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So, here we go, second half of The Sweet Melodies. I know the cliffhanger was a nasty trick, but atleast I updated this thing fast! And no worries, Jetlight isn't dead. He's bit too young character for me to be killed off like that. Let's see it again when it's 2013.

And once again, thanks for TAArtFreak for reading this trough for me ^^ Okay, let's get this started!

"Dad?" he was so scared, shaking, paler than ever. Jetlight's father sat down, placing his hand on to his cheek.

"I'm here Jetlight." he said, quietly, trying to comfort the little boy. His eyes were under the bandages, so he couldn't see a thing, and that made him panic even more. His father helped Jetlight to sit so he could hug him better.

"I'm so sorry... If I had known this would happen to you... I'm so sorry..." he was petting his sons back, begging for forgiveness. Jetlight moved his right hand – his left one was badly damaged - and returned the hug, somewhat.

"Its okay dad, its okay." he smiled, but his father was able to see that the bandages were wet on the spot below the eyes.

"Can we go for the park soon?" he asked, tilting his head. Dad nodded his head, and placed a small kiss on his forehead.

"Anything to my brave little boy." he said, making Jetlight smile yet again. Then the doctor came. He knocked on the door, and Jetlight father patted his son on his head.

"Daddy to go to talk the doctor for now, I promise to come back soon. Want something from the cafeteria?" he asked, he knew he needed some coffee, so he could use this opportunity to buy some sweets for his little boy. Jetlight just shook his head a little, trying to make a brave smile.

"I'm okay."

"That's my boy." dad said, before he went to the doctor, walking out of the room. From his face he knew, that the news weren't going to be so good.

"What's wrong?", he asked, nervously. Hands started shaking, he was afraid.

"Mister... Your son hit back of his head, enough hard that it cracked the back of his skull somewhat, we were lucky that he survived, but there's something you should know..."

"It's going good Jetlight, just keep it steady." it was one of the nurses, who was helping Jetlight to stand up and walk again. After breaking his leg, he had been just sitting on the bed, not moving at all. He was more than eager to move, and now he had the chance. Door opened, and someone walked in - Jetlight couldn't tell, for some odd reason the doctors still hadn't taken his eye bandages off - greeting the nurse with cheery voice. Jetlight's head flinched a little.

"Jazz?" he asked, and heard laughter as an answer.

"Yep, that's me lil guy. How's it swinging?" he asked, leaning against the rail Jetlight had used to walk.

"Nothing much, doctors still haven't taken the bandages off though... But I heard I can get home soon!" Jetlight got all cheery, when the door opened again. Heavier footsteps... it was the doctor. Jetlight "looked" in his direction way.

"Hello Mr. Ratchet!" he smiled that bright smile of his, and the doctor, named Ratchet, sighed heavy.

"Hello Jetlight... I think it's time to take the bandages off. You've gotten used to the darkness right?"

"Yeah, I have... I still miss the sunlight though." little boy smiled again, and the words struck deep on the doctors heart. He walked closer, and picked the boy up easily, making him sit on his bed, before starting to take the bandages off. Jetlight was moving his legs a little, when he felt the bandages drop down to his lap. Carefully, he opened his eyes... and blinked his eyes a couple times, smile turning into confusion. Jazz flinched to himself, when he saw what had happened.

"Hey... why it's so dark?" he asked, small fear creeping trough him. Ratchet realized something just then.

"You... weren't told?", he asked, and Jetlight turned his head to his direction, shocked, shaking a little, he knew what was going on, but he still wanted to believe other ways.

"Jetlight... when you hit back of your head... it damaged some eye-nerves that locate on the back of the brain you... you're blind. Permanently."

Jetlight started shaking. He was going to live in darkness from now on? He would stay like this? He felt someone hugging him, but also he felt something hot in his throat, and something even hotter on his eyes. Pale grey eyes were filled with tears that now fell down on his cheeks.

"No..." he whispered, placing his hands against his mouth. This wasn't happening, it just couldn't! Closing his eyes, he tried to control his crying, but it only made the tears pour harder. For the first time in few years, Jetlight felt like the world had been forgotten him totally. Ratchet was only able to pat his back gently, and Jazz hugged him, trying to calm down the sobbing boy.

Classical music was played from the CD, and stopped, then repeated on the piano, poorly though. Player winced, and slammed his hand against the piano, frustrated.

"Take it easy J, I know it's hard but-"

"But nothing Jazz! I just can't do it!" pianist, now 13 years old, clenched his fists. "I can't play even simple songs right anymore..." he whispered. Jazz sat next to him, and patted his back, then placed Jetlight's hands to the keyboard.

"Yes ya can. Ya have amazing ability, don't let it go vain.", he said, and Jetlight raised his head a little, now grey eyes moving just a little, and then he sighed.

