Tonight by planet p

Disclaimer: I don't own Fringe or any of its characters.

Author's Note: Gag-inducing Christine/August poem. Proceed with caution, folks.

Do you see me there

Out of the corner of your eye?

Are you frightened

Do I make you shiver?

Give me your hand

Let me whisk you away

Into the dark, unforgiving night

Trust me

If you dare.

I've got a question, tonight

I've got a feeling

You might just have the answer for


Oh, girl

Will you be my friend?

Will you hold my hand

And help chase away those shadows?

Wipe away those cobwebs

I'm waiting for you here

To pull me to my feet

Take me by the hand

And lead me from the shadows.

Do you dare, girl?

Will you dare

Be my girl tonight?