Part One: 2 Months Later

"Did we miss it!" My chest was heaving with breathlessness as I stumbled out of the fireplace and into the stark white room where I found George Weasley.

"No, you're just in time; you missed the four hours of yelling and name-calling though." George rolled his eyes. "She just went to delivery." He added as an afterthought. I let out a breath I wasn't sure I was holding, relieved that I hadn't missed much. I allowed my heart rate to relax for a moment, until I jumped at the sound behind me.

"I hate to say I told you so but…" Draco was leaning against the fireplace I'd just stumbled through, looking completely serene with the whole situation. I scowled at his lack of urgency. This morning he'd waited until after he lured me into a long and sensual shower to mention fleetingly that Harry had called and my best friend was in labor. We almost didn't get here in time.

"I did say that we wouldn't miss a thing." He smirked, pulling me towards him so he could lightly trail his fingertips up and down my back. I shivered at the contact, smiling before I could remind myself that I was irritated with him.

"Hermione, glad to see you made it, Ginny will be thrilled!" Arthur Weasley bounded around the corner, looking a bit ghastly as he gave me a huge hug.

"I can't wait to see her." I beamed back at him. The rest of the Weasley family was not far behind and after numerous hugs and "I miss yous" were exchanged we all settled into waiting.

Draco took the seat next to me, drawing small circles on the tops of my knees with his index finger. I glanced up at him through my lashes, still enthralled with how the sun had given his pale skin a new, healthy glow.

"So are you two back for good?" Bill queried, filling the silence in the room.

"Not quite yet." I answered vaguely. I glanced to Draco who smirked knowingly. We wouldn't be back for a while yet, in fact we'd made plans to travel for an entire year. We'd finally made it to Aruba when I was released from the hospital almost two months ago and every waking moment had been bliss. Even when Draco was being an obnoxious prat and we were fighting about anything and everything, it was perfect. His attitude and solid views kept me on my toes and stopped me from becoming complacent. He was cold and sarcastic but also intelligent, witty and achingly romantic. If anyone ever accused him of being romantic though, he would probably send a solid hex their way.

"We actually plan on backpacking our way through a bit of Europe for a while." I added. Just as Bill began an interesting discussion of the terrain we were likely to encounter Harry ran in, nearly tripping over his own two feet. His grin reached his eyes that were red rimmed with happy tears.

"He's here."



I was never particularly fond of children. In fact I specifically remembered thinking that this child would be a new brand of horrifying, considering its Weasley-Potter heritage. Maybe it was the mush of a man that Hermione's languid stares, intimate conversation and frequent sessions of love-making made me into; or perhaps it was the way that Granger's delicate frame held the bundle close to her body, staring down at him with pure adoration. But this child wasn't so bad.

"I can't believe he hasn't got red hair." Ginevra sighed for probably the tenth time since I'd entered the hospital room.

"It isn't all that surprising considering that Potter's jeans are probably the only ones more stubborn than a Weasley's." I commented with little to no malice. I still wasn't thrilled that Hermione insisted we leave our vacation for a few days to anoint Potter's kid into the world, but watching her rock the child made it a lot more difficult to hold a grudge. I was sure that when it started wailing I would have a change of heart, but in this moment I was content to watch the two of them, bonding.

"Do you want to hold him Malfoy?" Ginny asked pleasantly. I snapped my head in her direction, staring at her incredulously. I expected to see her laughing or smirking, but she was serious. It must have been the drugs they had her on. Nobody would ever offer me the first-born Weasley-Potter to cradle in my arms, it just wasn't rational.

"I'll pass." I muttered quickly; tearing my stare away from the ginger witch.

"Come on Malfoy, hold him." She urged again. I stole a glance at Potter, who shifted uncomfortably at her side.

"Here Draco." In the moment I looked away, Hermione had shifted toward me extending the small bundle of heat into my reluctant arms.

