A/N: Hello folks! So, this idea randomly came to me while I was driving in my car, because as of late, I've been hankering for a Doctor Who/Warehouse 13 crossover. I am of the mind that Claudia and Eleven would get along swimmingly. So...yeah! No real spoilers. Takes place during Matt Smith's run as the Doctor, obviously. :D

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"What is that?" he cries, his eyes wide with unabashed curiosity. He scrapes at his face, his fingers pooling the gelatinous purple liquid. He sputters a little, sending bits of neutralizer everywhere. Some lands on her jacket, but it hardly matters. They're both soaked through with the stuff.

"That," she says, sighing as she turns and puts away the neutralizer hose. Her shoes make a kind of wet sloshing sound. "Was Anne Boleyn's necklace. It's kind of…jumpy? It likes to try and attach itself to—"

"No, nononono…I don't care about that. I know all about Annie and her necklace…I mean, what's this?" he indicates his handful of goo. She raises an eyebrow as a particularly large gob drips from the end of his nose to the floor.

"Uh…well, it's neutralizer. It…neutralizes things."

"Oh, that is just…that is brilliant! Look at it, it's gooey and thick and purple!" he shoves his goo-covered hand closer to her face. She scrunches her nose, but can't keep the smile from her lips.

"Yeah, well, it stains." She tells him, a hint of a laugh in her voice. "So unless you want to be brilliant and purple for the rest of your life, I suggest we go and wash it off." She looks down at herself, her clothes heavy and clinging to her slender frame, and laments the loss of her favorite jacket. "I don't know about you, but purple's not really my color."

The Doctor grins his wonderful, vibrant grin as he steps forward and pulls her into a close embrace.

"Claudia Donovan," he says, eyes dancing. "You've never looked better."


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