Dear Person Who Wrote "Angry Bob Reads Twilight."

First let me say that I very much enjoyed your story and praise your writing abilities. I enjoyed your story; however, I am not a Twilight fan. So as I was reading I got the idea, that is the words to to follow. I am NOT trying to rip you off and I found your story very funny, but like I said, I'm not a large fan of Twilight. Thank you for your cooperation.

Mr. J. Creed

Remember, don't fear the world ending today. It's already tomorrow in Australia.

Angry Bob was angry.

He wanted to be happy.

He saw some girls reading a book.

They were happy.

I will buy this book, thought he.

Then I will share in their joy.

So Angry Bob went to a bookstore.

And asked for the book.

But it was sold out.

Angry Bob felt momentary sadness.

Then he thought, there is another bookstore in the next town.

I will buy it there.

So Angry Bob got into his car and drove to the next town.

But they were sold out too.

And so was the next town,

And the next,

And the next.

Finally Angry Bob found the last copy of literary wonderment that he had sought out across the continent.

And he felt a tear run down his cheek and onto the book that he would treasure forever.

Finally he was happy.

Angry Bob read the first line and died of the plague that can only come of reading the book: Twilight-titus