"That's it, watch his head." Granger cooed, positioning my stiff limbs in the right position to hold him. Then she let go. I made the mistake of looking down at the little thing, sleeping in my embrace. It was such a bizarre experience. Of course I knew what a baby looked like, but seeing him in my arms just made everything about him seem so much smaller. He was so helpless and endearing, it was almost sickening, but I couldn't pull my eyes away.

"You owe me ten galleons Ron!" George's voice broke through the sentimental silence that filled the room. Ronald rolled his eyes, thrusting a fist into his pocket to search for change. Ginny sent her brother a quizzical glare.

"He bet me you wouldn't let Draco hold him." He beamed, clearly unaffected by who was currently rocking his newest nephew.

"Piss off George." Ron mumbled before brushing past his brother to stand a foot in front of me. Normally I would be infuriated that the Weasel was even this close to me, let alone making bets at my expense, but with the tiny child cradled in my arms my anger was only a dull irritation. He held out his hands, as though he expected me to plop the infant into his arms. Without even making eye contact with him I sidestepped him, and made my way towards Ginny, placing her fragile son back into her caress. Ron made an incoherent noise that resembled a weak insult and Potter shot him a warning glare, sending a full blown smirk across my face.

After a round of overly-hormonal goodbyes and promises that we would visit twice as often, Granger and I made our way back to Paris, where we'd been catching up with my mother between stops in Luxembourg and Bordeaux.

"Do you want children?" Hermione asked softly from the other side of the bedroom we were sharing as she changed into her nightclothes, though I hardly understood why she bothered with them anymore. The question caught me off guard, but I suppose it shouldn't have. I saw the way Hermione looked longingly at the newest addition to the Potter family. In that moment she looked so beautiful that it had been hard to tear my eyes away from her for even a moment. It would be an outright lie to say that I didn't imagine what it might be like for her to be holding our child. It was a fleeting thought. It was only for a second that I pictured a tiny child with Grangers delicate nose and my pale hair.

I'd never even thought of having children before Hermione. It was only nature that I would be hesitant to bring a child into the world, for fear of repeating the same mistakes my father did, the ones that made me into the coward I was. No, I never wanted children. Hermione did, of course. Why wouldn't she? And she made it sound like such a good idea. No, I didn't want children, but I could, someday.

I crossed the room and wrapped an arm around her waist from behind, nuzzling my nose in her hair. She sighed contently and I trailed my lips from the top of her shoulder to her neck and back again. I thought carefully about my answer to her question, not wanting to give her the wrong idea. She slowly turned herself in my embrace, placing one hand softly on my chest and the other reached up to cup my cheek, willing me to look into her eyes.

"That's not the no I was expecting." She said softly with a smile on her face that had her eyes lighting up.

"It's not exactly a yes either Granger." I assured her, unable to tear myself from her gaze. When she looked at me like this I was always baffled. It was like she was looking at the most incredible thing in the world, like she was looking right into her bright and happy future. It was the way that I often looked at her while she was sleeping into the blissful morning hours of each day.

"We have time."

Part Two: Three Years Later

I twisted my wedding ring absently around my finger, trying not to focus on the news, the good news. At least I thought it was good. I hoped it was good. I decided that no matter how much longer I stayed at the office my mind wasn't in the right place to be going over anything important, so I packed up my things preparing to spend my afternoon at home, trying to at least keep some allusion of calm until Draco came home tonight.

"Amanda, will you clear my schedule for the day and take my calls please?" I asked my secretary, nearly forgetting to ask her before breezing by on my way out.

"Of course Mrs. Malfoy." She answered diligently. She was already and year and a half on the job and still refused to call me Hermione. Any other day I would have corrected her again, but I needed to get home before I had a meltdown.

"Oi Hermione!" I almost ran directly into Harry near the ministry fireplaces in my haste to exit the building. I flushed with embarrassment.

"Sorry Harry." I mumbled, brushing myself off before fixing a forced smile onto my face.

