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This is humanized transformers fic, it's about Jetlight, Jetstorm and Jetfire, with little bit off Jazz there too. Extra big hug and thank you for TFAArtFreak for fixing all the typos I had made in here~ Next part will be up at some point soon, that I can swear ^^

Three young children were playing a game of Snakes and Ladders on their bedroom floor. The one in the lead had bluish hair and blue eyes too; he also had a scarf around his neck, and pilot-glasses on his eyes. On his left side, there was a kid who had deep orange hair and yellowish eyes. Too bad his hair was hidden under an aviator's hat that was too big for him by three sizes... Last one of them had bi-colored hair, pure white from the top, and half of his forelock and behind the ears deep black, and his eyes were pale blue. He had a stuffed animal, a griffin, in his lap too, and he was just getting ahead of his brothers in the game. He giggled a little when he passed the blue-haired brother, who ruffled the blond haired one in return.

"You haven't won yet Jetlight." he grinned, making Jetlight just smile brightly.

"I know Jetstorm, but that doesn't stop me being happy." Jetlight answered, and Jetstorm shook his head a little. "Why are you happy even if you wouldn't win?"

"Because I have the best brothers I could ever ask." Jetlight answered, making the hat-wearing smile warmly, and lean over to hug Jetlight tightly.

"Watch it Jetfire, you're scrambling the board!" Jetstorm cried out loud, and Jetfire jumped up, looking at the board that was now totally mixed up.

"Ops..." Jetfire said when he lifted his leg from the board. Jetstorm sighed silently, and Jetlight blinked a couple of times, before he started to giggle like maniac. Jetfire smiled again with his warm and happy smile, he already knew that Jetlight would forgive him anything he would do, no matter what. Suddenly they heard something break on the downstairs. Jetlight looked at the door with wide open eyes, trembling a little. Jetstorm knew that that it was his cue to stop being silly, and jumped onto his feet.

"We better go back to bed, before dad finds us still playing around.", Jetstorm said, making Light and Fire nod, and jump in their bed... they were triplets, of course they would share their bed. Jetlight snuggled against Jetstorm, looking for some protection from him. Jetfire in the other hand was lying on his other side, hugging him so that Jetlight was protected from both sides. Storm looked at his two brothers, smiling a little. He would do anything to keep them safe, the warm and happy Jetfire and always innocent Jetlight... those two fell asleep quickly, but Jetstorm was having more problems. He listened to the fight that was going on downstairs...

"Dad! You're hurting me!", Jetlight cried out loud, when his father started dragging him away, away from the safety of his room and his two brothers, who had just woke up when he came in and picked Jetlight up. Jetstorm was first to react, he jumped on his feet and ran after them, only to be stopped by their mother.

"Mom, what is going on, why is dad hurting Jetlight?" Jetstorm was shouting, he was panicking, seeing his youngest brother in such an state, crying and yelling for help. Mother just shook her head.

"Jetlight is going to go now with dad. He's going to live with him from now on."

"What are you saying mom, dad lives here right?" Jetstorm felt his eyes tearing up. Jetfire came from their room too, looking at confused how Jetlight was struggling.

"No... Daddy's not going to live here anymore... And neither will your brother...", she said, so much pain in her voice, that Storm understood it. Their family was broken. And they were losing Light now.

"Mom! Do something! Dad is hurting Jetlight!" Jetfire cried out loud too, but then the outdoor was slammed shut, and the yells were gone. Not only that, but the hallway turned into dark place... Both of the remaining brothers ran to their room again, to look from the window. They saw a car, with ongoing engine, and Jetlight in the backseat. White-haired child looked out, and saw his brothers at the window, and pressed his hands against the cold glass, crying.

"Don't... don't leave us..." Jetfire cried too, pressing his own hands against the glass, and Jetstorm was opening the window as fast as he could. Finally he was able to slam it open, and get his head through it.


Too late, the car started, and Jetlight couldn't open the doors from the inside. Instead he was forced to watch how his old home was left behind, how his two best friends, his brothers, were left behind, watching in the window...

Jetlight was asleep. After he had been snatched from his bed, he had curled up in the backseat sobbing against his griffin. This wasn't fair! Why did he have to leave his brothers? Why was his father doing this? Letting these thoughts wander through him, he fell asleep, and in his dreams, he still yelled after his brothers... His father looked over his shoulder to look at the innocent sleeper, and reached his hand to pet his head.

"I'm sorry Jetlight... Your mother didn't leave me any options, even after all the fights we had, and even after the decision of the high court, she left me only this...", he whispered, and wiped the tear marks form Jetlight's cheeks, turning again to face the road. They couldn't stay here any longer. Not in this town. Gritting his teeth, he looked to the skyline again.

