It was another day and Glee Club were out on a field trip that Will had arranged. The had went Ice skating on a frozen lake, which had been suggested by Puck. They were skating around having fun, talking, laughing and chasing eachother. Finn was skating hand in hand with Rachel, Puck was racing Artie who was still in his wheel chair that made him slide around alot.

Blaine was with Kurt and Kurt was teaching him how to skate, Tina and Mike were skating side by side, Mercedes was skating with Santana and Brittany. While everyone skated happily, Quinn skated by Will, talking about Beth.

"I really miss her though and I just want her back," Quinn shrugged.

"I know but Shelby is taking great care of her and you are still her mother no matter what anyone says," Will reasured her.

"I know Mr Schue, I just want to hold her," Quinn told him.

"I know you do Quinn, but Shelby isn't going to forgive you easily. If you really want to see Beth, you're going to have to show her you can change," Will smiled.

"Thanks Mr Schue, I'll keep that in mind," Quinn smiled.

Will hugged her and then pulled away. He had a mischevious smile on his face and laughed slightly.

"How about we race to the other side of the lake?" Will asked.

"Hmm... Go on then, I hope you don't mind losing," Quinn smiled, as she skated away from him.

He laughed and skated after her, as she picked up her speed and was far in front. He moved his feet faster trying to catch her, not wanting to lose to someone half his age. Soon he was almost behind her when he heard a creaking. He stopped still and looked around at the ice. He shrugged thinking it was just his imaginaton and he kept skating. He heard a crack this time and he became worried.

He turned to look at Quinn who was almost at the other side, he went to move backwards but the ice gave way, sending him plunging in to the cold frosty water. As he sunk under the water, he moved his arms and legs as fast as he could, struggling to get to the surface again with the weight of the skates pulling him down. Will's head broke the surface and he gasped for breath, trying to find his voice. He wanted to call for one of his Glee kids but he was panicking and was struggling to keep his head above the water.

He sunk under the water once more, feeling the cold water creeping under his skin and freezing his body. He tried to get to the surface again but was losing energy. He began splashing his arms and kicking his feet, forcing himself to the surface once more. He spluttered and gasped as he tried to shout.

"Help! He-" He yelled before he sunk under the water for the last time.

The water was so cold and he couldn't hold his breath much longer. He never new water could be so anguishing and chilly. His mouth opened and he breathed in water, in a final choking rush. The water burned his throat and he tried to cough only making himself swallow more of the liquid. His vision was filling with little grey dots and it was becoming narrow. He looked up to the light above water once more before his vision faded to black.

Quinn was almost at the other side of the lake when she heard a shout.

"Help! He-"

She recognised it was Will and she looked around, searching for him. She couldn't see him but then she saw the crack in the ice and her heart dropped.

"Guys!" She shouted.

"Quinn, what's wrong?" Puck asked.

"The ice broke and I don't know where Mr Schue is!" She told him.

Everyone stopped skating and made their way over to the huge hole in the ice.

"Where is he?" Rachel asked.

"What happened?" Kurt asked.

"Is he okay?" Brittany asked.

"Someone call 911 now!" Finn ordered.

Finn took off his coat and shoes, took a breath then dived in to the water after his teacher.

Once under the water he swam downwards looking for Will. He was hoping he wasn't too late and that his teacher would be okay. As Finn went further down he spotted something. He swam faster towards the lifeless man and grabbed him by his waist. Will's eyes were open, looking at him. Finn quickly swam upwards towards the surface and kept a tight grip on the man next to him. As his head broke the surface he gasped for breath and held Will's head above the water. He lifted Will up as best as he could towards his friends.

"Grab him," Finn ordered.

"I got him Finn," Puck told him.

Puck and Blaine grabbed Will's coat tightly as Finn climbed out of the cold water. They moved Will away from the hole not wanting him to end up in the water again. Everyone stood around their teacher in worry. As Quinn knelt beside Will, she looked at his features. His eyes were glazed over and unfocused, his lips were blue, his skin was grey and he looked like a corpse. Quinn reached down putting her two fingers against Will's neck searching for a pulse and when she didn't feel one, she put one hand on Will's sternum and then put the other on top, lacing her fingers together.

"Breathe! Come on Mr Schue!" Quinn pleaded.

She leaned up so her knees were the only thing on the ground, she locked her elbows and she started chest compressions. She did 30 compressions then she tilted Will's head back, opening his airway, she pinched his nose with her thumb and index finger, opened his mouth, leaned down, sealed her lips around Will's which were surprisingly soft and then breathed in to him. Will's cheeks puffed out and his chest rose as Quinn sat back and then gave another breath.

"Please! You can't leave us Mr Schue!" Quinn urged.

"Please Mr Schue," Finn begged.

"Come on Mr Schue," Blaine said.

Blaine kneeled down next to Quinn and started compressions, looking at Quinn. Quinn had tears in her eyes and she was dreading the outcome of the situation. Blaine was panting slightly as he applied more pressure on his teacher's chest.

"Breathe! Breathe! Come on! You better start breathing or Miss Pillsbury is going to go mad!" Blaine warned.

After 30 compressions Quinn bent down and gave her teacher 2 more breaths. Once again Will remained immobile and unresponsive. They both did another round of CPR and then they heard the sirens. As Will felt a warm sensation on his lips, he felt pressure on his nose, he felt someones gentle soft lips on his, he felt air being forced down his throat, but the sensation went away quickly. Will blinked and began coughing and choking on the water in his lungs, the water spewed past his lips and Blaine and Quinn turned him on to his right side. Will gasped and spluttered as Quinn stroked his wet hair.

"You're gonna be okay Mr Schue," Quinn told him.

As Mike ran towards them with the paramedics, they all knew Will was going to be okay.

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