"I haven't seen you are the office too much, but I suppose those are the perils of being the boss right?" He beamed. After Draco and I had spent a year abroad I immediately knew what I wanted to do. While Draco seemed to think that I should become the minister of magic, and spent countless hours debating the pros and cons of the issue with me, I considered it a non-topic because I had no interest in the job. I went back to the ministry and quickly became the new head of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. It quickly became a passion for me and I thrived at my position, today of course was the exception.

"I suppose that's true, how are Ginny and the kids?" I internally winced, remembering the rather painful labor that I witnessed Ginny go through only six months ago, and it made my insides slosh with nausea.

"Great, they're great." He beamed. "Albus is sleeping through the night now and James is talking. We thought he had a magical outburst the other day." He began. "He started to cry and all the silver in the kitchen started flying out. Ginny had a near heart attack until George came out laughing his fool head off. She gave him a good bat boogey hex for that one." He said proudly. I smiled in spite of myself, no longer feeling so sick from my own anxiety.

"How's Draco?" He asked happily.

Since the announcement of our engagement Harry and Draco had both put in quite an obvious effort to be civil with one another, but in time we'd learned that he'd gotten along better with Ginny. Whenever those two were in a room together all they did was bitch and moan and take cheap shots at each other's spouses, sometimes even their own. They never showed anything other than contained tolerance for one another, but I suspected that their bond was a little bit more like family than either one wanted to admit. One afternoon after Albus was born Ginny casually referred to Draco as his Godfather, and though he tried to wear a mask of indifference I saw the way his eyes lit up.

Ever since then Draco held a certain fondness towards Albus, constantly comparing his development with that of James', my godson. I almost laughed, feeling a little more pressure lifted from my chest, perhaps this news would really be good for Draco.

"He's doing well. Business has really taken off since he invested in those new companies." I smiled. When we'd come back from our trip Draco decided to do an overhaul of everything Malfoy and I couldn't be prouder of him. In addition to completely renovating the manor, he took over his Father's company and reinvested almost all of the money, pulling the entire structure of the company and starting from scratch. It was a huge risk, and for the first year all he did was work. But now things had settled down and he was making more money than his father used to, not that we needed any more.

"That's fantastic. Listen, come over for Dinner this Friday. Molly's trying to get the whole family together and we'd love to see you." He smiled.

"Okay, I'll check with Draco and send you an owl, but I'm really quite late Harry, so I've got to be going. It was lovely seeing you though!" About half way through my sentence I started a brisk pace towards to floo, determined to get out of here before I panicked again. I would have to relax until Draco came home. If he saw me like this he would certainly think something was wrong. I let out a breath of relief as I entered the foyer of our much too large Manor before deciding that I would head to the master bedroom and take the longest bath of my life.



I exited the floo into the foyer nearly an hour late. I would have been worried that Granger would be upset if she had taken the time to answer my owl today. It was unlike her to leave one of my letters unanswered, but that must have meant her day was stressful too. I sighed, loosening the knot on my tie before heading to the dining room where she would be waiting.

When we both decided the join the workforce again we'd made a few rules. We agreed not to bring work home with us, not to work on weekends unless absolutely necessary, and most importantly we agreed to have dinner together every night. And we always did. On the rare occasion that one of us was late we would wait for the other, and if not I'd been known to storm into her office with takeout, demanding that she stop worrying about the rights of hippogriffs or whatever the hell it was she did in there.

"Hermione?" I stopped short when I found the dining room empty, glancing around one more to make sure I hadn't missed her although it was impossible that I would have. I took off my cloak and draped it over the back of one of the chairs before making my way to the library, deciding that if she was at work, she definitely would have owled me by now.

It was a really difficult transition, going from spending every waking moment with Granger to spending most of our days apart. It wasn't all bad of course, as much as I loved Hermione she was still as irritating as they came, and a little time away did make the sex that much better, which up until that point I doubted was possible. It took a while to get Granger to free her inhibitions, but it was nothing I couldn't manage after a month of having her all to myself.

