A/N: I came up with this idea while watching Hyakujitsu no Bara, aka Maiden Rose. Kurogane is about 15 years old in this and Fai is about 10. There will be a few differences as far as the TRC canon goes and this fic will follow the Maiden Rose storyline for a while before breaking off on its own. This is my first attempt at trying something like this so be merciful. There WILL, repeat WILL be lemons in this. Can't avoid it, not that I'm trying or anything. ^_-

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FYI: The things Fai says in this chapter are deliberately in Japanese because I don't want Kurogane to understand what he's saying. The translations will be at the bottom of the page.

So, without any further ado...

Hyakujitsu no Bara

(Maiden Rose)


Kurogane strode through the covered walkway, the endless vines draping and wrapping around the latticework, blotting out the sky. He had wondered from his family and knew he should go back, but curiosity drove him forward. This world was so new to him. The colors, the fabrics, the sky, the people; it was all so strange.

He emerged from the lattice tunnel upon a large wooden patio in the midst of a sand and stone garden. The first thing he noticed was the sea of pale purple blossoms hanging from the vines above swaying gently in the breeze. It was like the sea had changes color and become flowers.

The second thing he noticed was the beautiful person standing in the middle of the platform gazing longingly at the blossoms. Pure, golden hair fluttered in the breeze against pale skin framing soft, blue eyes.

For a moment, time seemed to freeze. Then those crystal eyes turned to meet Kurogane's deep garnet eyes with an almost wistful expression. The youth blinked, then stretched out his hand to Kurogane. Soft purple and blue robes billowed around the young person's body as he whispered in a voice just loud enough to be heard, "どうか、私のところに来てください。 私が花に届くのを手伝ってください、サー。"

Although he could not understand a word that was said, just the sound of those gentle syllables flowing through the young native's lips was enough to distract him from all thoughts of returning to his family. He strode forward and took the youth's small hand in his, cradling it gently, and gazed into those soft eyes once more.

The blonde turned back to the flowers and pointed to them with his other hand. "私を花のところに連れて行ってください。"

Again, that soft, lyrical voice. Guessing it's meaning, Kurogane knelt and lifted the smaller youth up into his arms. He carefully lifted the smaller boy up so the purple flowers swayed just within reach. The boy stretched out his hand but he was too short to reach.

Freeing one of his hands, Kurogane reached out with his longer arm and plucked a small cluster of the flowers and drew it down to give to the boy.

Cerulean eyes followed the flowers path until they met crimson. The boy placed a single, long-fingered hand on the darker man's cheek and whispered, "私に私の願望を与えるあなた、あなたは私のナイトになるでしょうか?"

Kurogane never had the chance to ask the youth what he'd asked before he was forced to leave the small country. But even though he saw many others with blonde hair and blue eyes, he never forgot the boy with hair of spun gold, eyes like the endless sea, and skin the color of the sand on the beach. The boy who smelled of flowers.

A/N: Hope that was interesting. Here are the translations to what Fai was saying:

1) Please, come to me. Take me to the flowers, sir.

2) Take me to the flowers.

3) You who grant my wish, will you be my knight?

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