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"So what were you saying about staying in bed all day?" Sam already had many different ideas about what they could do. It had been a while since they both weren't going to work that day. Before he took the job at Guns n Gangs they at least usually had their days off together, but now they never really seemed to line up. And when they actually did have the day off together they usually used that time to go and visit Sarah in St. Catharines.

"Well since I had my turn in the shower, I figured it was time for you to relieve some of that stress you have been holding in all week." Andy definitely noticed that he had paid complete attention to her needs in the shower, not that he didn't enjoy himself also. But she knew his main priority was to make her come over the edge. She had to return the favor it was what a good wife would do after all. Sam mouth dropped when she said that, she wasn't want to really like that part of sex. She was more a traditional girl, well usually, there were certain times in their relationship that she would be a daredevil and try new things.

Andy used his surprise to her advantage and quickly flipped him so she was now on top straddling him. She slowly rocked her hips against him and that action got Sam to gasp. "Babe, you don't have to do this if you don't want to."

"Yes I do and besides I want to…trust me." She slowly moved farther down, she planted soft kisses up the inside of his thighs, sometime nibbling and then soothing it with her tongue, always stopping right before she hit the spot where he wanted her most at that moment. She loved seeing him lose control, and the fact that she was the only one that could make him act like this…well it was intoxicating. She lowered herself and took his tip into her mouth, licking circles around it. She tucked her hair behind her ear so that she could look into his eyes while he was slowly loosing the little control that he still had. His hands were tangled into her hair and he was beginning to move her head up and down, while she sucked and blew. She licked from his base to the tip repeatedly, while her hands ran up and down the insides of his thighs. His hips bucked towards her mouth letting her know that he was close.

''Andy, oh my god…i'm close, keep going. …your so beautiful like that…don't stop baby, please don't stop…right there…FUCK!" He still had his hands tangled in her hair encouraging her. He even saw her smirk a little at his words. He loved her, god did he love her. He never thought he could love someone this much, it still amazed him. How it was even possible to love someone more and more each day astounded him but somehow that is exactly what there relationship consisted of. They woke up each day loving each other more than the day before.

With his words of encouragement she was able to send him over the edge. She rubbed the base of his cock in her hands squeezing gently while taking him in her mouth as far as she could. When his hips bucked towards her once again, this time with a little more force, she knew he was done for. His hands tightened in her hair and she looked up to see him staring deeply into her eyes, he always did that. He loved to stare at her at these moments, he wasn't one of those that closed their eyes during sex. No he wanted them open and staring into hers. With one final lick he came, his hot seed spilling into her mouth. She released his cock from her mouth and swallowed, licking her lips in the process. She was all smiles as she slid back up his chest to be eye to eye with him. Before he even had a chance to say anything she grabbed his face and kissed him - hard - he could taste himself on her lips and there was nothing that he loved more.

He flipped them over, she loved his body pressing into hers so being on the bottom was never really a problem for her, actually she preferred it that way. He moved to her neck and began sucking on her pressure point, it got her every time. Her hands were running up and down his back and her ankles were crossed behind his thighs forcing him into her. And just like that he was hard again, they had never had a problem with the whole stamina thing. They couldn't seem to keep their hands off each other and one simple caress in the right spot made them ready to go again.

In one quick motion he was in her, after all she was like a pool down there and he definitely wasn't having any problems. They stared deep into each others eyes for a moment before he started to pump in and out. He pulled back so much that he would almost be out of her every time before entering her again and the way he was angled he rubbed up against her clit every single damn time. Each time he would receive a groan out of her mouth encouraging him to keep doing exactly that. It didn't take long for her to cum again, it never did with him, other guys sure she sometimes faked it, but with him never, not even once. He felt her walls tighten around him and her legs began to twitch, she was there she was definitely there. When he whispered seductively in her ear, "cum with me sweetheart", she did and he followed quickly behind. Both moaning and screaming each others names the whole way. To say they had always had a healthy sex life was an understatement. It was unbelievable…they definitely had always lived up to the promise they had made each other all those years ago.

When they finally began to calm down he rolled off of her, she immediately missed the warmth of his body on top of hers. She curled into his side and all she could think was how perfectly she fit there, in his arms where she belonged. He kissed the top of her head and sighed, like a sigh from deep down in his throat. One that had she not been so tired from their previous activities would have made her ready to go again. How one man could make her feel this way was unbelievable. He rubbed slow comforting patterns on her back, soothing her, knowing that's all it took to make her go to sleep. Something that he had known from their first night together at the Alpine Inn. He heard her breathing even out and knowing that she was safe in his arms he was able to drift off also, getting some much needed sleep.

