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Chapter 1

~10 years later~

He leaned against the window trying to process what he'd just been told. "So, I'm supposed to get this person to trust me. But you still haven't told me why exactly."

"Hmph, pushy as ever, I see," the dark woman said. She crossed her arms across her chest and met Kurogane's burning gaze with her own, hard ebony. "You are aware that his country fought against us in the Great War."

"I am, yes. It's not something you forget."

"Yes, I know. We need to know why their sudden interest in modern technology. The Celesians have always held fast to their ancient rituals and traditions, even during the War. It's possible they've realized how far behind they are technologically and have decided to be a little more open minded. If that's the case, then we should watch our backs in case we end up seeing our own weapons and tactics used against us. They may be behind the times, but they are anything but stupid."

Kurogane shifted his gaze back to the drill yard outside. "And you thought I was the best person for this because…"

"You've walked among them, spoken to them, lived with them, fought them. We believe you may be able to get closer to him then we or anyone else can. You said yourself you met a youth who spoke Nihongo."

"Souma, you know we share the same ancestry. They all speak Nihongo, just an incredibly ancient dialect that no one speaks anymore. "

"And yet we're told they are learning our dialect as well as their own. They are learning, adapting, changing. For once they are letting go of their traditions and branching out. They've never done this before. The only time they have ever done something even remotely similar to this was right before the Great War."

The red eyed ex-soldier turned back to his superior with interest. "So my job in a nutshell is to see what they're up to now?"

"Yes, in a nutshell. Though I'm fairly certain that, knowing you, it won't be that simple. Just handle him with care."

"I've never handled anyone with care before."

Souma smirked and cocked an eyebrow. "Yes, I know. If you're in doubt, treat him like you would a woman."

Those five simple words rang in Kurogane's mind as he turned back to the window just in time to see a beautiful youth with cropped blonde hair and glittering blue eyes walk through the entrance to the base and look up.

A woman indeed.


He had waited what he hoped was the appropriate time for the newcomer to arrive, find his bedroom, and start to unpack. If everything went well, the boy should be settling in nicely.

Several cadets ran past Kurogane without even the slightest glance or salute, and then he remembered the "welcome party."

"Oh shit."

H picked up his pace to keep up with the others. Hopefully he'd get there before the recruits did too much damage. But when he turned the corner, he realized he was too late…to help the recruits, that is.

All he could do was stand and watch as a beautiful, lithe figure danced its way around the recruits bashing them with a broomstick held with expert skill. The youth made no sound, no cry of attack, no gasp of breath, nothing. The sounds to be heard were the shocked and pained cries of the other young soldiers and the dull thuds and high whines of the wooden broom sweeping through the air and cracking over the attackers' heads.

It was beautiful to watch, but Kurogane knew he had to end this before it got too out of hand. He stepped forward with hands raised and began to speak.

"Hey, guys, cut it out. It's his first day, leave him alo-"

Before he could finish, he was forced to duck to avoid a lethal broomstick aimed at his head. "Shit, kid. Lay off! I'm trying to help you. Geez!"

He dodged yet another sweep, and grabbed another broom from one of the fallen recruits and raised it just in time to hear and feel the sharp crack of the two wooden staffs hit. Caught off guard by the sheer force behind the strike, Kurogane was forced to take a step back.

Again and again the strikes fell. They came so quickly that even Kurogane was surprised at how hard it was to dodge them. He started to demand his young assailant stop when he noticed something. Tears, the boy was crying. There was a loud crack and the broom was knocked from Kurogane's hand and he was thrown backward landing on his buttocks. The gentle pressure of wood under his chin forced the ex-soldier to meet his opponent's pale, blue eyes. Watery eyes filled with tears that hadn't yet been allowed to fall.

Seconds passed, then the blue eyed boy dropped his makeshift weapon and fled leaving a group of disgruntled solders in his wake.

"Well, that was some welcome party," Kurogane noted sardonically.

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