but he blushed all the same.

"Just wanted to look at me?" Alfred asked, a little more gently.

"I-I suppose." Arthur said quietly, and picked up his tea cup to take a sip.

Alfred mimicked the same pose Arthur had, and rested his chin on the back of his hand,watching the other with contentment.

Arthur looked at him, then looked away to the window. He would glance back to Alfred once in a while, but kept his eyes off to the side or on his tea cup. Alfred smirked the entire time as Arthur tried to avert his gaze from him, but he always seemed to come back.

It was cute. Arthur was trying to act uninterested, but even to Alfred it was obvious he was just being coy. Alfred knew it; Arthur had fallen for him. It was great. If he had a heart, it would be soaring with joy. He felt very happy. He loved the other, more than he cared to share. He loved him so much.

Arthur finished his tea, and Alfred was brought back to what was happening. He chuckled, andtake out] took the other's arm, and walked out of the cafe. Arthur blushed, but he smiled faintly and held the other's arm closer. He held his head up high and walked down the street. Alfred smiled with him, and was happy to note that Arthur wasn't shy about holding arms in public.

"So, what park are we going to?" Alfred asked. He hadn't been told beforehand.

"Oh, a little park. It has a nice walking path, and it's not very crowded." Arthur said.

"Sounds good. We can walk around, find a good spot, and chill." Alfred said.

"It is a bit boring...now that I think about it." Arthur muttered. In comparison to Alfred's idea of a date, it was sure to be very dull.

"Haha. A bit, but we're gonna be together and hang out. That's cool, I like that about you." Alfred stated.

"Like what about me?" Arthur asked, raising a thick brow.

"Y'know...that, 'I'm going to do it the old fashion way'."

"Old fashion! Well, excuse me for wanting to have a proper date." He huffed.

"Haha! Arthur Arthur Arthur! I like it, it makes this date special."

"You better believe it makes it special." Arthur stated, but still upset with the other.

"I do!" Alfred said and a small pout formed on his lips.

"Good." Arthur said with a huff, but smirked as he pulled Alfred along towards the park.

A grand park it was. It had a walkway through a path of trees that seemed to disappear as it became dense. They walked along the leaf-littered path, and Alfred noticed that it was a rather isolated park. Not many people would bring their children here. The trees were only restricted to the perimeter of the park, but it was still a pretty dangerous-looking place.

As they walked further, the trees cleared to open grass with only a few trees for shade. There weren't any park benches, or any type of water fountains. It was just the walkway and nature. Alfred was amazed; he'd never seen something like this. He awoke and was brought to life in a city and had lived his life with Arthur in it.

He wanted to do something. He wasn't sure what, but it was like he wanted to run? He didn't understand what was going on. By design he shouldn't have impulses, but seeing this open expanse of grass, he felt the need to take Arthur's hand run and fall to the ground.

They walked off the pathway and onto the grass. Arthur placed a small blanket down and Alfred placed Arthur's lunch down on top. There was a moment of silence, all except for the chirping birds.

Arthur looked as if he was about to sit down when Alfred caught his arm and pulled him back.

"What is it?" Arthur asked, a bit taken aback.

"I want to chase you." Alfred said, not hint of humor on his face.

"W-What! Chase me?" Arthur asked confused.

"Yeah! We have the whole park!"

"That's...that's ridiculous!" Arthur shouted.

"Let's try it!" Alfred said, this time smiling brightly.


"I'll give you three seconds head start~" Alfred wagered.

"I don't need a head start!" Arthur insisted. His pride getting the better of him.

"Really? I think you do, with those tiny legs of yours." Alfred teased.

"My legs aren't tiny! They're slender, which makes me faster." Arthur reasoned.

"Prove it!"

"I will!" Arthur's eyes widened. "Oh bollocks." He sighed out.

"Fine...you can chase me...just once." Arthur stated with a pout.

