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Sonic Adventure Lyrical Step

Chapter 1

Raid on Eggman's base and a new world, Do your best Sonic!

- Egg Carrier, high in the sky above Mystic Ruins -

- Time: About just past sunset -

*Insert Theme: E.G.G.M.A.N from Sonic Adventure 2*

All was quiet on the ship, aside from the engines roar, as a large red ship slowly moves across the sky, in the command bridge of this ship sits a man, about older than 50, comically obese, wearing black pants with black boots, and a red coat with yellow cuffs and white gloves. His head is completely bald aside from a brown thick moustache under his big red pointed nose; blue classes on his eyes and goggles resting on his bald forehead. This man, known to those as Doctor Eggman , evil genius scientist with an IQ of over 300, laughs evilly as he enjoys his creation soaring through the sky, ready for his global conquest of the world, but his laughter is stopped as an alarm rings throughout the ship. He looks at the desk he sits from and reads the "Intruder Alert" warning. Then he looks out noticing something that caused an explosion on the tip of the Egg Carrier.

*Insert Theme: "Sonic's Fight" from Sonic X OST*

At the base of where the explosion occurred, in a 3 point landing stance is a figure, standing at about 100 cm (3'3") and 35kg (77 lbs.) is an anthropomorphic hedgehog. Appearing to be male, his fur a royal blue color appearing to be natural color, his belly and arms a peach colored, almost a skin color. On his head are 2 small pointed ears with a peach fur inside. His arms and legs are very thin and wire-like almost. He has 6 large quills appearing to be streamlined backward along the back of his head, 2 smaller spines on his back, and a short tail underneath. His attire consisting of red shoes with a white strap and a yellow buckle, looking like a strap for the shoes, white cuffs coming from his shoes, possibly socks, on his hands white gloves with white cuffs on his wrists that seem to be folded. His face has a peach tone for his mouth area, a thick black animalistic nose above that, and his eyes are an emerald-green color. This creature is known as Sonic the Hedgehog, well famous for his exploits against the old doctor.

The hedgehog stands up and looks ahead and sees; coming from inside the Carrier dozens of gray robots with Eggman's insignia, a logo of his face, on their shoulders, from the sky: several waves of aerial mechs. All these robots are armed to the teeth with machine guns and rocket launchers. Seeing this; the Hedgehog simply smirks, showing his fanged teeth, tightens his gloves and gets into a runner's stance.

Eggman, from the Bridge shouts an order "Fire!", and on cue the mechs and robots begin to fire upon the hedgehog, who cheered "All Right!" and launched off. Accelerating at a supersonic speed towards the first wave of robots, avoiding all their shots by quick-stepping from side to side; he gets close and curls up a tight ball for his signature "Spin-Dash" attack, rolling at supersonic speeds, a screeching sound echoes around them. In this form he cuts straight through the wave of robots, leaving behind heaps of them in a trail, taking to the skies in his spin-ball form he then demolishes the aerial units with his homing attack. After taking care of the robots, Sonic breaks through into the Bridge, and confronts Eggman.

Eggman didn't seem surprised, but he feigned shock well. "Sonic!"

Sonic replies "Yo! Eggman! Still trying to conquer the world eh? You never learn"

Eggman growls "You've gotten in my way for the last time you pitiful Hedgehog! Take This!" He pushes a button on his console and the area around him becomes encapsulated by glass, leaving Sonic to look around

(Sonic) "What? That's it?" but on the wall behind him, an arch comes out from the ground and a bluish circle spins around and around until it becomes a portal, trying to suck Sonic in, "Damn!" he curses and tries to hold on to anything to keep him from being sucked inside.

"HO HO HO HO HO AH HA HA HA HA!" Eggman laughs "You fell into my trap! I knew that as long as you were here, you'd always get in my way, but now I've created a machine to fix that problem! Behold! My Egg Portal! With this, I will plunge you into another dimension where you can't interfere with my plans for world domination!"

(Sonic) "You've done it now, Eggman; I won't let you get away with this!"

(Eggman) "I already have! Sayonara, Sonic the Hedgehog!" At this time Sonic is sucked into the portal, which then closes.

Spiraling around in a limbo of dimensions, our blue hedgehog finds himself lost, unknown to him as he is in free-fall a familiar gold ring, with inscriptions alongside and the front with 2 thick swirls, the curves intersecting (Think Shahra's ring from Sonic and the Secret Rings) appears on right middle finger. Afterwards Sonic exits the portal through the end. But he's still falling because the portal opened through the dawn sky of another world

- Time-Space Administration Bureau HQ: Mid-Childa early morning-

*Insert theme "Eternal Blaze" Nana Mizuki*

It was a bright and sunny morning at the main office for the Time-Space Administration Bureau; or TSAB for short. Outside on one of the track courses the recruits use for training, 3 young girls, age 15, are jogging for exercise. In the middle is a brunette with blue eyes, hair tied in a ponytail hanging off to her left, her outfit consisting of a white form, fitting T-shirt, displaying a moderately small bust, and light blue jogging sweat-pants with white sneakers. She's wearing a necklace that has a small red orb-gem attached, this young girl is Nanoha Takamachi, the "Ace of Aces" as she is called, to her right is Fate Testarossa-Harlaown, a blonde girl with red eyes, hair flowing down her back with a white bow near the end, her outfit matching Nanoha's; to Nanoha's left, Hayate Yagami, her hair is a darker brown cut short, her eyes a lighter blue, wearing the same outfit as the other 2. All 3 appear to have similar body type. There is silence among them as they jog at a light pace.

