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Zacharais wandered around the forests near the La Push beach. Instead of the ground being dirt, it was rock and every few feet there were tide pools. Zacharais walked by these pools, sometimes stopping to crouch near one to see the ecosystem inside. He placed he hand in the water, and the fish didn't swim away they just weaved between his spread fingers as if his hand has been there forever. He watched the water ripple as he wiggled his fingers before removing his hand all together. Zacharias got up from his crouch and continued walking. He soon wandered away from the pools and deeper into the forest where the rock turned to soil. His footsteps were muffled by the soft ground, occasionally he stepped on a twig or two the snapping sounding like a gunshot in the silence.

Zachrias then began to touch the trees. It was a light touch, his fingers barely grazed the bark of the tree but he could feel it; the thrum of life within the trunk, the rush of water through every leaf, right beneath his fingertips. It made him think about his brother, he knew Malachi could feel the trees too, and he could feel them better than Zacharias could. He also knew that Malachi hated touching the plants, Caleb used to do that. He couldn't blame him; Zacharias couldn't even look at spicy food after Esther.

Zacharais pulled his hand away from the tree as though he was burnt and held it close to his chest. He couldn't let his mind go down that road, not like Malachi did. There was a snap from behind him and Zacharias whipped around to see who it was. His dark orbs stared forward and blue eyes stared back "Zacharias, I-" Zacharias did an about-face and began walking away. He didn't want to see her; she was the one who had corrupted his little brother with all her talk of the outside. She had ruined his life.

"Don't speak to me, pale face." He said coldly, the blond behind him fumed at his words.

"Damn it! What is with you chosens? Stop being angsty and stupid!" she said as she followed behind him.

"I said not to speak to me. Don't you understand pale-face, I'm speaking your language." Came Zacharias's toneless reply.

"No wonder Mal left if this was how you treated him." Sarah spat. Zacharias saw red at that moment, when his eyesight came back he had the blond pinned to a tree trunk by her throat. She clawed at his hands but he didn't feel the pain.

"Shut the hell up." Zacharias hissed squeezing her throat lightly. She stared at him, her eyes scared. "It's your fault he left. It's your fault! Not mine!" he said. Then he let go and Sarah collapsed to the floor, gasping.

"Help." She croaked as she struggled to regain her breath. Zacharias's fists clenched, and one hand shot out to grab Sarah by her hair. Zacharias pulled her up to his face, her toes barely hovering over the ground.

"I said. Shut. Up." He growled, Sarah flinched slightly but didn't look away, not like she could with Zacharias's grip on her hair.

"You need to speak to your brother." She said, her voice recovering from his earlier chokehold. Zacharias threw her and she landed hard, despite the soil being soft.

"Stop talking, you know he won't speak to me. You brainwashed him." Zacharias spat before walking away. Sarah lied there on the ground, the cool soil slightly helped the new forming bruise around her neck. Finally she decided to get up and deal with the problem in a more hands on manner.

Zacharias was still fuming, his earlier mood long gone. He knew she wasn't following him, there were no footsteps behind him. Suddenly a strong force hit his ribs, sending him to the tree on his left. His skull smacked against the rough bark hard enough to cause a gash on the side of his face. He turned his head to see Sarah standing there. Her eyes were ablaze and she had a purple ring forming around her neck.

"Since you won't listen to me, I'm going to have to beat you into submission first." She said. Zacharias touched the side of his face and looked down at his hand. It was wet with a crimson liquid and Zacharias grew furious. He flicked his wrist sending crimson spike toward his attacker and the sliced through the flesh on her arms, leaving behind deep gashes of their own.

"Unlike you, I have tricks. The ability to manipulate water comes with the ability to turn anything with water in it into a weapon, even my own blood." Zacharias sneered. His pupils turned into horizontal rectangles, like a toad's and his canine teeth quickly grew into snake like fangs. Zacharias sliced his palm with a fang and formed his own blood into a whip. "Bring it."

