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Word Prompts: Confess

Ouch! My brain wailed as I tried to mentally force my eyes open. The second the sun hit my face, my body protested, snapping my eyes shut and turning away from the light…and, into…um…


Oh God.

Where was I?

And, who the hell was he?

My eyes rapidly blinked open allowing my vision to clear as I caught site of his hand…that wasn't Jacob's hand, and there most certainly was a wedding band on his finger. Cautiously, I tilted my head up to look at the man sharing my bed as a rush of memories began to flood forward. I saw the club, the parties, the drinks, and the talk…snippets of laughing and conversation, and then a chapel.

Did we?

Slowly, I pulled my own hand out from the sheets and saw a ring…only, this wasn't my engagement ring from the night before. No, no this was more…this was a wedding ring; a really, really big one. I looked back at the man's hand, and then at mine…Oh God.

A soft groan came from my side as he began to stir. His eyes shot open, and he blinked as much as I did, before he smiled. I was sure my face was laced with horror, but he laid there smiling like this wasn't the most awkward situation ever.

"Good morning, Bella," he said with a quiet yawn. His arms outstretched over his head allowing the sheet to dip before his waist revealing a pair of boxers. Mentally a flood of relief hit me as I realized we hadn't, um, consummated anything. He continued to stare up at me with a puzzle looked, and it occurred to me that I hadn't said anything back.

"Um…" I managed to squeak before his eyes knit together in pure confusion.

"You don't remember anything, do you?" he said warily.

"I remember parts, but not as a whole. And, I'm sorry, I don't know your name." It felt ridiculously awkward to ask for his name now given what I was pretty sure happened, but when he introduced himself as Edward Cullen the majority of the night began to flood back. With his name opened up a floor of memories that swept through my brain like a tornado filling in bits and pieces in every little box left empty before.

"Does that help?" Edward pushed gently, and I nodded.

"We got married, didn't we?" Though I asked, I knew the answer. If the matching wedding bands weren't clear enough, the piece of paper on the nightstand that looks like a marriage certificate certainly confirmed it.

"That we did," he started to explain. "Though I have a confession, it's really only a minor detail though," he breezed, but I really failed to see how anything would seem like that big of a deal now. "We just inherited five million dollars."


Hi! Sorry, I know it's been a while, and I know the first question will be...what about Road? With the deployment of our unit looming I just haven't been able to get back into it, but I plan to rectify that before the New Year. It will be finished, but everything I've written for it so far has been horrendous, OOC, and just blah...so, it's been put aside.I need to get these guys off, and my mind should go back to being clear.

To those who have followed the sleeping disorder of my three-year-old, we finally saw Neuro and the verdict is my child is a vampire. No joke, even when she looks like she's sleeping her brain is never fully shutting down to sleep. So, now we're going to a different neuro with more tests in the future. I'm often more exhausted than I have words for, and I am working on a true multi-chapter fic currently, but I want it completed before I post. Partially because of subject matter, but also because it's easier...until then, I needed to write.

Last night, I saw Breaking Dawn at midnight (Did anyone else go? What were your thoughts...I thought it was decent, but I didn't love it like I had hoped to). Because I live in the middle of nowhere, my phone was useless waiting for the movie to start-ouch, those seats aren't comfy, but I brought a notebook (a Twilight one, go figure) and jotted down this entire plot. It's a lot of crazy, a little unorthodox for me, but it'll be fun. Slight angst, but nothing I'll draw out because that's no fun.

So, yeah, enjoy the ride. I hope to update multiple times a week, but it may not be daily, or it may be multiple times a day. I have an entire file folder of prompts so when I can write I will. Writing is my sanity right now as we handle Sammie Lynn's sleep issue...next step is an overnight sleep study, which I'll have an appointment date for next week.

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