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Seven Years Later


A grin slowly spread across Sasuke's face. Lounging on the couch, he was currently reading the paper when he had heard the front door burst open. And judging by the loud yelling coming from the entryway of his home, his daughter had arrived.

"Daddy Daddy Daddy!" Suddenly a blur of purple and pink launched onto his stomach, knocking his newspaper awry and making the man grunt in mock pain.

"Oh, god...Hana, you're so heavy...I can't...I can't...ugh..." With a sigh, Sasuke let his head roll to the side, his eyes closed and his chest still.

"Daddy?" A tiny face with light eyes came nose to nose with the man. "Daddy...hey. Wake up." Gently, the girl prodded his nose with a tiny finger.

"Hana, what on earth..." Hinata had finally caught up to her daughter, seeing her perched on the man's torso.

"Mama, Daddy's ignoring me."

Hinata smiled. "Well that's not very nice of him."

"Hana, I'm playing dead." Sasuke opened one eye to look at his child. "You're supposed to be sad when someone dies."

"But you're not dead, Daddy! You're just being silly!" The five year old giggled loudly, reminding the man of his wife.

"All right, all right...you got me." He scooped the girl up and started pretending to gnaw on her stomach, amassing a barrage of giggles and screams as Hinata watched. "Glad to know you care."

"Mama! Mama, help me!" the girl screeched, reaching out with her arms toward her mother.

"I'll save you, Hana!" Hinata offered, snatching the girl from her father and hiding her.

Sasuke, not one to be defeated, merely wrapped his arms around both of them, growling, "Now I've got you..."

"Knock knock!"

The family paused, hearing a familiar voice.

"Uncle 'Tachi!" Hana squealed, squirming free of both her parents as she ran to greet her uncle. The adults followed, just in time to see her leap into the man's arms.

"Hey Hana," Itachi greeted, laughing at her enthusiasm.

"Hello Itachi," Hinata greeted.

Sasuke approached, hands in his pockets. "Where's Ryuu?"

"Home. She isn't feeling too well, I'm afraid."

"That's too bad," Hinata said, face sad. "Tell her I say to get well soon."

"I'm sure she'll appreciate it, Hinata."

"So what are you doing here instead of caring for your sick girlfriend?" Sasuke asked, hinting that the man should be with her instead.

"Actually, there's something I wanted to discuss with you two."

The couple glanced at one another. "Okay. Shoot."

"I want to propose to her."

Sasuke's eyes went wide, and Hinata let out a squeal. "Oh, Itachi that's great!" the female said. "I knew you two would do well together!"

The man smiled. "I'm glad you introduced us. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you. It should be fairly soon, and I was hoping you'd participate in my little scheme."

"Oh, of course!" Hinata, all smiles, moved forward and hugged him. "I'm so excited!"

"Hinata," Sasuke chuckled. "Let the man breathe. Besides, he should be the one acting all insane."

"Thanks, Sasuke," Itachi replied sarcastically.

"Of course."

Itachi didn't stay long, wanting to just make his announcement in person. Hana had fallen asleep on her bed, leaving the adults alone. They took full advantage, laying on the couch. Hinata rested her head on her husband's chest, humming in appreciation as he stroked her hair.

"Are you happy?"

Sasuke frowned, looking down at the crown of Hinata's head. "What kind of question is that?"

"Just curious..."

"Why wouldn't I be? I have a wife I adore, a daughter that rivals that, a family that keeps out of my business..."

Hinata snorted lightly.

Smiling, Sasuke continued, "I have a job that lets me provide for my family, a house that I can come home to...I have everything I want."



"Hm...there's...nothing else you want?"

"Like what, Hinata?"

"Like...more kids?"

Sasuke considered it. "I guess I wouldn't mind more. Why?"

Hinata shifted a bit. "Because...I'm pregnant."

With a rush of movement, Sasuke sat upright and held his wife by the shoulders. "You are?"


Slowly, a smirk spread across his face. "Well...looks like we might steal some of Itachi's good news thunder."

Hinata laughed. "Is everything you two do a competition?"

"Of course. We're men. Even worse, we're brothers."

The woman hummed. "I see..."

Still not quite done feeling proud that he was going to be a father again, Sasuke kissed his wife. "I love you..."

"I love you too."

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