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Bella sat in her dad's police cruiser watching the sleepy town of Forks with slight curiosity. The sky was so grey and dreary and the weather was so cold. She wondered what people did all day in such a dead place. Her dad was awkwardly attempting to start a conversation but she didn't hear what he said. She continued to watch the endless walls of green pass by her window. "We're here Bells." grunted Charlie. Bell nodded and got out of the car. She wrapped her arms around herself and shivered as she looked at the house she had once spent vacations at. Though she only spent a brief time there.

She cocked her head as she heard some noise come from the house. It sounded oddly like music. "Damn." She heard Charlie mutter as they walked up to the house. Charlie opened the unlocked door, and the two walked into the house. Bella could now hear the music clearly; it was seventies rock like she heard Charlie play on the radio. Bella couldn't name the artist or the song for the life of her though. She was never too interested in music.

"Bella stay here." said Charlie as he grabbed his gun holster. Bella felt fear when she saw her father reach for his gun. She'd never seen her father go to such extremes before. And she was more than a little confused.

"Charlie, what's wrong?" she asked. Not noticing she called him by his name, instead of dad. Charlie didn't notice either as he began going up the stairs. Bella followed behind despite her fear and confusion but stopped at the third step getting a clear view of the upstairs. Charlie walked up to the door that used to be her room and kicked it open.

"How many times have I asked you if you got all your stuff out?" Charlie called out over the music. The music turned off abruptly. There was a silence. And Bella strained to hear the conversation.

"Whoa! Put down the gun pops I was just waiting till you came back to give you the key. And maybe get my stereo back." said a voice that Bella had never heard before.

"And you couldn't wait on the porch?" asked Charlie. He put his gun back in the holster, and continued to stand in the doorway of Bella's old room.

"No, it got too cold." replied the other voice. Bella was going through her memories of Forks trying to remember a person whose voice sounded like that. She could remember a copper skinned boy she used to play with, maybe he grew up. The voice was odd and hard to distinguish a gender from. It wasn't as high as a female's voice but not as deep as most guys she knew. But then again she barely talked to anyone let alone guys.

"Alright come on." ordered Charlie as he grabbed onto a tattooed arm from inside the room. The arm then grew into a person. They had long messy hair that covered the face as they were being dragged out of the room by the chief of police. They had a baggy shirt on with a picture of Metallica on the front, baggy black pants and dirtied converse. One arm was in the firm grip of the chief of police and the other arm cradling a stereo system like a baby. Charlie led them to the steps and began leading the youth down the steps. He didn't seem mad at the youngster, just disappointed in a fatherly way. Bella backed away as the approached where she stood on the steps. They finally got to the ground steps.

"So, are you going to read me my rights?" asked the young adult (by appearance) cheekily. Charlie rolled his eyes, a move Bella had never seen him do.

"I'm pretty sure you have them memorized by now Malachi." said Charlie as he let go of the youth. Bella stared at the young man in shock, wondering how many times he'd been arrested.

"Come on pops you wound me. I haven't been arrested that many times only once. And you guys couldn't even keep me overnight." said Malachi. Bella stared at the pair confused but silent. Then Malachi turned to her, as though he felt her stare. "This your kid pops?" asked Malachi as he pointed to Bella, who flushed red. Charlie nodded. "Hmm…I thought she'd be younger, from the pictures I saw I thought she'd be ten." said Malachi. His focus was back to Charlie and Bella focused on something other than blushing.

"No she's fifteen-"started Charlie. But he was cut off

"Seventeen Charlie." corrected Bella. Charlie nodded in agreement grunting a sorry.

"Well sorry I'm intruding on your reunion pops. Today I'm officially out of what's left of your hair." said Malachi waving goodbye to the Swans before leaving. Charlie ran a hand through his hair, which showed no signs of receding.

"Cheeky punk." Charlie chuckled as he stared at the now closed door. He turned to Bella and an awkward silence draped over them.

"So um…who was that?" asked Bella. Charlie shifted uncomfortably. The humor that surrounded Malachi was gone. Charlie didn't know how to talk to Bella; she didn't act like the boy did. Bella was much more serious, so Charlie decided to be straight forward.

"That was Malachi; he rented your room for about two months before he got his own place." Charlie said. He tried hard not to flinch away from his daughter, like she was a grenade without a pin.

"How did it happen?" she questioned. She never really thought her father would rent her room.

"Well I was working one day when someone found him sleeping in a tent in the woods. He was on private property but the owner decided not to press charges. We couldn't hold him for the night so I asked where he lived. He said he was currently temping as a hobo. So obviously I couldn't leave him homeless. I took him in and he got a job, soon enough he paid rent without problems and got a loan for a loft." Charlie told her. His muscles relaxed but he remained ready to run if she turned hostile. You never were too sure with women.

"So when did he move out?" Bella fired. Charlie's palms began to sweat and he now understood how being interrogated felt like. So he decided to do what every father did in a situation like this, avoid answering.

"Hey Bells let's check out your room." He said leading Bella upstairs to the room were someone else had lived for the two months. Bella sighed knowing she wouldn't get an answer out of her father for now. She wondered what the room would look like. Did Malachi have posters of rock bands everywhere? What colors did he paint the walls? She wondered what type of person he was, and if the way the room was styled would give her an idea.

The door opened and she stared in shock. The walls were a light purple and a black leafless tree was painted on the wall in front of her. Charlie gave a low whistle of appreciation. Bella noticed seven ravens on the tree branches and one wolf by the tree trunk. Above the tree painted in black were the words 'Perfumed diamonds and silky furs have no claim on me'. Bella wondered what that meant.

"Wow. He did this?" Bella questioned in shock. It seemed odd that purple was Malachi's favorite color.

"I asked him to paint the room for you. I guess he thought you'd like purple." said Charlie. He too was shocked at the mural on the wall. "Do you like it?" He asked his daughter. Bella nodded dumbly, not knowing what to say.

"Thank you but you guys didn't have to do this for me." She said. She was bright red at the fact her father had this done for her, and a guy who didn't even know her did this for her as well. She looked over to the bed with purple sheets, similar on shade to the pain on her walls. She also looked at the desk near the wolf painted at the base of the tree. She walked in and placed her suitcase on the bad wondering if Malachi had slept on it as well.

"It's alright Bells I wanted to do it. Besides Malachi didn't do it alone. His girl came by and helped, I wouldn't be surprised if she did the whole tree thing." He said hoping to comfort her uneasiness. But Bella felt something odd in her gut when her father mentioned Malachi's girl.

"He has a girlfriend?" asked Bella. Charlie seemed confused on why she cared.

"Yeah, she's a pretty one too. She's got blonde hair, pretty tall same height as the boy actually, and smart. I don't know why a girl like that would be with that punk though. They're both in college too she's in SBU and he's going to Peninsula College." Charlie said. He hoped that satisfied her curiosity. Bella stayed quite for a while.

"Oh." She finally said. The awkward silence returned tenfold and Charlie's palms begain to sweat again.

"Well I'll leave you to unpack." He said as he bolted downstairs hoping there was a game on to take his mind off the awkward conversation.