Chapter 3: When Hatori Left the Bookstore

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When he saw Chiaki leaving the bookstore, Hatori followed him. He saw Chiaki in the bookstore yesterday. He was talking to a handsome employee with many piercings that looked as if he was taken out of a shoujo manga. The two were friendly and it pissed Hatori off. He remembered yesterday on how that employee even offered to go to a cafe with his lover in which the mangaka accepted the offer. Oh how he wanted to run up to Chiaki and just fill the innocent mangaka's mind with him only.

"Yoshino!" yelled Hatori.

Chiaki turned around and seemed surprised to see Hatori. He then flashed a smile that melted his ice like exterior.


"I saw you exiting the bookstore so I followed you out." Hatori said in a serious tone, "Did you go there to buy the newest copy of The Kan?"

Chiaki nodded.

"Oh, Tori!" the shorter man said, "Are you busy?"


"Then let's go eat dinner at a restaurant!"

He can't say no to him. He agreed to go to the restaurant as it was sort of like a small and quick date for them. Sooner or later, he has to ask why he was talking to the employee.

As they were eating, Hatori finally mustered up courage to ask him about what he saw today.



"Can I ask you something?"


Hatori put down his utensil and then looked at his adorable lover with a serious look on his face.

"Why were you at the bookstore today, talking to that employee?" he asked, "Who is that employee?"

"Employee…? Oh, you mean Yukina-kun?"

Hatori got a bit angry at the way Chiaki called that employee. He was about to interrogate him more when Chiaki said that he was full. Hatori was annoyed by this but paid for the food and the two left the restaurant.

The editor decided to spend the night at Chiaki's. He will get answers from him and there will be nothing and no one stopping him! As they got to Chiaki's door, the mangaka remembered something.

"Oh yeah, Chinatsu sent me a three whole boxes of persimmons!"

Hatori wondered why persimmons had to pop up in his mouth.

"Do you want some? I literally spent the whole day giving them away that I only have one box of them left."

'Giving them away?' thought Hatori. "To whom did you give them away to?"

"I gave some to Yuu and our assistants, Takano-san, and Yukina-kun!"

He was mad when he mentioned Yuu, didn't really mind about his giving fruit to his boss but that employee? That made him angry.

"Why did you give him persimmons?"

"They are a 'thank you' present!"

With that, Chiaki went inside his house. Hatori angrily walked in as well. He locked the door and then grabbed Chiaki by the shoulder and pinned him to the locked door.




"Why did you give him a thank you present? What did he do to you?"

Chiaki's face turned red and then he looked away.

"It's really…embarrassing to say."

"What? Spill it!"

"Alright then! Let go of me first!"

Hatori did what his lover told him to do. He let go of Chiaki's shoulders and then the dark haired brunet started to talk.

"Yukina-kun…I gave him a thank-you present because he saved me from a pervert two days ago."

"A pervert?"

"Yeah…he kept touching me in those areas…I constantly whispered to the guy to stop groping me but he kept ignoring me and continued."

Hatori was pissed. He wanted to find that pervert, beat the shit out of him, and then arrest him so that he would stop groping his beloved Chiaki. Only he can touch Chiaki in those areas!

"That's when Yukina-kun came to my rescue. He grabbed the pervert by his arm, the one that was touching me, and then spat out about how this is the last straw. When the subway stopped, Yukina-kun called the subway security and then the man was arrested soon after."

'Damn, he already arrested him.'

"A-apparently, from what Yukina-kun told me, that pervert also groped another man and was about to molest his lover…and then Yukina-kun stopped him those two times. He's quite amazing for doing that! He's only twenty-one as well!"

When he said that Yukina-kun had a lover, Hatori didn't really feel as jealous as he was now he knew that the man was just doing a good deed and not trying to get Chiaki. Chiaki also told him that he gave them persimmons as a thank you gift because his lover really liked persimmons.

"You're not mad?" questioned Chiaki.

"No, I am not. Let's go eat those persimmons now…" Hatori said with a gentle smile that made Chiaki blush.

Hatori liked persimmons and he's probably like them even more now. He planned on erasing those pervert's marks and touches on Chiaki once they finish eating.

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