It was five months into our trip when I'd decided to make her my wife, and seven months before I asked. Deciding to spend the rest of my life with Hermione was not a lofty decision, nor was it one that I had any trouble deciding upon. However, asking her was another ordeal entirely. After planning out a romantic stroll through some of the most beautiful sights in Morocco and practicing a ridiculous speech that I thought might be convincing enough she beat me to the punch. It was in the shower actually. Between her sucking on my mouth and washing each other with foamy soaps she said she would love to spend the rest of her life with me. And it seemed like the perfect moment. Perhaps it was because my Mother kept telling me that when the moment came, I would know. Or maybe it was because she looked so agreeable in that moment, but for whatever reason I used bit of wandless magic and accioed the ring before kneeling beneath the shower head and asking her to be my wife. The way she gushes about it when she tells the story makes me think I should have planned it that way.

The smile I wore from the memory faded into a frown when I saw no sight of her in the library, and no indication that she'd been there. I let out a huff of frustration, because this wasn't like her, before I climbed the stairs to our bedroom, hoping I would find her there before being forced to take other measures.

After we were engaged we decided to take it slow and have a lengthy engagement. We thought we would settle into jobs after our trip and get enough security there so we could take our honeymoon properly after a year or two. But that line of thinking didn't last long at all. We wanted to be married, and no matter how we thought about it waiting wasn't the right solution. My Mother planned the wedding. We'd been reluctant to let her do it at first, but it had been perfect. There were only twenty or so people, the only ones that mattered to either of us, gathered on a beach back in Aruba at sunset. We spent the last month of our trip as husband and wife back where we started it, deciding it was the perfect spot for our wedding and the honeymoon. When I thought things couldn't be any better we settled into Malfoy manor and rounded out our lives with full careers, things were going so smoothly that I was almost waiting for something to go wrong.

I sighed in relief when I spotted the trail of Hermione's clothes leading into the master bath, and began to unbutton my shirt as I made my way to the tub. I paused, smiling at the state she was in. She was asleep in the tub, pruned beyond belief with a pile of books next to her, it didn't even look like she'd cracked one open before giving into the exhaustion. Her hair was frazzled as usual, and if it didn't look like she'd been in there so long I wouldn't have wanted to wake her up.

"Hermione." I said softly, pressing a soft kiss against her lips. She jumped, sloshing around the water in the tub.

"Draco!" She looked surprised.

"Expecting anyone else?" I raised any eyebrow, giving her a smirk.

"No, what time is it?"

"Half-six." I replied smoothly, her behavior was a little off.

"You're late." She deadpanned. She wasn't angry, just stating facts.

"You would have known had you gotten my owl, but I take it you took the afternoon off?" I asked again, curious. She hardly ever took off work. Even when she was deathly ill I had to practically strap her to the bed to get her to stay in.

"Oh, Sorry, yes. I did take the afternoon." She muttered quickly, avoiding my gaze as she stood up and threw a robe over herself. I frowned at her response, this was very unlike her.

"I was ill." She replied simply, once again not meeting my eyes as she dried off.

"That same stomach bug then?" I asked suspiciously, waiting for her to elaborate. Hermione hardly ever kept secrets. It was one thing I made clear I wouldn't tolerate in a marriage. When one of us kept a secret it didn't bode well for either party. Even for the most innocent reasons secret keeping always exploded into a fight, and I was not in the mood.

She nodded, but then sighed, bracing the sink and closing her eyes tightly, as though she was willing herself to disappear. I drew my eyebrows together in concern before sliding my arms around her waist from behind and pressing my lips to the hollow beneath her ear.

"What is it love?" I asked, trying not to sound as concerned as I was. Hermione hardly kept anything she was upset about from me. She hardly kept anything from me at all. She took several deep breaths, which only added to my anticipation before turning in my arms to face me, pressing her forehead against mine.

