Title: Crazy Today

Author: Hikari Teiruzu

Pairing: Yukina/Kisa, implied!Takano/Ritsu, implied!Hatori/Chiaki

Rating: T

Disclaimer: I don't own Sekaiichi Hatsukoi.

Summary: When you see your co-worker and your boyfriend talking to each other in the bookstore along with an angry and jealous boss behind you, you know that today is a crazy day.

A/N: I got bored so I made this one-shot. First one-shot that I actually finished in one sitting. Kisa is a bit OOC I think. I might make this a three-shot if you want me to.

It's been three days already. Three days since Kisa has been stalking Yukina again at the bookstore. He stopped doing this once he and the part-timer started dating but he couldn't help to stalk him this time for one reason.

Why are Ritsu and Yukina talking to each other in a friendly way?

Kisa knows that he can't stay mad at Ritsu because he's his co-worker and he's adorable but he can't help to be jealous that he is talking to Yukina-HIS boyfriend in a friendly manner. He assumes it is because they are four years apart.

'Ricchan and Yukina are here again…' thought Kisa. He notices Ritsu giving Yukina a bag. 'WHAT THE HELL IS IN THERE?'

He couldn't help to be envious and jealous on the fact that Ritsu just gave something to Yukina. He feels like going up to them, taking the bag off of Yukina and then tell his co-worker that the student is his boyfriend. The baby-faced editor immediately rejected that idea as he didn't want to be mean to Ritsu.

Now he sees Yukina touching Ritsu's hair. He heard the taller man say that there was dust in his hair.


Before he could think of anymore thoughts, he heard a loud slam behind him. Luckily, he was in a corner where the chances of Yukina or Ritsu looking at them would be zero. He slightly turned around to see who could have slammed that book in a angry manner. He sees a tall man dressed in a brown coat with black hair. He was imitating Kisa as he was peering over the corner where Ritsu and Yukina were with a book on his hands. Kisa immediately knew who this man was.

'Oh shit. It's Takano-san.'

Since he noticed that Takano was eyeing where Ritsu and Yukina were, Kisa suggested that he might be spying on Ritsu as the two do have something going on between them. He assumed that the editor-in-chief slammed the book he had in his hand because of Yukina touching his employee's hair and then replaced it with another book.

'Who knew Takano-san had this side to him?' thought Kisa as he turned back to spy on the two brunets.

He saw Yukina turning to the side and then he waved good-bye to Ritsu and then walked away. Ritsu checked the time on his watch and then left the bookstore. Kisa eyed Takano who had put the book he was holding back to it's original spot and chased after the young editor as he too exited the bookstore. Kisa sighed. As he was putting the book he had back to it's original spot, he decided to go back home.

As he was on his way back, a few steps away from Marimo Books, he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned to see a tall man around his late twenties wearing a suit and had brown hair. At first, Kisa thought he was the one-night stand that stalked him and harassed him during the time before dating Yukina but he realized that this man is different from the other man as this man had a scowling look and brown eyes.

"Shouta!" he yelled angrily, "I finally found you!"

Kisa's eyes widen as he turned around and started to run away but he was caught by the arm by the man.

"Where do you think you're going?" he questioned, "I missed you so much!"

"Let go of me!" yelled Kisa, "I told you that we're only going to do it for one night then it's over!"

How he hated his one-night stands. He's a sucker for good looks and will sleep with anyone with a handsome face. Most of them are dicks though. He hated their tenacious personalities.

The man's grip on Kisa's arm tightens. The editor winces at the painful grip.

"I haven't agreed to that! I want you right now!"

"Let go!"

Miraculously, a hand lashed out and pulled the man's arm off of Kisa's. The editor blushed as it was his young boyfriend to the rescue. He remembered that his shift ended so he should be out around here around this time.

"He said 'Let go'." Yukina said, "So get lost!"

"You again?" yelled the man who is even more pissed off, "First that brunet and now him? What are you, some kind of knight-in-shining-armor?"

"Well, since you did tried to attack Kisa-san, I guess I'll call the police on you this time." Yukina got out his phone. The man scurried off, much to Kisa's surprise. The college student turned around to look at Kisa. "Are you okay, Kisa-san? Did he hurt you too much?"

Kisa shook his head. Yukina smiled brightly and then grabbed onto the older man's hand. "I'm not sure if that man will come back. I'll hold onto you so that if he does, I can protect you again."

The shorter man blushed at the cheesy protecting lines.

