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Logan's PoV

And this was it.

My boxes were packed.

My plane ticket was booked.

The goodbye letters that I wrote to all of my friends (even Peggy, though we're not exactly friends) have been given out to them.

It seemed that everything was falling into place, but I couldn't find it in me to leave. I had an hour before I actually had to be at graduation and I couldn't help but feel like something is missing. I sat in front of the Medical building reminiscing about my time there. All the late nights studying and trying to impress everyone and making sure that I was the best. For a while, that was all that mattered. Getting good grades, proving myself, and making sure everyone knew just how smart I was. As the memories flew by, I realized that that wasn't the case anymore. Sure, I was proud of how far I'd come and who I was but I realized that I had changed from my original direction.

I was no longer the Logan Mitchell who was obsessed with school and grades and just success in general. I learned that it was okay to have fun and drown myself in something that wasn't school related. I learned to love something and someone other than myself and school and I was totally okay with it. This year was more fun than anything and I couldn't let that go yet.

I glanced straight ahead of me and noticed a familiar grassy area twenty feet away. The thorny bush that once meant nothing out of the ordinary suddenly meant everything. All the times that I didn't even acknowledge it when it hid a big part of my future. It held the one answer to the question I had avoided for awhile now.

With one last look at the building and the bush, I walked away and towards the auditorium.

Camille's PoV

The auditorium was packed. Or at least that's what the hum of the crowd revealed. The floor lights had yet to turn on, so the graduates had to walk blindly down the aisle and find the appropriate seat. Wainavo liked to be dramatic so not showing the graduates until graduation officially started was just another act. I'm not even going to lie, I've waited for this moment. Past seniors always gushed about the feeling of adrenaline that flowed through them the second the lights turned on and everyone clapped and cheered.

We didn't need an arena like other schools for our graduation since the graduating class was always so small. A hundred kids or so usually made up the graduating class. This auditorium was the perfect place for something like this. The memories I had of this place were endless and the love I found here was priceless. Logan up on that stage again would be wonderful. Only this time he would be valedictorian. School had let out for summer break two days ago, so a lot of the underclassman were still in town. As I walked to my seat, I tried to look around for my dad or Katie but I came up with nothing. The faces blended in with each from where I was.

Once I was in my seat, I unlocked my phone and shifted through a few text messages. All of them ranged from distant family members congratulating me about today to Katie complaining about her mother crying over Kendall graduating. It was so entertaining that I almost missed the cue for the lighting.

It was right then when that I realized just who I was sitting next to. She tapped me on the shoulder and I was surprised. She wasn't the one sitting next to me during practice the day before and I could've sworn she was a junior. Her blond hair was curled around her face, and she had little make up. I could see a bit of her white dress peaking out from the little opening that we all had in our robes. She looked good. She smiled at me and for a second, I hesitated. Then again, she wasn't trying to kill me so I took that as a sign.

"Are you sitting in the right place?" I asked, trying not to sound as suspicious as I felt.

"Don't worry, I'm not here to get my revenge on you or anything. Because I got invited to go to UCLA early instead of waiting a whole year I had to be added in last minute."

"Wow." I said impressed.

Before she could answer, Principal Rocque came on.

"Give it up for Wainavo Academy's class of 2012!"

And the madness begun. Shouts of joy and excitement surged through the air as the lights turned on. I had to take a second to get used to the light but when I did, my heart swelled as I saw my dad on the balcony holding up a colorful sign with my name written on it. It was hard to take him seriously with his three piece charcoal grey suit so I ended up laughing at his attempt at waving the sign.

He was getting dirty looks from all the neighboring parents so Mrs. Knight had to get him to sit him down to avoid any confrontation. Heather and Katie wore matching black blouses as they giggled over my dad's actions. I shook my head and looked ahead of me since it was time for Logan to make his speech. He looked so cute but serious with his usually spiky hair pushed down onto his forehead and his matching midnight blue robe.

I felt a lot of pride knowing I was the girlfriend of the Valedictorian. A lot of people will probably ignore what he's going to say but I'm all ears. My man was on stage and he was going to get all the attention I could offer. As Ms. Wainwright announced his name as Valedictorian, Peggy and I jumped up in approval, both of us yelling his name obnoxiously.

I shot Peggy a dirty look as she sat down and to my surprise she actually looked apologetic! I had to clench my jaw to keep it from dropping to the floor. I sat down slowly, not taking my eyes off her once. That is until Logan spoke.

"These last four years at Wainavo have left me better, smarter, and more equipped to handle what life throws at me. But that's why you parents send your kids here right? To hone their craft in order to be prepared for what is to come. I thought that's all that mattered. I never thought too big of having too many friends or going to non-educational school sanctioned functions. I mean, how was that going to get me into Harvard?."

A few people laughed, and I smiled as I slowly realized how this was going to go.

"But my senior year changed all of that. The one time I let go and shied away from the person I always thought I was, was the one time I truly knew who I was. I had fun. I met new people who are the best, most interesting people I've met so far. And I met a girl who I never truly noticed until it was almost too late. As cliche as all this sounds, it changed my whole direction and viewpoint on life. I finally feel like I really can do and be anything. This speech may not be what you expected. Hell, I've had this speech written since freshman year and yet I'm speaking off the top of my head and not even looking at this piece of paper."

The room was so quiet. Everyone was so focused on Logan and what he was saying. I held my breath, waiting for him to continue on.