Alfred did a little fist pump, and pushed Arthur a bit to get him going. Arthur started with a jogging speed, but when he turned his head to see Alfred start up full sprint, a kick of adrenaline hit, and he was off like a rabbit.

Alfred didn't give up; he was a robot after all so he didn't have limits, but that didn't mean he was programmed to far exceed human abilities. Arthur smirked when he looked to see Alfred wasn't catching up.

"Got to try harder then that love!" He called.

Alfred smirked, and kicked it up a notch. He was made with long legs, so catching up was easy, but what he didn't expect was Arthur to turn suddenly. Obviously Arthur was taking this as a serious challenge, and he was not going to lose.

"I'll get you~" Alfred called. He continued his chase, following Arthur, inching closer and closer. He was never to catch him though. The Brit was fast, but not only that, but he was also agile.

Arthur was finally losing steam, and decided that he would let Alfred catch him. Alfred did, picking him up falling down with Arthur on top.

" So who's the robot?" Alfred asked.

"Well, with how much I'm bloody sweating, and you still look like some spring picked flower, I'm guessing it's you." Arthur said as he panted. He then rested his head on Alfred's chest.

Alfred chuckled and looked up to the sky. He pet Arthur's hair softly, and let the comfort over take them. They stayed like that for a while. It felt like hours to Arthur, and he didn't want to move. He wanted to stay close, and hold Alfred.

But his stubbornness made him get up and walk back to their picnic. He really worked up an appetite with all that running. They sat down together on the blanket, and as Arthur ate, he slowly felt himself growing warm and tired. He leaned against Alfred as he digested and took in the scenery around him.

Alfred was looking up at the sky, and didn't seem to notice the other fall asleep till he was practically snoring. Alfred smiled and leaned his head against Arthur's.

"I love you." He murmured.

"I love you. I love you. I love you... so much it hurts." Alfred said, and reached for the other's hand.

He brought it up and kissed the back of it, before he held it in his lap and continued to watch the sky. Arthur may have slept for two hours before he woke up. His eyes slowly fluttered open, and then he jumped back, startled with realizing he had fallen asleep.

"Oh...bloody hell, what times is it?" He asked.

"Hey, welcome back sunshine~" Alfred chimed.

Arthur sent him a glare. " Why didn't you wake me?" He asked.

"You looked peaceful." Alfred stated nonchalantly.

"Still...I didn't want to leave you by yourself."

"I wasn't! I got to look at your cute sleeping face!"

"My 'sleeping face' is not cute!"

Alfred leaned over, and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Sure sure whatever you say~."


Alfred pulled Arthur into his embrace, and they relaxed a little while longer in the park. It was mid-afternoon as they started walking back, and by the time they got home it was already dusk. They passed Chun-Yan and Heracles, and had a small conversation in the elevator. It was pleasant, and Arthur thought for a moment that this was a feeling he wanted to have over and over again.

Walking with Alfred, being with Alfred, acting like a normal couple with Alfred. He laced his fingers with Alfred, and when they got to his floor, he waved to the other two and gave a simple goodbye.

Alfred smiled, and when they got back into Arthur's apartment, he placed their things down but didn't let go of Arthur's hand. Instead, Alfred pulled him to the couch, and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Arthur flushed, but pushed Alfred's head back and kissed him square on the lips. Alfred's eyes widened, but they closed and the two melted into their kiss. It was sweet, to passionate, to smoldering, and somewhere along the line Arthur had lost his shirt along with Alfred's.

Arthur pulled away for air, but kept his lips inches away from Alfred's.

"Bedroom." He murmured.

Alfred pulled his head away, and seemed confused by the other's statement. "Are you sure?"

"Bloody idiot, I should have been sure a long time ago." Arthur said, and got up off the couch. He offered Alfred his hand.

Alfred took his hand, but scooped Arthur up in his arms with a little grin and jogged off to the bedroom. Arthur pouted while being carried like a princess, but did not fight it too much.