They awoke a few hours later, neither realizing how long they had really slept. Sam was the first to wake, of course, and all he could do was stare at her in his arms. A long time ago he thought that she would never be his and now she couldn't imagine her not being. Something about them just fit, perfectly. Neither really understood it at first but they simply couldn't live with out each other. When he felt Andy start to stir he slowly started drawing patterns on her back again, letting her know that he was still there. He heard her let out a soft sigh and the arm that was draped across his chest tightened. He leaned down to be able to place a soft kiss on her temple, another sign of comfort that always worked for her.

"Hmm, what time is it?" She had finally opened her eyes only to see him staring down at her.

"It's a little after 3, guess we slept longer than we thought we were going to."

She rolled over, stretching her limbs like a cat that had been sleeping for twelve hours and then turned on her side to face him. "Hey"

"Hey yourself.."

"I love you."

"Love you too, McNally." At the end of his sentence his eyes changed dark, like a thought had just crossed his mind. "So I was thinking since you go to eat this morning, I think it should be my turn now, don't you?"

"Sam what are you talking about? I haven't eaten anything all day!"

"Not what I meant, hun. The other kind of eating..." His wife was one that usually didn't catch on as fast as he sometimes wanted her to. Now being one of those times.

"Huh?" and then it dawned on her what exactly he was talking about. "...oooh...your not too tired?"

Sam couldn't help but laugh. Did Andy actually think he could ever be too tired to have sex with her? "No babe, I'm not too tired. Besides we just took like a really long nap and I feel like I haven't been with you in forever." Okay so he was being dramatic, but hey it usually worked.

"Oh Sam you are SO pathetic! You have had to go like 3 hours without sex, that is definitely not the longest you have ever gone."

"True, but see your just laying her naked, and all I want to do is touch you...so please baby...I'm really hungry!"

"Actually you know that thing that you have been wanting to try...?" She was nervous and he could tell. There was something that he had been wanting to do with her for quite some time but every time he brought it up she said she wasn't really in the mood for 'that'.

"Uh, yeah. Do you want to?"

"Yeah I do...but I don't really know how...you have to help me."

"Always sweetheart...hey don't be nervous your going to love it. Okay I'm going to lay her and your going to straddle my face and use the headboard for something to hold on to okay?"

"What Sam! I'm going to crush you, you want me to sit on your face?"

"That would be why its called face-sitting honey. Just trust me okay...your not going to crush me."

"Okay if you say so..." She was still unsure about it but it did sound fun and Sam had been asking her a lot lately so she figured that it was the least she could do. So they got into position with Andy straddling Sam's face and his hands were grasping her thighs, she was still not completely relaxing though and she was trying to hold her self up so that she was not smothering him.

"Babe come on, just relax. It's just me...let me help you." He was grabbing her thighs trying to get her to lower herself down on him, this wasn't going to work if she wasn't completely relaxed.

With him saying that, something dawned on Andy, why was she embarrassed to do this with him? It was just Sam after all, the one person who knew every single thing about her and who she had never been shy in bed with since the beginning. So she decided to give him exactly what he wanted, deciding that she was being completely ridiculous. She completely relaxed letting him lead the way. She really did think she was smothering him but when his tongue started to move, that thought was definitely forgotten. She was grasping onto their headboard as hard as she could. The things he was doing down there were beginning to make her feel lightheaded.

His tongue was stroking up and down her middle, paying special attention to her clit. She had no idea what he was doing to make her feel this way but whatever it was it was heavenly!

"Saaaam...holy fuck!" All she could see was spots and the only thing she could her over her own heart beating was the slurping noises that were coming from - well down there.

Sam's hands had a firm grip around her ass moving her around his tongue. He could definitely tell that she was enjoying it from the noises that were coming out of his mouth, and her legs had begun to shake. "Louder McNally."