"We have to move elsewhere. You are still young Jetlight... you will get over your sorrow." the older man said, focusing on his driving. He had lost his two sons now, but at least he had now Jetlight with him, even though for the next couple weeks he would be sure to hate him... But what else was he supposed to do? Abandon everything in his former family? No, he couldn't do that, not as a father. And he had also had to make sure that no one would take his son away from him, he had his rights.

Silent melody of "twinkle, twinkle little star" was ringing, Jetlight was sitting on the piano seat and watching how his father played it. It had been over two years, and he was still lonely, and still was holding his griffin against his chest in night, especially when it was a snowy day like today. But he had also learned, that his father loved him, he always came to help when Jetlight was crying, or when he seemed to be down he took Jetlight to park or museum or any other place like that. It wasn't quite enough, but Jetlight had already realized that this was his new home now.

The house they had moved in just a week ago had a piano. Jetlight was interested in it at that instant, but he hadn't dared to touch it, not yet. Now that his father was next to him, playing all the old child-riddles he knew, Jetlight was delighted, and watched what his father was doing. He wasn't so good at this though, and laughed time to time, apologizing sometimes. Then the doorbell rang. Jetlight turned his head, and his father tapped his head a little.

"I'll get it, you can play the piano now."

Jetlight tilted his head, and put his little griffin in his lap, looking at the keyboard of the piano. How did Twinkle, twinkle little star go again? Jetlight started tapping the keys, and smiled a little, then giggled, while playing the song.

"Oh, you already had visitors here? Sorry to disturb you sir." it was the neighbor of theirs. Father just turned his head a little, when he heard the song, and almost ran back inside, to look how his son was playing piano, with a wide smile on his face.

"Jetlight, since when you've known how to play piano so well?" he asked, kneeling down a little to look at his child. He just tilted his head and blinked.

"I watched you to play... is it bad?" he asked, and his father just shook his head.

"No, it was perfect. I just never seen anyone learn to play piano so fast before."

"Me neither, those were some sweet moves on the piano there boy."

The neighbor had come in, and lifted his sunglasses to look at Jetlight. He was young, well not young like Jetlight, but wasn't definitely adult yet. He had dreadlocks that were tied behind his head, and black headphones. Jetlight blinked his eyes again.

"The old lady that used to live here would have been happy to see that someone that's good with piano had moved in."

"There lived pianist in here?"

"Yeah, taught me too when I was being babysit here. I can show how to play that old thing someday, if you wanna?"

Jetlight nodded his head in excitement. He would learn how to play piano!

"Oh, name's Jazz. What's yours lil guy?"

"I'm Jetlight.", he smiled, and at the same moment, the little snow that had been raining outside broke out, and sunlight came to the room...

Spring, summer, autumn, winter, they came so fast while Jetlight had now a new friend. During winter Jazz and Jetlight were doing snow-works for some pocket money, and did little snowball fights... Springs were the time when Jazz spend bit more time with his schoolmates, but that didn't seem to bother Jetlight so much. When the summer came, he and Jazz didn't do much else then spend the days out and evenings inside, playing the piano. It was true that Jazz was few years older, but he also enjoyed being with Jetlight, who was always ready to go anywhere, or to listen any kind of music. Jazz didn't have many other friends around here either, there was Sentinel, but he was little older than Jazz, and didn't like spending his time with Jetlight, and there was Prowl, but he was more of a loner, and didn't like the same things as Jazz... so needless to say, that little Jetlight was having him having over more than twice a week. Then the autumn came, Jazz was in different school than Jetlight, but he trusted that his little neighbor was having a good time, maybe even get couple new friends of his own age...

Jazz stopped when he saw an ambulance go by. Another accident? There had been many of them lately. He just hoped that this time there wouldn't be any of his friends involved. Strong and cold breezes hit him again, and Jazz turned his head a little. The ambulance was headed for somewhere... Jazz got curious, he had been wondering for long time could he keep up with a car if he would follow it with parkour. Running, Jazz was enjoying the speed and fast turns and quick decisions - like when he had to choose whether he would change direction or try to jump over - made adrenaline to run inside his veins, and he was having fun. Until he saw that the ambulance stopped. Jazz walked bit closer, there were some people, and many youngsters. Most of them same age as Jetlight, guess his school was clos-

"Come on now lil guy! Don't give up!"

Jazz climbed on a light post, to see what was going on there were so much blood, cops, and kids were crying or staring in horror. Jazz jumped down, trying to see if he could find Jetlight from the kids, this was not good place to be for him right now and-

"Dang it, we're losing him!"

Jazz looked again. Then it hit him. The kid that the IR people were reviving had white and black hair, even though it was hard to see under all the blood. Jazz broke through the crowd, and stumbled on the scene.