Growing up in an orphanage can be tough, as a orphan whose parents abandoned them on the side of the streets before sent to orphanage, tougher. But the worst is growing up as an orphan whose parents abandoned them on the streets, than an orphanage with a child-hating owner and no friends. None, nada, zip amount of friends.

That was my life.

I was left on the side of a canal underneath a highway. It was just luck that someone found me.

A family's car broke down and while waiting for the tow truck they walked down the hill towards the canal. It was the seven-year-old twins who saw me first. They were the youngest and very excited at seeing a baby. The two sprinted over to their nine-year-old brother, told him they fund a baby, and then sprinted back towards me. I was passed between the two for four minutes, when their parents ran up and grabbed me. After they got to the nearest town they took me to a hospital to get me a check up.

It was then that they found out I was only a couple hours old.

When I was deemed healthy the family left and the doctors took me to the town's orphanage, Golden Children's Orphanage.

"Emma! You stupid five year old, get your but down here and clean my office. If I see a single spot tonight, you will clean the entire second floor by your self tonight and tomorrow. NO FOOD!" Samuel Lawn, owner of the orphanage, yelled.

It was there that I faced the horrors of abuse, and neglect. Without friends, like you read about in stories.

Ok, I know its not that long but it was just a prologue. I have the next chapter in mind and will start it as soon as posting this, though it may take while since it WILL be longer.

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