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Chapter 18: Confessions and Cookies

Max's POV

I shook her shoulder, softly whispering "Maaaax,".

Her eyes fluttered open, and she sat up slowly, rubbing her eyes. "Where am I?" She said tiredly, looking around the room.

Something warm and hard shook me awake.

My eyes blinked once, twice. I saw a blurry room behind my heavy eyelids. I sat up slowly, still groggy from who-knows how many hours of sleep. The blurry setting became clear, revealing a- oh, God, please no- hospital.

Wait, if I was sleeping, then why am I in a hospital? "Where am I?" I muttered, to myself, well, intentionally.

"In a hospital room," Said an all-too familiar, rough voice from my side. I yelped, and jumped in the hospital bed, almost falling off. "Be careful," He continued, "You have a giant gash in your head, probably shouldn't move around."

I brought my fingers up to my head, feeling tiny, small bumps, and the tiny prickles I reconized as stitches.

"Explain everything. Now" I said, my voice like steel, or as steely as it could get with a big, stupid gash in my head.

Suprisingly, Fang was not stubborn, and dug right into the story. "So, that's how you got here... But I still have no clue why you were lying, unconcious, on the ground." He finished, rising one eyebrow.

I closed my eyes and sighed, "I. Don't. Know. The only thing I remember is walking inside, then..." It all came rushing back towards me. Jeb, the vase,the blood...

No. But I can't let Fang know, Jeb will hurt him, or worse. "I, I don't remember the rest." I lied.

Fang ran his hands through his hair. Dang, he looked so cute when he was worried...

My train of thought was interrupted when a blond nurse peeked her head through the door. When she saw that I was awake, she walked in.

"Hi, Max! I'm Mrs. Tompson, your nurse! You'll be cleared in a day or two, we just have to do some check-ups..."

~~~~~Time Skip~~~~~

The next day, Anne gave me a ride home. As she dropped me off, I noticed that all of the lights were on and the house actually looked... cheery? That could only mean one thing!

"Bye, Anne, thanks for the ride!" I said, hopping out of the car, as I practically ran to my front door (Though I wasn't allowed to run yet, but I didn't care).

"No problem, Max, hope you feel better!" She replied, though I didn't really pay much attention to her. Because before I knew it, I flung open the door, and standing there in the main hallway was...


"Mom, you're home!" I screamed, and gave her a big bear hug. My mom usually worked the night shift at the vet's office, so the only times she was home, I was stuck at school. Also, she needed to work over the weekends, to make up for Jeb, because a scientist who illegally tests on teenagers doesn't get any much income.

"Max!" She said, squeezing me back. She broke away from my embrace, but still held onto my shoulders. "Are you okay? I got a call from the hospital saying that you had a concussion, and then another one from the police saying that Jeb went missing..."

"Mom, I'm fine, really... Just, concussed."

She laughed. "Hey, I just made a batch of homemade chocolate-chip cookies, you want some?"

"Of course I do!"

We sat there for a while, just talking and practically inhailling the heavenly cookies.

After an hour or two, it was 9 o'clock, and Mom insisted that I had to goto bed because of my stupid concussion.

So I told her I would go to bed. But that didn't mean I actually would.

As soon as my mom closed the door, and was at least down the stairs, I went to the window, and pushed the screen out. Standing on the roof, I shrugged off the leather jacket (Yes, I was still in the clothes from the party at Iggy's) and extended my wings.

Then, I took off. Where, you say? Well, Fang's window, of course!

I landed on the roof, and walked around to find Fang's room. It wasn't that hard to find, due to the fact that it was the only room that was pure black. I'm not lying when say that (almost- his carpet and trim were white) everything was black. Black walls, a black bed, black drawers... I felt as if I was going to be consumed by it.

Fang was lying on his back, reading this dumb old book we needed to read for English, which Nudge paced around the room. She was talking on and on despite the fact that Fang was obviously not listening.

I tapped on the door and said, "You want to go on ride?"

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