This story of IchiSenna will be based on Sleeping Beauty from Walt Disney. I love that movie 'cause it's my best favorite. I can't describe the OCs for Senna's parents since their parts will be short.

Senna's mother will be called Senna's mother/mom or Queen and her dad will be Senna's father/dad or King. That is all I can say. I would find it weird for the Bleach characters to sing in the anime - minus the live musical, which didn't bother me (They did a great job at it!). If any of you are expecting singing in this story, carry on.

The three good fairies will be the Bleach characters that I've chosen, and in different colors of their outfits.

In this story - just this story - let's just say that Ichigo will be the only child. No offense!

I don't own Bleach nor Sleeping beauty.

Chapter 1: Birth of the princess

In a far away land, there were a young married couple who lived at the castle in their 30's. They wished for a child and their wish was granted. The Queen approached to her husband with a blue blanket in her arms during sunrise.

A daughter was born. They named her Senna. They named her after seeing her large amber eyes. And they matched in the autumn season.

The King announced a celebration throughout the kingdom so they can pay their respects to the newborn princess. Every citizens who were led by knights made their way to the castle, seeing the King and Queen sitting in their thrones with a baby crib next to the mother, waiting to celebrate the princess's royal birth. The King and Queen were waiting in their thrones for their life long friend.

The royal trumpets were heard blowing in the castle ball.

The royal messenger called out, reading the scroll. "Their royal highnesses! King Isshin! Queen Masaki! And Prince Ichigo!"

The three family walked towards the thrones. When they reached the end, they bowed down for their respective royalties. Little Ichigo was holding his mother's right hand.

Senna's father got up from his throne, advancing towards his best friend. "Isshin! How have you been?" he gave him a bear hug.

"Never better! You have no idea how long I've been waiting for this moment to come!" the energetic Isshin replied. He turned to his wife and son, urging them to come over.

Senna's mom got up from her throne and approached Queen Masaki. "How are you?" she asked kindly.

"Fine." Masaki answered nicely before turning to her son. "Ichigo, say hi to them."

The shy little Ichigo looked up to the opposing adult King and Queen. "H-Hi... Your... Majesties." he bowed down in a polite manner.

"What a big boy you are!" Senna's father complimented, patting the boy's head.

"Aren't you a handsome one?" Senna's mother cooed.

"Now my son, go take a look at their daughter." Isshin patted his son's back.

Senna's mother held little Ichigo's hand, leading him to her sleeping daughter in the baby crib, the girl betrothed to him in the future. Little Ichigo saw his future bride, and made a disturbing face, thinking she is going to be his princess.

The royal trumpets were heard blown in the castle ball again.

Senna's parents sat back on their thrones and the Kurosakis stepped to the side.

At the ceiling, a light shown on the ground as the three fairies appeared, descending downwards. One was a raven haired with a strand of hair hanging between her eyes, wearing a purple dress. She's the tallest than the other two. The second one was a short light brown hair with short bangs hanging over the right side of her forehead, wearing a pink dress. The last one was a straight black hair, cropped to hang around her face just above the shoulders, wearing a red dress. They all wore the same pointy hats, capes, tiny wings, but different clips: the raven haired had a black square, the light brown hair had a yellow triangle, and the short black hair had a white circle. They all held a single yellow wand in their hands.

"Their most honored and exalted excellencies! The three good fairies!" The three fairies landed one by one.

"Mistress Rukia!"

"Mistress Yuzu!"

"And Mistress Karin!"

They looked around for a bit and flew forwards the King and Queen's crib, seeing the sleeping princess. They quietly squealed.

"She's cute." Yuzu cooed. Karin just smiled. Rukia flew in front of the Highnesses. Yuzu and Karin followed, standing next to her.

"Your Majesties!" they kneeled in unison.

Rukia starts in a well-mannered fashion to the King and Queen. "Each of us will give a child's single gift. No more, no less." she finished before moving to the crib.

"Little princess, my gift shall be the gift of beauty." she twirled her wand in the air, creating sparkles of light in the air.

The lights formed into a vortex with three colors: blue, purple, and white. The spiritual female figure in a teenage form with purple hair floats upward in her beautiful youth. Red roses appeared everywhere with the same spiritual female teenager walking in the forest. The light stops and descends on the sleeping baby as Rukia flew back to her spot, next to Karin.

Yuzu flew forward. "Hi, Princess. My gift shall be the gift of song." she twirled her wand, creating lights in the air.

The lights formed into a vortex in purple and pink. Lots of birds are flying in the air. The spiritual female figure was sitting on a branch, lifting her right arm up with a bird on her finger. The figure formed into lights and descended on the baby as Yuzu flew back to the other fairies.

Karin flew forward with a wand in her right hand. "Hey, Princess. My gift shall be the- What the!" her magic was cut off by a sudden strong wind. She defended herself with her arms, grunting.

The tremendous strong wind blew the castle's giant wooden door wide open, waving all the flags as some fell off. Queen Masaki defended her prince from the wind. Both King and Queen stood up, bewildered at the sudden wind. Rukia, Yuzu, and Karin defended the sleeping princess.

"Mama, I'm scared!" little Ichigo grabbed his mother's dress. Masaki and Isshin took their son and hid behind the guard before the imminent.

Water appeared on the center of the area as the citizens backed away. The water formed into a giant ball and bursted, revealing a tall tanned, blonde woman kneeling down before standing up with a calm face.

End of chapter 1

Try and guess who's main villain. However, I can't find other females characters in Bleach other than the one I chose at the ending part. Please review or comment!