Sarah ran toward Zacharias dodging the whip as it lashed at her. The whip got the area above her ankle a few times, slashing the bottoms of her pants. She jumped and attempted kick Zacharias in the head only to have her uninjured leg caught in his hand. Sarah managed to escape his grasp before he could apply bone crushing force to her ankle. She quickly placed her foot onto Zacharias' chest and flipped off from him, kicking him in the jaw. Sarah managed to flip away from him and was now dodging the whip he sent at her. Zacharias' whip lashed out at her, wrapping around her waist and pulling her right into his fist. Sarah coughed out blood with the force of the blow and dropped as his fist stopped supporting her.

"Effort doesn't equal victory dumbass." Zacharias sneered as he got closer to Sarah's fallen form, only to be hit by a surprisingly strong fist. Sarah lied there with her fist raised as Zacharias writhed, clutching his nose. For all the training he received, Zacharias never really built up a pain tolerance. Sarah picked herself up from the floor and wiped the blood away with the back of her hand. Zacharias also pulled himself from the ground, but before he could make a move towards Sarah she turned and jumped, landing a well-placed scissor kick on the side of his head, effectively sending him to the ground once again. Sarah gave a triumphant smiled and loomed over Zacharias.

"You just got knocked the fuck out!" she crowed as Zacharias finally lost consciousness. Sarah then fell on her butt next to him and coughed again while covering her mouth with her hand. As she stared at the crimson liquid on her hand she couldn't help but feel a bit weak. She knew that if luck was not on her side, she would have lost the fight.

She then looked on her arm and found a deep gash created by the blood whip; she never recalled getting hurt there. Without hesitation Sarah ripped the bottom of her shirt and tied around the wound as a make shift Band-Aid, she also did the same with her leg. She lend fell back and stared up looking at the tall trees that just climbed into the sky. Sarah missed the sun, she missed the heat, and she missed the sand. Really what she missed was the past.

Bella felt nervous when entering the coffee shop, in all honesty there was nothing unwelcoming about the place. It smelled of freshly ground coffee beans, had comfortable squishy chairs that looked like it came from someone's living room, the people seemed to be very relaxed and the place had Wi-Fi. If Bella wasn't there to see Ahmed and possibly hit his berserk button, she would have loved the place. Angela was right next to her, looking calm and a bit bored. She looked over to Bella and gave a small smile. "Ahmed's band is going to play in ten minutes, until then just chill 'kay?" she said comfortingly. Bella gave a nod and what she hoped was a confident smile, when in truth it appeared to be a pained grimace. "I'm going to get a coffee, want anything?" Angela asked.

"Just a hot cocoa please." Bella said softly. Angela gave a sigh at her friend's submissive behavior, one of these days someone might come and completely control her. Angela didn't want that for her friend.

Angela went over to the counter and ordered from a girl with bubble gum pink hair in an odd hairstyle. The bangs were curled and she had two ponytails tied in two loops on the back of her head. She was bubbly and nice, but certainly someone she had never seen before around town. "So are you new around Forks?" Angela asked the girl who introduced herself as Joy.

"No I have been here for a while. I just don't hang around the main stream; I'm mostly in the underground places like this coffee shop and the other shops in this district. You should really check them out." Joy said with a smile. Angela couldn't help but smile back at the good natured barista. Once the order was finished Angela went to sit by Bella, who had made herself comfortable in one of the squishy arm chairs near the stage that was just finished with the set up. Angela handed the cocoa to Bella and sat herself down in another chair next to Bella's.

"What kinda band Ahmed is in?" Bella asked. Angela merely shrugged as she finished her sip of coffee.

"I don't really know. All I know is that he has a band and they sometimes play here. To be honest this is the first time I've ever been in this district. I've never really had a reason to come down here." Angela admitted. Bella seemed disappointed but didn't voice a complaint. The sat there in silence for a while before a guy came on the stage he had red hair and freckles dusting his cheeks and nose. His eyes were bright green and glowing with mirth, like there was a joke only he understood.

His shirt was plain grey and he wore faded jeans with rips in the knees and mall splatters of paint on the legs. He stood at the mic and smiled at the people there. Then another person came on stage. Her hair was a surprising blue color, there were a few pieces of curly hair in the girl's face dangling before her light brown eyes. The back of her hair spike out at odd angles and she was wearing a plain grey shirt as well, except hers was topped with a vest. Her jeans where intact and seemed new, they were the exact opposite of the redhead's jeans. She sat at the drum set and pulled two wooden drum sticks from nowhere.

