Believe me, if I owned Merlin it would look a whole lot more like this story.

The chamber was bathed in moonlight. The storm had passed, leaving only puddles and mist as reminders. In the wee hours before dawn, Morgana's eyes fluttered open. She awoke to discover her half-conscious mind in a state of comfort and peace she had never known. Everything felt right, but as she looked over to find whose naked body she was wrapped up in, everything felt so wrong.

She could barely breathe as she looked down on the future king of Camelot. This isn't how it was supposed to happen. Marriage was sacred. Virtue was sacred. Honor was sacred. And in one night she had stolen all of that from the Prince. She jumped to her feet, freeing herself from his grasp and scrambled for her scattered clothes. He loved Gwen. He was going to make Gwen his queen. He couldn't know what he had done. He couldn't know how they had dishonored each other. She could never allow him to know the truth.

She watched him sleep as she dressed. Her eyes travelled over his strong, noble face as the blue light of the moon washed over it. He looked so innocent when he slept, all the worries and battles and responsibilities hidden beneath his eyelids. Innocence was a beautiful thing, but even a glimpse of it is hard to come by in these blood-soaked days.

She walked up beside his bed, pulling the rich red blankets over his naked body. He stirred for a moment, his eyes fluttering open for only a moment.

"Morgana?" he muttered, confused, "What happened?"

With a deep breath Morgana whispers, "It was all a dream, love. A beautiful dream." A spell escaped her quivering lips and fire burned in her eyes like the sun. When morning comes, that night will be nothing but a dream.

Morgana slipped away like a shadow in the night, her body shaking with the tears she would not allow to fall, her shoulders heavy with her secret as she glided through the halls like a ghost, back to her own room where she would lie awake and alone for the rest of the night.

I know it was short, but it was necessary. I'll keep updating as quickly as I can. Believe me, I have all sorts of plans for this story.