They found themselves on Arthur's bed, and Alfred sat there, smiling and watching Arthur in anticipation. Arthur blushed, suddenly feeling awkward that he'd most likely have to treat Alfred like some virgin pre-teen. He was about to give Alfred some direction when he was pulled into another heated kiss. Alfred laid back on the bed with Arthur on top of him, and used his tongue to explore every inch of the other's mouth.

Arthur moaned in appreciation, and did his best to fight the other's tongue, to take the battle into Alfred's mouth, but it wasn't happening. Alfred was too good at this now, and by his very nature, forceful and greedy with his kisses. It made Arthur feel so loved.

Arthur pulled away, and stared down at Alfred. "I need you...to get it up."

It was an embarrassing statement to say, probably the best way to kill the mood, but Alfred nodded. He slipped his pants off, and Arthur turned to grab the lube he had in a drawer. He didn't want to see the mechanical way the other got hard.

He shyly turned his head back around, and his eyes locked on the now proud erection. It was a bit bigger than his by an inch, with a larger girth. Whatever mechanics were at work made the organ look hot and fleshy. Arthur gulped as his own member began to harden in his pants.

Alfred looked at him with a little smirk playing on his lips, and Arthur couldn't help but go back over and latch his mouth back onto his. Their tongues wrestled for a moment as Alfred worked off Arthur's pants. Arthur kicked them off the rest of the way, and he sat up over Alfred, his face flushed with lust.

He got out the lube and was about to soak his fingers in the substance when Alfred grabbed his wrist.

"Let me do it." He said, and took the lube out of the other's hand.

"Do you know how?" Arthur asked hesitantly.

"Mhm, I promise to be gentle." Alfred said, and poured the liquid over two of his digits.

Arthur nodded, and leaned forward over Alfred. He kept his ass up in the air, and laid his head on Alfred's chest. Alfred reached over and stuck one finger in Arthur's entrance. Arthur clenched at first, but quickly relaxed as the other slide his finger in and out. He moaned, enjoying the slow rhythm of the other's finger, but was brought out of his daze when the second was added. It was a stretch he hadn't felt in a long time, but even the pain held some pleasure to it because it was Alfred's fingers doing it to him.

He panted in to Alfred's ear as the other stretched him, and he began to move his hips back against the fingers, wanting to take in more.

"Are you ready?" Alfred asked.

Arthur, in his lust-driven haze, simply nodded. Alfred could have use a third finger to stretch him, but he was too needy to care. He wanted Alfred, all of him. Right now.

"Yes, please." Arthur murmured.

Alfred sat up, and lubed up his shaft. Arthur watched his hands the entire time, and then brought himself over Alfred's length. Alfred placed his hands on Arthur's hips and helped him lower himself down on him. Arthur hissed out, but was pleased to note that Alfred's dick felt hot and fleshy. It wasn't like some dildo. It felt human.

He sheathed himself all the way down, and leaned his head on Alfred's shoulder.

"Oh god, Alfred." He whispered hoarsely.

Alfred took in what he's learned and from watching Arthur. He mocked a hot breath on Arthur's neck, then clamped down to suck on the tender skin. Arthur shivered in delight, then moaned.

"Move." Arthur commanded, and Alfred did just that.

He tried an experimental thrust to see how hard he could be with Arthur. When he received a gasp and a low moan, he knew he was using the right amount of force. He started a slow rhythm, and basked in the glow of Arthur panting and spreading his legs out wide for him. With his strong hold on Arthur's hips, he bounced him up and down on him with ease.

He moaned out as he kissed Arthur, and flicked his tongue around in Arthur's mouth. Arthur let him get away with attacking his mouth; he was too preoccupied with enjoying the pleasure that was far long overdue. He wrapped his arms around Alfred's neck, and rolled his hips to meet Alfred's thrusts.

"More Alfred." He whispered and Alfred complied with harder and faster thrusts.