The next guy that came on stage had the oddest color of hair Bella had seen yet. His hair was snow white and was spiked up in a way that seemed to defy gravity, Bella wondered if he hung upside down to gel his hair that way, except his hair appeared soft and gel-less. His eyes were also an odd amber color, one you'd often see in cat's eyes. He wore a long sleeved grey shirt that matched the short sleeved shirt the others were wearing. His jeans seemed worn, but not as ratty as the redheads. He picked up the bass and put the strap over himself. His face was oddly blank, something Bella found even weirder about him.

Finally Ahmed made his way to the small stage picking up an acoustic guitar, though any one with even a smidgen of knowledge about guitars would correct her and say it was an acoustic electric guitar. Bella didn't have any knowledge on guitars so she didn't know. Bella let her eyes drift and the roamed over Ahmed's face and head. His dark eye were focused and he casually ran a hand trhough his black curly hair. He seemed to stand out in the group, despite wearing the same type of clothing as the rest of the band. Bella decided it was due to his darker skin and the exotic look he had with his almond eyes and dark lashes.

The redhead gave a cough before grabbing the mic and pulling it closer to his face. "Hello patrons of this fine caffine dispensary." He said. A few of the people there chuckled but Bella didn't get the joke. "I hope you're enjoying your morning because it' about to get much better. My name is Christian and we are Unintentional." He said, the majority of the people clapped and others jut nodded in approval for some odd reason. Christian nodded to the rest of the band and the blue haired girl began hitting her drum sticks together. "1, 2, 3, 4."

"I try so hard to keep you in my sight

But you seem determined to run from my light

All I want is for you to stay here tonight

All I want is for you to-

Stay by my side

We can ride this out together

Stay by my side

I'm not askin' for forever

What I need is your love

What I need is your heart

I just won't let you go

I'm not ready to part

Stay by my side

We can ride this out together

Stay by my side

I'm not askin' for forever" Christian sang, his voice was amazing. It was scratchy dut not too deep and not too high. Bella honestly like the song as well, despite it' shortness. The band sang a couple more songs before the finally finished and began taking the stuff down. Bella quickly got up from her squishy couch and approached the band. Leaving Angela to stare after her with a small smile playing at her lips.

"Well looky here, I told you we'd get our first groupie soon. My charm is just too much." said a female voice next to Bella, suddenly an arm materialized around her shoulders. Bella turned her head to the side and found herself practically nose to nose with the blue haired drummer. Bella struggled a bit and managed to pull herself away from the blue haired girl. "Hi! My name I Jenny, but I bet you already knew that. " Jenny said with a smile as she leaned in close, far too close for Bella's comfort.

"Jen top that." Said a cold voice. Bella turned her head away to see the white haired male staring at them coldly. Jenny pulled away and pouted.

"But Hero, I was only trying to fulfill the fantasies of our biggest fan!" Jenny pouted.

"You mean your fantasies." snickered Christian as he appeared, throwing an arm around Hero's shoulder. The white haired male stared at Christian' arm, as though he had the power to will the appendage to shrivel up and fall off."Seriously, control your libido."

"I suggest you stop invading my personal space." Hero spoke coldly. Christian continued joking as though Hero had never said a word. The three people gathered there made Bella nervous, she turned her head back and sent a pleading look to Angela who looked as though she were laughing behind her coffee. Angela showed her friend some mercy and got out of her chair and went over to the rowdy group. They continued on like she want even there but Bella felt more at ease with her friend there.

"Uhm…I'm trying to talk to Ahmed. We go to school together and-" Bella spoke softly but was mostly ignored.

"Wait you go to school with Ahmed? Ha! She's jail-bait Jenny." Christian said smugly. Jenny looked heartbroken and grabbed Bella's hand and pressed it to her chest.

"I it true? Oh, I don't care. I'll wait for you." Jenny said dramatically. Bella tried to tug her hand away from the blue haired girl and Angela was also trying to tug Bella away from Jenny in an attempt to preserve her innocence.

Bella began to doubt if going to the coffee shop was worth the trouble.