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Chapter 4: Harribel's Castle

Many sad and lonely years passed by for the King and his people. Since the three fairies have hidden Princes Senna somewhere in the forest to protect her from Harribel, Senna's parents had kept their secret safe until their daughter was the age of 16. The entire kingdom was sad and didn't get to see Princess Senna in her grown age - not even Prince Ichigo have the chance to see her through these years. With these years passing on, the King and the kingdom haven't spoke a single word about Princess Senna's whereabouts - including Prince Ichigo's curiosity, which his parents have to keep it away from him unless Princess Senna is safe from Harribel's wicked curse.

As time passed by, the Princess's sixteenth birthday was drawing near. The King sent a messenger out, spreading the news throughout the kingdom to alert everyone about their Princess's arrival. When they all heard about it, they were thrilled and couldn't wait to see what their Princess will currently look like when she returns. They all rejoiced, and decided to make a welcoming surprise for the princess.

For as long as everyone knew, Harribel remains in her domain, the Forbidden Mountain. Her wrath and frustration were rapidly increasing - due to her prophecy which was not yet been fulfilled. She was sitting in her throne, waiting for her minions - known as the Exequias - to arrive back for the report. Behind her throne was her three young female comrades.

One was a tomboyish woman with two different colored eyes; her right eye is ice blue, and left eye is amber with a red outline around the outside. She had a jaw-length dark blue hair with a scowl on her face. She wore a standard white outfit and shoulder length sleeves with black cuffs with a V-neck and gloves. Her hands were stuffed in her pockets. She is known as Emilou Apacci.

The second was a slender woman with long flowing olive-green hair, lavender-colored eyes, long eyelashes, and three pink dots below her right eye. Her white outfit is a long white dress with long sleeves, extending past her hands. She wore a black furry necklace around her neck. She also had two thin belts that crissed cross around her waist. Her name is Cyan Sung-Sun.

And finally, the third was a dark-skinned woman in a Amazon-like warrior with a tone body. She had long, thick wavy brown hair and green eyes. She wore a white fragments on her upper body in a bra-like garment, a white skirt with a black belt on top, and black boots. Both of her hands were on her hips. Her name is Franceska Mila Rose.

(A/N: No Hollow mask fragments!)

As Harribel was sitting on her throne and waiting for her minions to returned, one of her comrades began to speak. "Harribel-sama, can you actually believe it's been 16 years already?" Apache asked, leaning down a bit next to her throne.

"Of course, she knows that Apache! You thought you don't have the brain to know about her smartness!" Mila Rose countered proudly.

A tick mark appeared on the blue-haired woman's head, and she got really agitated before shooting her head at the dark skin woman. "WHAT WAS THAT, MILA ROSE! ? YOU WANNA PIECE OF ME! !" she barked.

"Ha! There's some prove! The way you say that, it means you've admit your lack of knowledge!"

Sung-Sun sighed, seeing her two bickering comrades. "Look at you two, acting like children. I bet you two are the ones who are lacking the sense of knowledge." she said in a calming tone, raising her right arm to cover her mouth.

When both Apacci and Mila Rose heard their calming friend, they shot their heads at her with bigger tick marks on their heads. "WHAT'D YOU SAY! ? YOU BITCH! !" they yelled at her.

Sung-Sun looked away from them. "Hmm... Did I say something to vex you two?" she said like nothing ever happened.

Before Apacci and Mila Rose snap at Sung-Sun, Harribel suddenly spoke. "Girls. Enough." she ordered them. Her companions stopped their bickering, looking away and leaned their backs against the wall, behind Harribel, except Sung-Sun who just stands away from the wall. "They've arrived."

From the hallway, two Exequias came into the room and proceeded to the front of Harribel's throne and knelt down to their leader.

"As you ordered, we've searched everywhere, and there are no signs of the missing princess." one of them informed.

"Did you searched the town, the forest, and the mountains?" Harribel asked the two.

"We've confirmed them as well. Furthermore, the princess is no where to be found." the second one replied.

Harribel closed her eyes, letting out a sigh before opening them. "Listen, the princess couldn't have the power to vanish herself into thin air. It is possible she is hiding somewhere, hidden from our eyes. You may leave." she ordered them.

"Hai!" Both Exequias nodded unison before they walked off.

Harribel lowered her head, sighing tiredly. For these long 16 years, she hasn't been able to find the Princess's whereabouts, and to make the prophecy come true.

"Failure as always. Just where have they hid the Princess." she stood up and turned to her faithful comrades. "Girls." she called them.

"Harribel-sama!" they took a few steps forward and knelt down.

"You girls are the only options I've got. I want you three to search for a 16 year old girl with purple hair, and eyes as set as sunset."

"Hai!" they straightened up and left the room in request of their Mistress, exiting out of her throne.

"Whoever found the Princess first, will become Harribel's commander!" Apacci declared.

"Fat chance for you!" Mila Rose replied loudly.

"Hmph." Sung-Sun just simply huffed.

End of chapter 4

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