"Draco, I asked you a question a really long time ago and you never answered it." She said shakily, fear evident in her voice, but I wasn't following.

"What was the question?" I deadpanned, not in the mood for riddles.

"I asked you if you wanted kids, and you said, we have time." She nibbled on her bottom lip nervously. I tensed, my eyes opening wide as I pulled my forehead from hers to look into her eyes. My heartbeat picked up and adrenaline rushed through my veins.

"What are you saying Hermione?" I rushed out and she paused, biting her lip again.

"Time's up." The words sat between us for one heartbeat and then I was taking her into my arms and kissing every inch of her I could reach.

"You're serious? You're Pregnant?" I mumbled against her lips, but I didn't give her a chance to answer before I hungrily devoured her mouth, a smile breaking across my face.

"You're happy?" She was grinning too and she looked almost as surprised as I felt.

"You're having a baby, my baby. Of course I am Granger, how could I not be?" I let out a dry laugh before pulling her close again and snogging her senseless.

"I just, you never answered, I- I didn't know." Her voice cracked and tears of elation and relief rolled down her perfect cheeks. I brushed them away with my thumbs, holding her gaze for longer than necessary so she could see the sincerity in my eyes and the joy that I knew had to be reflected there.

"This is perfect, you're perfect." I whispered, too overwhelmed to think of anything else I could possibly say. I may not have been thinking of a baby, but somewhere in the back of my mind I knew that I could someday want one. I knew that when the time was right I would be able to tell her that I was ready and that we would try, but right now was perfect. We were having a baby, a baby that was going to be part Hermione and part me. She laughed and sobbed in the same breath, crushing our lips together with a kiss that only highlighted this amazing and life changing moment. I didn't have anything to say, there was nothing I could say to make this better than it already was. So I smirked at her and nipped at her lip before whispering,

"I bet you anything it'll be a Slytherin.".

Part Three: 14 Years Later

"I still don't see the appeal of that." Draco frowned down at the orange tabby cat purring against his legs that both Cassie and I had grown quite fond of.

"Don't pretend you don't pet her when you think nobody's looking Dad!" My youngest daughter smirked at her father. Though he tried to hide it, his eyes lit up with something close to adoration.

"I would never." He acted mock offended before shifting his attention to the Potter family who'd just made their way onto the platform as well.

"Scor! Come on let's go get a compartment before all the good ones are gone!" Shouted Albus Potter. Scorpius' eyes lit up at the idea. Albus and Scorpius were just over a year apart in age, and they caused more mayhem in both the Potter and Malfoy homes than I could ever have imagined. They were the second coming of Fred and George, only worse because they were both in Slytherin and trained by George himself.

"Bye Dad, I'll send you letters and stuff, thanks for the broom, Love you!" Scorpius gave Draco a tight hug.

"Love you too son, and if you don't actually write, you won't be getting a new broom ever again." He grinned. Scorpius rolled his eyes and smiled before latching his arms around my waist. I enveloped him in a hug that I knew would be embarrassing, but I didn't care.

"Oh for Merlin's sake Hermione people are staring." Draco sniggered, but I ignored him. This year would be the first that both of the kids would be off to Hogwarts and I didn't know how to feel about that. I hated that they were so far away, but they loved Hogwarts, and it helped that their extended family made the place seem like home.

"Alright mum that's enough. I'm a third year now. I can't be seen sobbing in my Mother's coat at platform 9 and ¾ again." He stressed, Draco barked out a laugh but once again I ignored him. Scorpius was growing up far too fast, he was a little man now, spitting image of his father with only a few features that represented me, mainly his eyes. His witty personality was also quite like his fathers', minus the superiority complex.

"Alright, I love you darling." I said, kissing his cheek and hugging him to me tightly once again.

"Love you too mum." I let go, and just before he took off Draco snatched up his arm, pulling him closely to whisper in his ear.

