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Weeping Warehouse—Part 2

"Artie, I really don't see what the big deal is…" The apprentice sat back in the desk chair, absently fiddling with a Post-It note. The older agent frowned and waved his hands frantically at her.

"The big deal? The big deal? I'll tell you what the big deal is, Claudia. The big deal is that you can't just go gallivanting off with a time traveling interloper—"


"—whenever it suits you! You are my responsibility, and I will not have you leaving this century without my permission!"

Claudia grinned at Artie's manic back-and-forth pacing. She sat up straighter in her chair and put aside the distracting square of yellow paper.

"Dude, Artemis…take a chill pill, okay? I don't plan on making the time traveling thing a habit. It was kind of a onetime deal anyway, I think," she assured him, trying to keep the disappointment off her face. It was probably better if Artie didn't know how badly she wanted a chance to get back in the TARDIS.

Her statement made him halt in his pacing, thankfully. But his expression remained grim.

"I mean it, Claudia…don't do it again."


"I'm serious."

"I said alright." Yeesh, what did he want her to do? Sign a binding contract or something?

He stewed for a few more minutes before ultimately taking a seat and heaving a weary sigh. He adjusted his glasses, as he was apt to do whenever he was stressed or flustered or thinking. (He adjusted his glasses a lot, come to think of it.)

"I was…worried." He mumbled. "Very worried." Claudia frowned. She hadn't realized he'd been so freaked out about it.

But then, The Doctor had promised to return her at the exact second they left. Unfortunately, he missed that exact moment by about 23 hours.

"I'm sorry, Artie…" she mumbled back. "I really didn't mean to…you know…"

"Cause such a ruckus?" he supplied. She laughed.

"Not exactly how I'd describe it but yeah, 'cause a ruckus.'" She was relieved to see him smile a little. "Are we cool?" She asked. He nodded.

"Copacetic." He told her. She groaned.

"See…you just ruined that beautiful moment with your old-timey slang."

"No, I did not. And let me tell you a little something about my old-timey slang. It—"

"Hey, hey, hey!" The two agents entered the office, Pete with a confident swagger, and Myka with a long-suffering expression cast in his direction. "How's it hangin' peeps?"

"Hey Pete. Myka." Claudia greeted them, grateful for the interruption. She really wasn't in the mood for a lecture on Artie's preferred choice of colloquialisms. "How was inventory?"

"Uneventful." Pete replied with an almost disappointed air. "We had to move this ugly statue thing, but other than that—"

"Wait, no! No, no, no, no. What have I told you about moving artifacts?" Artie erupted. Claudia rolled her eyes.

"Caution: Artie's in a crappy mood today." Claudia intoned. Pete shrugged off the comment and Artie's worried gaze.

"It was shelved wrong. Right, Mykes?"

"We were going to call you." Myka agreed. "To see where it belongs." Claudia spoke up before Artie could launch into another rant.

"Well, just shoot me a description, and I'll see if it pops up on the manifes—"

Beep, beep.

Claudia swiveled in her chair to look at the computer screen. Red letters had suddenly appeared. AD. AD. AD.

"Artifact disturbance." Claudia mumbled. "That's never good."

"No, it's not." Artie said without mirth. He stalked over and leaned against the desk, squinting at the screen. "That's…"

"The Ninja Turtle aisle." Claudia supplied. Pete grinned.

"Ah! See! Someone else gets it!"

"Not now, Pete." Myka told him. He nodded.

"Right. Sorry."

"See? Never move an artifact unless…unless you need to move an artifact." Artie muttered, his statement losing steam after the first few words.

"But Artie…we were just there! And everything was hunky dory." Pete insisted. "And it was just one statue. I mean, it didn't even look like much. Just some little gargoyle dude."

"Now that…that is strange." Artie said to himself. Claudia was already furiously typing, imputing the description and weeding out the artifacts that didn't fit the bill. "If that's…if it's what I think it is, that artifact doesn't do anything other than—"

"Stare?" Claudia turned the screen so that they could all see the page better. "14th century Notre Dame gargoyle that can hold an onlooker's gaze for an eternity?"

"That's it." Myka nodded.

"That artifact doesn't move, though. And it's weathered enough that it doesn't react with other artifacts anymore." Artie was still talking to himself. "So what's causing the disturbance?

"Can you pull up the security cams in that area?" Myka asked. Claudia grinned.

"Way ahead of you," she said, her fingers flying across the keyboard. Within an instant, a grainy, black and white image appeared on the screen. She clicked through the video files until she found the correct time frame. The familiar faces of the two agents appeared on screen.

"Okay, see…there!" Pete jabbed a finger at the computer screen, much to Claudia's annoyance. She now knew where all the smudged fingerprints were coming from. "See, I move it, set it down, and that's all! It doesn't get up and walk away or anything."

He was right. The blurry images of the Warehouse agents walked off the screen. The counter continued to move forward, while the aisle remained still.

"But then…what's the artifact disturban—" Artie started to ask.

"Look," Myka cut him off, pointing at the screen but knowing that Claudia wouldn't appreciate her finger actually making contact with the surface. "See, there…on the corner of the screen…it's hard to make out because it's out of the camera's line of sight…it looks like something on the other side of the aisle."

"Claudia, can you pull up another angle?" Artie asked.

"Sure." More typing followed the statement, and within seconds, the cursor was hovering over the 'new window' command. Claudia was all set to click on it.

But then, Pete screamed.


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