How had he managed to say that with her like completely over her face? She was in shock when she heard that low raspy tone and those words come out of his mouth. She was moaning - like loud deep throat moans as he was still doing circles down her middle, pretty much fucking her with only his tongue. And then he hit that spot like dead on and a she let out a huge gasp. It felt as if he was pumping his tongue to and fro her clit, like with a beat. "Oh fuck Sam...okay yeah...uh huh right there...uhhhh! Fuck fuck fuck...don't stop...keep going!" Her forehead was resting against the wall and she was gripping there headboard so hard that her fingers were beginning to turn white. She was trembling but she had never felt so good. With one final lick from him, starting at the back and ending at her favorite spot again she came, screaming his name the whole way. She was pretty sure that the kids playing outside had definitely heard her. She heard him suck every last drop of juice that had come out of her, licking her clean. He moved his hands up to her waist to move her down his body so that they were now face to face. He kissed her, with her droopy half closed eyelids, and her body still shaking from the mind blowing orgasm that had just over taken her. Whenever they did this to each other they loved tasting the other on their lips. Something about it made everything more intimate. When they finally broke for air, and Andy had finally started to come down from her high she rested her head under his chin listening to his heart beat.

"I can't believe it took me that long to want to do that. That was amazinggg...like seriously Sam, you will never have to beg me to do that again!"

Sam was pretty proud of himself, he loved that he had this way with her, where she would be reluctant at first, but then eventually just let go with him. "Told you to trust me, McNally...I knew you would like it."

"I didn't just like it Sam, I'm still seeing fucking spots here!"

"Good, then I guess it was a win - win. I made my sexy wife tremble and I got to enjoy my favorite meal." He smirked down at her, knowing that what he had just said would make her blush.

Yep he was right, there it was, the rosy cheeks. "You know, you blush too much for a married women..."

"Well if you didn't say things like that then maybe I wouldn't always look like a freaking tomato!"

"I'm getting babe, I love that I still have that effect on you. And I personally think that red cheeks are pretty damn hot."



"Okay well then I guess I will be blushing till the day I die..."

"Fine by me, I like making you squirm." The conversation ended as Andy stomach began to growl. She didn't even have to say anything, like the other guys she used to be with Sam never ignored a need from her. "Chinese or Pizza?"

"Chinese, definitely Chinese."

"Okay I'll go order it and then we can just eat in bed..that sound good?"

"Yeah that sounds fantastic..." As Sam tried to move her off of him so that he could get up and go order there dinner her hold around him tightened.

"Okay Andy, if you want food I'm going to have to get up.."

"No, your so warm!" She didn't want him to leave, she was incredibly comfortable and she still had not completely gotten back the feeling in her legs.

"But don't you want food?"

"No...I mean yes...do you maybe wanna you know...carry me down there with you?" She gave him her best smile and hoped that he would agree. She really didn't want to be left alone upstairs all by herself, as clingy as that sounded its just how she felt at that moment.

He gave her this crazy sexy lopsided smirk and laughed. "Your so spoiled, you know that?"

"Yeah I know, but it isn't my fault, your the one that is always spoiling me!"

"That I am, what can I say you deserve it...okay but you better not get used to this!"

"Yeah, yeah whatever you say Swarek."

He carried her down the stairs with her long, soft legs wrapped tightly around him, it wasn't the worst feeling that he had ever had. He sat her down on the counter in the kitchen and grabbed the menu from their 'take out drawer'. "Ming's or Szechuan's?"

"Szechuan! I am craving sesame chicken!" She was jumping up and down on the counter like a three year old and all he could do was shake his head. Oh his wife, she never did act old.

"Okay okay Szechuan's it is then. Just let me call it in and then we can go back upstairs until it gets here."


Sam had called in the order about thirty minutes ago and they were lazily laying in their bed. Andy had drifted off but Sam stayed awake just to look at her. He ran his fingers through her hair and thought about how lucky he truly was to have her in his life. When the doorbell rang Andy jolted awake, Sam kissed her lightly on the forehead and told her that he would be right back. Being in a half - asleep state she didn't object but as soon as he got up she missed his warmth. Before Sam she hated sleeping with guys, she would much rather be alone in her bed but with Sam it was different. After their second night together she couldn't imagine sleeping anywhere but his arms. She fit perfectly, and she completely forgot about her old habit.

When Sam returned to their bedroom she was leaning against the headboard, the sheets bunched around her waist. Her hair was a mess but she had never looked more beautiful. 'Okay yeah I say that a lot but it's not my fault she gets more beautiful every time I see her.' He sits down and looks straight into her eyes, he sees something in them. Almost like something is on her mind but she isn't really sure now is the time to bring it up.

"Okay spill it...what's going on?"

Andy met his gaze and she knew that she couldn't hide anything from him. "Sam, we have been together for a long time...and I can't imagine my life without anyone else but you...but I think its time we...ya know..." She couldn't bring herself to finish the sentence, she was worried about what reaction he may have.

"What are you talking about Andy? Time for what?"

"Sam, I want a baby..."

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