"I'm happy to say that I will be at Harvard this coming fall. And I'm also happy to say that the same girl I talked to you guys about earlier is coming to New York with me."

I smiled, as everyone began to shift and Principal Rocque got up and started to wave his hands frantically to avoid any more distraction. Just as he reached the podium, Logan spoke again.

"To my fellow graduates, good luck. To my girl Camille, I will go anywhere with you. And I will be all that you want me to be and then some. I will follow you anywhere. I can't promise you forever but I will stay as long as you want or need me. For my parents and the faculty, thank you for being some of my best teachers and influences. For my friends both new and old, I'll keep in touch. And to Camille Roberts, I love you baby. Congratulations Class of 2012! " He said into the microphone.

That was the defining moment as the low hum of everyone's whispers filled the air and the eyes of a few faculty members rolled around. People were searching for me and waiting to see the look on my face. I smiled, nodding my head, even though I knew I was probably lost in the crowd to him.

"And I, I will be all that you ask of me." I whispered to my self.

I was rows away from the stage, but I could still see Logan's smile that could only be for me. He stepped down and took his seat with the rest of us. Principal Rocque was so red as he stepped up to the mic to continue the ceremony, I thought he would explode at any second. His ridiculous goatee seemed to outline his balloon of a face even more than usual.

As he talked, I felt Peggy tap me on the shoulder again, this time for a different reason.

"Look, this may be a little too late, but I am sorry. I purposely tried to take Logan away from you even when I knew how much you liked him. That wasn't cool." she whispered.

I searched her face, looking for any signs of deceit but I came up with none. As much as I wanted to be a bitch and ignore her attempt, I couldn't. I didn't want to end my time at Wainavo on such a bad note.

"I get it. I honestly do. And hey, I wasn't that nice to you either. The fact that you're apologizing shows that you're being the bigger person. That and you actually seem to mean it. I'm sorry too." I said as nicely as I could.

I thought back to my Parent's Day shenanigans and cringe. I didn't need to do that. Don't get me wrong that plan was so damn genius. But also so damn mean.

"Um, what happened to you after Parent's Day?" I asked her.

Peggy shrugged but smiled. Her pearly whites were almost blinding as she blushed.

"I've been good actually. I explained to my parents that it wasn't what it looked like but I have to admit it wasn't too bad. You never know what the future holds. No hard feelings though, surprisingly enough." She answered truthfully.

To say I was shocked was an understatement. Her confession left me with a few questions but I didn't want to pry. It wasn't my business anyway. The relief I felt for not causing any damage to her life was bubbling over and I felt a sense of calm hit me as names were being called. Peggy gave my hand a squeeze and shot me a smile as everyone started getting up.

I glanced in Logan's direction and could see him making his way to his place in line. I closed my eyes for a moment and took a deep breath, finally understanding what was happening here.

As several of my friends' names were being called, I never once hesitated to yell out or scream. By the time, Logan got up there I wasn't sure I had it in me to scream. So, I waited. I waited as people screamed his name and clapped for him. Right as he walked off stage, I placed a hand on Peggy's shoulder and steadied myself as I got up on my seat. Just as he walked down the stairs, I screamed at the top of my lungs and all eyes flickered to me.

"I love you, Logan Mitchell!"

He had a look of surprise on his face and he searched for me in the crowd. When he saw me standing so high up compared to everyone else, he let out a laugh and shook his head.

He tucked his diploma under his arm and cupped his hands over his mouth.

"I love you too, Camille Roberts!"

I had to admit the dirty looks coming from Principal Rocque were worth it. I got down and Logan proceeded to go back to his seat. My name was up next and as I walked down the aisle towards the stage I felt so good. I felt like I had actually done something that mattered. I had proven my dad wrong and made my dream come true. I snagged the guy I've wanted for four years. And I'm going to be going to college with him in the same state. All was so good. Too good, and I wasn't going to question why.

For once, I was going to go with the flow. I was going to have my moment and own it too. I stepped on stage and grabbed my diploma and shook hands with the faculty. I stopped and offered a little pose because there was no doubt in my mind that my dad was taking as many pictures as possible. The screams flowed through me as I could make out a few distinct voices of Jo, Kendall and the others. When I made it down the stairs, I heard Logan's voice calling me. When I raised my head to look at him, he was standing on his chair just like I was before, clapping and yelling like a maniac.

And I was so proud to call him mine.

I don't remember making it back to my seat. I really, truly don't. I do remember the midnight blue caps floating in the air and me finding my way into Logan's arms. We were the only ones in the middle of the aisle and while I knew we should have been in our seats, the temptation was too much as my lips crashed into his in the best kiss ever.

In that moment, we weren't at graduation. We were in a place of our own, one that only we could see. There were no more questions. No more hesitation. Just pure joy, respect and love. No one else was there but us.

The kiss was too brief and I tried to hold him in a bit longer by biting his lip as we came apart. He groaned a bit and whispered against my lips.

"We have the whole summer together, Cam. The whole summer. What are we going to do?" He whispered.

"Oh, trust me when I say I have it all planned out." I grinned.

And I did. As graduation came to an end and we found our families, I finally felt okay. I was satisfied. It may not last long but it was here now and I planned to enjoy it. No matter what happens, I know that I'm going to be okay. Abraham Lincoln once said, "Whatever you are, be a good one." And I plan to do just that. I will be a great student. A great actress. A great daughter.

But most of all, I will be me, and be the best that I can be.

And no one will ever take that away from me.

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