"Remember what I told you son. You look out for Cassie, if anyone lays so much as a finger on her, deal with them, and then write me so I can deal with their father." I smiled at his protective nature, fortunately Draco didn't have to remind Scorpius of that. He'd always been fiercely protective of Cassiopeia, just like her father. It was one of the only reasons I wasn't having an anxiety attack about letting her go today. Besides I hardly thought anyone would bother her, the Granger and Malfoy names were well recognized in the wizarding world.

"Of course Dad, I am a Malfoy." Scorpius replied suavely. In that moment he sounded so much like his father that I was nearly reduced to tears.

"I love that boy." Draco mumbled as he took my hand, watching as he ran past Ginny, who was still clutching onto Albus for her life. I chuckled at the scene before crouching down in front of Cassie.

"Are you ready darling?" I asked, but the question was more for me than her, tears were already springing to my eyes at the thought of an empty manor. She nodded nervously and I wrapped her in a hug, running my fingers through her silky auburn hair. It had always fascinated me that neither of my children were cursed with the frizz that I had.

"Alright Hermione, pass her over, we're almost out of time." Draco warned. I pulled back from her and smiled.

"You will be fantastic. I know it. You make sure to write every single week. Stick with Lilly, you two will be fine, I'm sure of it. I love you Cassie." I insisted, giving her a quick peck before turning her to Draco, trying not to let the tears fall from my eyes. I watched as he took her into his arms and held on tight, I knew he would have a hard time with this one too. Cassie had always been Daddy's little girl, and Draco had been wrapped around her finger from the very moment he first held her.

"I love you." He mumbled and she smiled, clutching onto him tightly.

"Love you too Dad." She replied. Draco had always taken a large amount of pride in the fact that his children called him Dad and not Father. The expression in that moment made him hold onto her a little tighter before pulling back.

"If anyone so much as looks at you the wrong way—

"I know Dad, Scor, Albus and James will look out for me, not that I need it. I've been doing my reading and I'm probably a year ahead of them in academically anyway." She grinned. I let out a small laugh this time. She'd certainly inherited my love for books and her father's confidence; she was a perfect blend of the both of us, as was Scorpius. Draco paused for a moment.

"You're going to be a Gryffindor aren't you?" He hugged her tightly again and then released her without giving her an opportunity to answer him.

"Have fun." I called after her as she took a brisk pace towards the express with Lilly next to her. I shook my head after them, tears freely falling.

"You too?" Ginny's voice broke, unable to hide the tears herself as she embraced me. We both jumped when we heard a small explosion come from the train and she let out a dry laugh.

"That would be our boys." She shook her head.

"I'm sure George and Ron had something to do with it too." Draco drawled, looping an arm tightly around my waist. I leaned into him, watching as the scarlet train left the station and our children stuck their heads out of windows waving frantically. I couldn't hold it together then, I let out a sob and Draco held me closer.

"Don't worry, if you want to visit I'm sure it won't be long until Scorp and Albus wind up in the headmasters office for something." He whispered. I smiled at the truth in his statement, content to lean on his shoulder as I watched the train disappear into the distance.



I read through the short letter once more, beaming down at the words. I'd been right, Cassiopeia Malfoy was the very first of her kind, a Malfoy in Gryffindor. Every day for the past 11 years I'd been goading Hermione about our children ending up in Slytherin and when we first got the letter from Scorpius, it had been no surprise. There was no doubt that he was my son. From his mannerisms to his hair he was a Malfoy through and through, but he was also a sucker for his mum, which was probably something I'd raised him to be as well now that I thought about it. When Cassie was born, I thought that she would be just like Granger, and in a way I was right. Cassie was brilliant, she was practically reading before she took her first steps. She was confident, but without a sense of entitlement. She was a lot like her mother, but anyone would be blind not to see the Malfoy in her shining through.

When Albus ended up in Slytherin, I took full credit; after all he was my godson. I got a kick out of watching Potter grimace when I sent package after package of silver and green attire to his doorstep that first year. Of course he promised he would return the favor with crimson and gold as soon as Cassie was sorted, and he'd been right.

