I'm terribly sorry for the delay. I've been wondering how to end this story in one or two chapters lately. I have so many ideas, but am st6uck on how to word them. So I've decided to just write what comes to mind. Here it goes.

Emma could fell the tree digging into her skin but her main focus was on newspaper article in her hand. What ifs ran through her mind has she read the clip again.

Jadyn Wilson Murder

Jadyn Wilson, adoptive daughter of David and Amelia Wilson was found dead in her room by her neighbors the Colens. Sixteen year old Callie claims to have gone to pick up Jade for school when she found the body.

"I've knocked on the door to let Jade know it was time leave since we started 6th grade and my mom said she'd drive Jade, so that she wouldn't have to walk ten miles. After about fifteen minutes I was worrying and had a bad feeling so I tried the knob. It was unlocked, so I walked in. The first thing I noticed was the mess it was as if some fight had taken place. I quickly jogged into Jade's room and it was worse blood everywhere and in the middle was Jade wearing pajama shirts and a tank top. She was covered in bruises, scars, and scratches. Her throat slit," was all Callie could say before breaking into tears over the loss of her best friend.

The police was mentioned the theory of child abuse but as of yet they are not certain. If you have any information please contact . . .

Emma couldn't read the rest due to tears. All she could think of was how innocent Jade didn't deserve that.

She threw the paper sown and jumped; the second he feet hit the ground she was off, running as fast she could.

The next morning she woke up with a terrible headache in a holding cell of the local police department, just freaking fantastic. Mr. Lawn impatiently tapped his right foot as she slowly walked out of the building and into the car.

To be honest Emma was surprised she didn't get pregnant before. She didn't take birth control pills, and most of the time her and the guy were both too drunk to remember a condom. At least she was pretty sure who the dad was. Jackson Bellimer. Emma hated him, his motorcycle and all of his tattoos. And now she might have his kid. Joy. Emma was worried she didn't know what to do.

Emma watched and the social worker took her son away. She wished she could keep him but it's for the best. His best chance for a good life is not with her, she attempted to raise him, but she's not cut out for parenting. Heck she had the kid in jail, what a great mother she is.

Henry, her son Henry found her. She wished she could've kept him but it was for him. She glanced at him form the corner of her eye, and smiled she was proud of him.

It's not much I know but it 11 at night I really want to end this because I really didn't know where go. Its Emma thoughts during some part a Henry's dad who I made a biker. I have no clue why. Anyways I hope it's okay.