The loud moan that escaped Arthur's lips made it apparent that Alfred may be overdoing it, but he couldn't stop himself. Arthur was so cute with those red cheeks, slightly teared eyes, and that tiny bit of drool.

Alfred laid Arthur on his back, brought his the Briton's legs over his shoulder and continued his assault. He licked at Arthur's nipple, which resulted in Arthur drastically arching his back up to meet him. Arthur knew he was going to beyond sore tomorrow. He was no virgin, but after his break up or fall out with Francis, he hasn't been penetrated or stretched. He had a limber body, but this was still going to be overdoing it.

He didn't care, he wanted more and he chanted it shamelessly. Alfred found his sweet spot, and made his his vision go white. His body was so sensitive after being abstinent for so long. He moaned and clutched the bed sheets, his eyes hammered shut.

Alfred leaned over and licked at his neck, then captured Arthur's lips. It was a soft and tender kiss that didn't match well with powerful thrusts, but it was more beautiful than Arthur could ever imagine. Alfred pulled away from the kiss, and Arthur finally opened his eyes. They stared deeply into each other's eyes, and Arthur would swear on his life that Alfred's sky blue eyes held more emotion and care then any human he's ever met.

The only sweat on Alfred's body was from Arthur's, but that didn't make him look any less sexual. His broad shoulders and long torso hunched over Arthur. It was dominating and powerful, and Arthur couldn't get enough.

"Do you want to change positions?" Alfred asked in a low and husky voice.

Arthur smirked and nodded. Alfred pulled out and let Arthur get on his hands and knees. Alfred slowly re-entered to restart his rhythm. Arthur cried out wantonly as Alfred hit his prostate on his first entry. Alfred gripped his hips, and mercilessly attacked the same spot. The moans wavered with each thrust, sometimes choked back by saliva. Arthur's choppy blonde locks bounced in time to the rhythm of their love making.

Alfred leaned over and turned Arthur's head to him to give him a deep kiss. Their eyes stayed entranced into one another; Alfred's held so much pure love and emotion. Arthur loved him back, but his eyes were clouded over with pleasure.

"I can't...A-Alfred." Arthur breathed.

Alfred sped up his pace, and was probably going harder then he should have, but he wanted to hear him. The other's cry of pleasure, he wanted to hear his name being called. That beautiful melody only his lover could make.

"I want to hear you, as loud as you can." Alfred insisted.

"Oh god, oh- Alfred!" Throwing his head back and calling out his lover's name in the heat of passion, Arthur came hard onto himself and his bed.

Alfred pulled out, and watched as Arthur rolled to his back with a sigh. He had a small smile on his face. Alfred laid down next to him, and began to stroke the sweaty locks.

"I love you, Arthur." He said in a whisper so unlike him.

Arthur looked at him, and chuckled. "I love you too."

Alfred's eyes widened a bit, but they relaxed and he smiled back. Arthur didn't notice in his post-orgasmic bliss, but that smile held some sadness to it. Instead he cuddled closer to Alfred, and let sleep over take him.

Alfred held him close, like Arthur would disappear any second, and his sky blue eyes swirled with an unrelenting emotion. He loved Arthur, oh, how he loved Arthur, but it hurt. He made love to Arthur, and Arthur said that he loved him. So why wasn't he happy? Why did he want to cry if he had the ability to?



The next morning Arthur woke up, and saw that Alfred was sleeping as well, or in sleep mode as it should be called. His thoughts went back to last night, and he blushed furiously. He did not regret it though. He loved every minute of it, and in that moment he confessed his true feelings.

He did feel a little bad though. Alfred didn't get the chance to climax. He was a robot, so that was a given, but something in Arthur's mind said he shouldn't have been the only one to reach orgasmic bliss. It was only fair Alfred get to experience it.

Arthur sighed, and knew that there was still a big hurdle to overcome with Alfred being a robot. He didn't care though, he would get through it. As long as Alfred still loved him, he could get through anything. It was a bit sappy, but Arthur believed in it.

This was going to be his fairytale ending.

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