"Draco, I got Scorpius' first letter!" Hermione squealed as she reeled around the corner into the library where I was seated at my desk.

"I've got Cassie's, switch?" I grinned. Her eyes lit up with the prospect. I tossed the letter her way and snatched up Scorpius' as she made herself comfortable on her favorite sofa. I watched her settle for a moment, still enthralled with how deeply I'd fallen in love with her. After the kids were born my bond with Granger only increased. We'd both been scared half to death when we brought home Scorpius. She insisted she didn't know how to be a mother, and I certainly had no idea what to expect from fatherhood. Instantly she forged a bond with him and watching the two of them became one of the most soothing experiences I'd ever had. My life became so full and perfect when we started our family and I should have known from the beginning that it was what I wanted. The perfect blend of Hermione and I in a child, our child.

I unfolded his letter with haste and began reading, hearing his voice in my head with every line. I ginned at the fact that he'd made the quidditch team, but it didn't come as a surprise. He'd been on his broom with Albus and James every day this summer, refusing to come down until he'd caught the snitch at least once each day.

I read through the letter, noticing that he mentioned Cassie's sorting. I snorted when he said she ended up in Hufflepuff, knowing Hermione would believe him. I narrowed my eyes at the next few lines when Scorpius mentioned that McLaggen's offspring had taken to Cassie straight away.

But don't worry Dad, as promised,

I calmly informed him that there would be consequences

for causing any intentional or unintentional harm to my little sister.

Then Albus and I played a couple harmless gags on him so he seemed a little less appealing.

"Oh get that look off your face; Cassie is probably mortified that the boys would embarrass her like that." Hermione rolled her eyes from the couch. I hadn't even noticed that I was beaming down at the parchment, proud of my son.

"She never mentioned it." I shrugged, smirking as I folded the letter back up and slid it in my desk drawer with the rest of them.

"She wouldn't, knowing you'd be reading." She scoffed. I chuckled before joining her on the sofa, finding a familiar comfort in holding her against me. She leaned back against my chest, letting out a sigh that sent a chill up my spine.

"I've been thinking." I began, lightly running my fingertips up the length of her exposed arm. "It's been a while since we went on holiday." I murmured against the soft flesh on her neck.

"Holiday sounds lovely." She cooed, snuggling closer to me so I could see her face.

"That hardly took convincing." I noted pleasantly. It usually took a small persistent army to tear Hermione from her work or children for even a day.

"For 14 years of excellent parenting, I'd say we deserve it." She shrugged, smiling up at me.

"My thoughts exactly." I craned my neck down to press my lips against her, still consumed by the soft passion of her every kiss.

"We could always kick off the holiday here, I can't remember the last time we were actually alone in the Manor together." She with a sultry hint in her voice. Before I could respond a familiar owl tapped incessantly at the window.

"Leave it to Potter to continue ruining my life from afar." I grumbled, standing to untie the package from the owl's leg before watching it flit away.

"What is it?" Hermione wrapped her arms around my waist, pressing small kisses against my shoulder blade.


Heard the great news, pass my congratulations on to Cassie.

Can't wait to see you in crimson and gold.


I begrudgingly opened the package to find a rather revolting Gryffindor jumper in my size. I tensed when Hermione shook with laughter behind me, snatching the jumper to see it for herself.

"I never thought I'd see the day that Draco Malfoy was dressed in something like this." She got out between giggling fits. I scowled and snatched it back, tossing it aside to pull her towards me again. Once the laughter died down she grinned up at me.

"We make really great kids." She said seriously. I smiled and kissed her again, unable to stop myself.

"Of course we do, we're Malfoys." I teased. She swatted at my arm playfully.

"Let's go on Holiday. I don't think I'd like to make another, but practicing until I'm too tired to move sounds lovely." She said, resting her forehead against mine.

"Play now and pack later?" I mumbled between lengthening kisses.


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