"Oh, Kisa-san! Do you want to come over to my place?" Yukina held up a bag. Kisa recognized this as the bag that Ritsu gave to him, "I received persimmons during work! Let's go eat them!"

He wanted to decline but since Kisa did like persimmons and he was in the mood for the offer, he accepted it and went to Yukina's apartment.

Kisa sat down as Yukina started washing the persimmons. After he did so, he put them in a bowl and placed them on the table along with fruit knives.

"Yukina…" Kisa said as he started to peel the fruit off.


"Can I ask you something?"

"Sure! Go right on ahead!"

"…Why were you talking to Ricchan for the last three days?"

"Ricchan…?" Yukina seemed confused, "Who is Ricchan?"

"Onodera Ritsu."

"Ah, Onodera-san!"

Kisa seemed a bit mad at the way he called his co-worker in a friendly manner.

"Why…were you talking to him the last three days?"

"Oh that…"

Yukina paused. Kisa seemed even more mad. He didn't understand why Yukina keeps pausing.

"Yukina!" the editor yelled. Kisa did not understand why he's so frustrated.

He saw Yukina's expression change.

"You see…Onodera-san and I got to know each other…through that pervert."

Kisa immediately thought of 'that pervert' as that guy who grabbed his arm roughly from before. He saw Yukina's expression changed that to an embarrassed one.

"That pervert was groping Onodera-san so I stepped in to help him."

Kisa's eyes widen. He did not know that his ex was that much of a pervert. Half of him wanted to kill that guy for groping his cute co-worker and another half wanted to apologize to both Yukina and Ritsu.

"…and that's how the two of us got along." Yukina said, "Don't worry, Kisa-san, I'm not cheating on you. You know I'll never do that."

Kisa blushed and looked away due to embarrassment. He bit on the persimmon.

"Besides, if I keep talking to Onodera-san," continued Yukina, "that tall guy with the black hair might one day kill me."

Kisa knew that Yukina was talking about his boss.

"D-don't worry, I'll make sure he doesn't kill you." Kisa said quietly.

"You know him?"

Kisa nodded. His blush was still there. Yukina seemed dazed by the older man's blushing face.



He was cut off as Yukina got up, walked towards him, sat down, and kissed him. Kisa's face turned even redder.

"Kisa-san…" Yukina said as he broke the kiss, "There's no need to worry. I'll never abandon you."

He smiled and then he embraced his beloved.

"I love you."

"Me too…"

With that, the two cuddled and made love to each other that night.


Kisa was mad again. This time, Yukina was talking to a guy in his twenties with unkempt dark brown hair.

"First Ricchan and now this guy, why is Yukina so friendly?" muttered an angry Kisa. He was soon startled by a loud slam behind him as Yukina left the area with the man. He wondered if it was Takano-san again as he turned to see Hatori.

'Hatori?' Kisa seemed surprised and noticed his irritated expression. Kisa turned to see Yukina appearing at the cash register and then putting a manga in a bag and then giving it to the man. He heard the man say thank you and then he left the bookstore. Hatori exited right after he did, with Kisa wondering how Hatori get over there so fast.

He was dazed and did not noticed Yukina behind him.


"Ah!" Kisa dropped the book he was holding. He looked up and saw his boyfriend. "Y-Yukina…."

"Have you been here again, worrying that I might cheat on you with that guy I just talked to?" questioned Yukina.

"So you found out…" Kisa was embarrassed and ashamed.

"Don't worry, Kisa-san." Yukina said with a radiating smile, "That pervert won't be out to assault anyone anymore! I finally sent him to the police!"

Kisa seemed surprised. Then he realized something.

"That pervert groped that guy?"

"Yeah…at the subway again. Like what happened to Onodera-san a couple of days ago."

Kisa was really glad that the guy was in jail now. He was also really glad that he didn't get into an actual relationship with that guy.

"Kisa-san, my shift is almost over. Do you want to go eat dinner at a restaurant?"

"Nah…why don't you come over to my place?"

Yukina agreed and then went back to work. Kisa walked out of the bookstore realizing two things: Yukina seems to have this odd tendency to encounter perverts groping pretty looking men at the subway station. The second thing he realized that whoever Yukina seemed to save, they always gave him persimmons. He remembered that guy giving Yukina a bag of persimmons like what Ritsu did.

'I guess I'll go eat persimmons again when he comes over.'

Someday, Kisa will grow tired of persimmons.

A/N: I am done! I might make a Takano/Onodera chapter and a Hatori/Chiaki chapter that takes place when the ukes exit the bookstore.

Yes, Yukina saves ukes in subways like a boss!