Summary: Arthur is in the closet and needs a hand out.

Pairings: implied Merthur and Arthur/Food

Merlin let out a high pitched girly squeal – which he shall deny immediately when it is commented on.

"What the hell are you doing in there?" he demanded as he clutched his quickening heart.

"I'm in the closet Merlin."

"Yes I can see that but the question is why?"

It was a pleasant Wednesday morning; Merlin had just finished drying the laundry and folded them up, and planned to slack off for an hour or two while Arthur was in a meeting. Instead he had the shock of his life (which was, when considering all the monsters, witches, backstabbing, finding out about his father, finding out about how Arthur was conceived, rather stupid in itself) when he found Arthur squished in the cupboard usually reserved for his shirts and breeches.

"I. Am. In. The. Closet. Merlin," Arthur said slowly, stressing each word out as if Merlin was some dumb child.

"Yes, again, I can see that. Do you need a hand getting out?"

Merlin was suddenly very disturbed by the light shining in Arthur's eyes it was usually the light he had when something he really wanted was standing there right before him usually dipped in gravy...

"You would do that for me?" Arthur whispered in awe.

Merlin was very freaked out, "Erm...yeah," he shrugged, "it is my job after all."

Suddenly the light went out and rage covered Arthur's face as he flushed bright red. "What kind of dishonourable man do you think I am?" he roared. "How dare you suggest such things about me?"


"Get out!"



Merlin quickly ducked the boot that Arthur had apparently been sitting on for god knows how long and ran for it back to Gaius' rooms where hopefully he would get the answer for Arthur's very strange behaviour. When he got there, caught his breath, and explained everything to Gaius he did not get the sympathy he deserved (which really shouldn't surprise him because when does he get the sympathy he deserves?). Instead Gaius just looked at him as if he was a simple-minded fool.

"Good God Merlin!" Gaius sighed, "You really are an idiot. It was obviously a metaphor."

"For what?" Merlin cried out.

"Arthur wanted to come out of the closet with you," Gaius explained.

"That doesn't make any sense!" Merlin wailed.

Gaius had a sudden urge to bash his head against his work bench.