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Falling Head over heels?

Ch. 1: Don't turn the car around

Ken Rosenberg was strolling down the streets of Los Angeles, he wished to rekindle with his long time friend, Tommy Vercetti. But, that, in itself was only wishful thinking. Ken sighed and ran his head through his hair, which he was quickly losing. Being a lawyer is so DAMN stressful. Why can't I ever take a goddamn break? He sourly went into the nearest bar.

" Get me a beer. " was all Ken said. Dammit, I just realized my name is like that barbie doll's boyfriend. Ugh... He sipped his beer and stared at the couples wandering in and out of club or those who are hooking up for a one night stand. Whores. Damn, L.A. is filled with them. Then a voice, so recognizable, as if it was a dream spoke up.

" Get me two shots and a beer. Pronto. " A gruff voice commanded to the bar tender. The man seemed around his thirties, with a head full of hair, and a very noticeable, four o'clock shadow. Ken was suprised, it his previous friend, Tommy Vercetti.

" Well? What the hell are you waiting for? " Tommy spat at the bar tender. The bar tender mumbled an apology and started getting him his shots and beer. Ken looked a Tommy, it looked like he never aged a day. He still looked the same as that day. The day he got put into rehab.

" Tommy? " Ken questioned. His question hung in the air, waiting for a response. Tommy flicked his eyes in Ken's direction and smirked.

" Ken. Fuck off. " Tommy mumbled and went back to his first shot, he downed it and waited for the next.

" Tommy. Dammit, I tried calling you. Why the hell didn't you answer my calls? " Ken exclaimed, fustrated with the whole ordeal. He didn't want to talk to Tommy when he was drunk. But, I have no other choice. I don't think he would talk to me if he was sober...

" Why do you think asshole? " Tommy slurred. " You went to the damn rehab, left me the hell all alone. I wouldn't answer you. We may have been pals, but no. I'm giving you the flippin' bird Ken. I ain't turning the car around. Not even for you. "

" Dammit Tommy. I hate to admit this, but I missed you. Yeah, it took some time but I grew some balls. Maybe you should do the same. " Ken retorted and sipped more of his beer.

" DON'T YOU FUCKING TELL ME WHAT TO DO! " Tommy roared in anger. He got up and picked Ken up by his collar. He looked straight into Ken's eyes and felt a flash of warmth. What the fuck...?

Ken looked back into Tommy's eyes, I felt my heart race and I faced the truth. I was in love with Tommy. The reason why I could never let go of Tommy, the reason why I never could turn my car around, this was it. I was in love with Tommy.

Well, shit.