Nanoha broke the silence "It's a nice morning for a jog, ne Fate-Chan, Hayate-Chan?"

Hayate answered "Yeah, I'm glad we decided to take this vacation."

Fate asks Hayate "Still aiming for that command position Hayate?"

Hayate nodded and the group continued their jog.

This went on until Nanoha stopped and looked up at the sky, causing Hayate and Fate to stop.

Fate questioned "Something wrong Nanoha?"

The brunette in question points to the sky at the opening of a portal and a figure dropping almost above her "Look! Something's falling!"

The trio backs up to see the figure land head first in a grassy area, burying into the ground. All they can see is the figure's blue legs and red shoes, they keep their distance, unsure of what it is or if it is safe; the figure's legs move around and plant onto the ground and tug trying to pull itself out of it. Right next to him materializing is another young-looking girl with pink-purple hair tied in a weird fashion, a large ahoge on the top of her head and the rest tied with an end of a gold ring. She has pointed ears with teardrop ear rings and a matching necklace, her eyes a blue color. Her outfit consisting of a sky blue sleeveless strapless blouse, stopping just above her modest bust, her waist has 2 bows, a pink sash tied in a bow on her left, and a blue bow to match her blouse on her right. On her forearms are small golden arm bracers and thick gold bracelets on her wrists. Her pants are a thick white and puffy that go down to her shins, on her feet are pink sandals with a pink sash that goes up to where her shin meets her pants. Her figure is very slim and thin, she is slightly shorter than the other 3. (Shahra the Ring Genie)

This newcomer sees the figure buried in the ground and cries "Sonic! Are you all right?" Some mumbling is what she gets however. The girl then grabs the figure's legs and tugs pulling out the rest of the now identified to Nanoha's trio as Sonic.

*Insert Theme: "It Doesn't Matter" Sonic Adventure version*

Sonic shakes his head after being pulled out of that hole he made "Ouch! That smarts",

Shahra asks him concerned "Are you all right Sonic?"

Sonic turned his head "Shahra! Long time no see. Yeah I'm fine. Not the first time I had a rough landing."

(Shahra) "Where are we? How did we get here?"

(Sonic) "We're definitely not in my world. Eggman made sure of that. How did you get here anyway?"

(Shahra) "I don't know. What do you think we should do Master?"

(Sonic) "Quit it with the 'Master' stuff already!"

"Sorry Sonic"

"Don't Worry! Let's look around and see if we can find out where we are"

"Yes, Sonic".

It was at this moment, Nanoha decided to get their attention "Ano, excuse me"

Sonic and Shahra turn around and look at the direction of the voice and see Nanoha, Fate, and Hayate.

Fate asked the 2 strangers "Who are you? And how did you get here?"

Shahra bows in a polite custom "I am Shahra the Genie of the Ring; this is my master.."

Sonic cuts her off "Oi! Stop with the 'Master'! I'm Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog"

The trio introduces themselves "I'm Takamachi Nanoha, you can call me Nanoha"

"Fate Testarossa-Harlaown. Pleased to meet you"

"I'm Yagami Hayate, call me Hayate"

Sonic gave a thumbs-up and said "Okay! Nice to meet you, Where are we?"

Nanoha replied informatively "You're on the administrated world Mid-Childa. How did you get here?"

Sonic replied with a bored and unsurprised tone "Eh, an enemy from my world, Doctor Eggman, created a portal that dropped me here, as for her (Shahra) I have no idea how she got here."

Fate informed with a serious look to her face "Regardless, you're going to have to come with us, to explain a few things. You just happened to land on the world that houses the Time-Space Administration Bureau"

Sonic asks confused "Time- what?"

Nanoha explained "It's sort of like a police force that covers dimensional space."

Sonic responds "So a government that's covers space?"

The trio nod in agreement

Hayate stated "The 3 of us have our ranks in the force; Fate's an Enforcer, I'm a Special Investigator. As for Nanoha, when she's not 'befriending' she's an Instructor"

Nanoha promptly blushed in embarrassment "Mou Hayate-Chan!" Said brunette giggled.

Sonic asked "Eh? Befriending?"

Fate quickly explained "Private Joke, now are you going to come with us? It's best you come willingly so we don't have to force you; we'd just like to know what you are."

Sonic turns to Shahra, who asks "You think we should go with them?"

Sonic simply shrugs "Well, why not? I need some answers myself. I'll go with you girls."

Nanoha smiles "Great! Now if you'll please follow us? We'll take you to Headquarters."

Sonic smiles his trademark fanged cheeky grin "Okay! Let's go!"

-End of Chapter One—

Author's note: Well that's the first chapter, boy was it a long one. I'll try to keep the following chapters shorter, only making this one long for the purpose of it being the pilot. I request comments please; but to those commenting, please no cheesy one-liners or memes. This is my first story, and I'd like constructive criticism so I know where to improve as far as grammar and story outline. Honest opinions are greatly appreciated. So that's all, until the next chapter, good bye.