"Do ya remember the first song you played?" Jazz asked, and Jetlight smiled a little, sad and weak smile that was just a shadow of the bright smiles he used to have when he was a child. He had turned paler and paler with these last passing couple years, and under his grey eyes were shadows, for the sleepless nights. Why would blind stay awake only when there's sunlight? He couldn't see it anyways.

"Twinkle, twinkle little star." he replied, and Jazz smiled himself now.

"Think you remember how it's played?"

"Sure, it's easy one." The blonde answered, and the older teen nodded. "Could you play it to me?"

Jetlight tilted his head in confusion. He knew how to play it, it was one of his favorite things to play, and he could play it even with his eyes clos- it hit him. If he was able to play Twinkle, twinkle Little Star with his eyes closed, it wouldn't be hard to play while being blind, right? Jetlight placed his fingers on right places, and started playing, fluid and perfect. Little smile started to grow on his face, that looked more like that old smile he used to have.

"Twinkle, twinkle, little star..."

"How I wonder what you are." Jazz continued, and Jetlight smiled little more.

"Up above the world so high." Jetlight tried to remember the whole song, but yet again, Jazz continued it for him: "Like a diamond in the sky."

"Twinkle, twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are!" they finished the first chorus together, and Jetlight laughed a little.

"See Light? You can do it. Just have lil bit more of patient, 'dig?"

Jetstorm and Jetfire sat down in the huge hall that had the concert. Well it hadn't started yet, but it was going to, soon. This was some kind of charity-happening, and their mother had brought them tickets. It had been so long time when they had been in this country again. When their younger brother had been snatched away from them, their mother had been decided to move to Russia. Now that they were 18, they had moved back, hoping to find their brother... But their mother still bought them tickets here, and of course they wanted to see this. Both of them sat down, and looked at the stage. Host climbed on there, welcomed them all and thanked the crowd for helping them to save the children's hospital nearby. Jetstorm was actually happy, that the hospital was going to be saved with music... Jetfire sat down, relaxing a little. He still hadn't given up on the aviator's hat that was just perfect on him now, but neither had Jetstorm given up on his scarf and pilot-glasses. First was some hip hopper. He was good, true, and he actually had a good opening. Then came the punk, which made the whole grow go wild. After about half an hour, the announcer said something funny.

"Okay, now we got the youngsters happy, but we got bit of a surprise for the crowd! How many of you guys like piano-music?" he asked and he heard many cheers, making him grin.

"Well that's good to hear, since our own hometown hidden talent promised to join us today-" more cheers, the people of the city knew who he was talking about

"Clap your hands and welcome our own little piano-wonder, JETLIGHT!"

Twins jumped on their seats. Jetlight, as in their Jetlight? They saw as a piano was brought on the stage, and a young adult with dark skin and sunglasses walked on there, and behind him was a boy, with white hoodie and jeans, and white black hair.

"Brother, is that..." Jetfire whispered, he couldn't believe it. Jetlight sat down on the pianist chair, and his escort took a couple of steps back, smiling wide. The silence came, when Jetlight placed his hands on the keyboard. Then it started. Silent melody, almost gentle, was heard. Jetlight didn't look at the sheets, or at the keys, he played with his eyes closed. Yet he hit the notes perfectly. It was "Clair the Lune" from the Debussy, not that many knew the song. It started so silently, but got stronger and bit faster on the middle way. Jetlight didn't even look that the song was hard, it was just the beginning. When he finally finished the song, his escort tapped his shoulder, and whispered something to him. Jetstorm really wanted to know what he said, who was that man? and what he was to Jetlight? A friend? A teacher? What?

It started again. A new song. It was heavier, it creeped on Jetfire and Jetstorms spines. Requiem for a dream. Jetlight kept his eyes closed again, focusing on the song. His companion went down, to the crowd, and while Jetlight was playing, he went around and asked around, what song to play. Jetstorm jumped and walked to him, nudging his sleeve. Jetfire came right after him. Man turned around, and tilted his head in confusion when he saw the twins. They looked awfully lot like-

"We be having a song request... "Brothers", from Nana Kitade.", Jetstorm said, and sunglasses wearing man blinked couple times.

"How did ya know that he knows how to play that song?", he asked, and Jetstorm smiled, a sad smile, way too similar to Jetlight's when he was down, before turning around and leaving to his seat, followed by Jetfire. Male blinked couple more times, and then turned around, to give the request to his little protégé.

Jetlight turned his head when he heard the footsteps.

"There were two guys, who looked bit like you. They wanted you to play that song you wanted to learn so badly... that "Brothers" song.", he said, and Jetlight blinked his blind eyes a couple times.

"Jazz, could you do me a really big favor? When my turn is over... could you try to find those two? I want to meet them." Jetlight said, trying to keep his tone of voice as mild as possible, but Jazz already knew that something was up. He grinned and tapped the kids back.

"Sure, you got two songs to play anyway, that gives me the time. Remember, the "Brothers", and... Uh, you got actually all the weird requests, I'll say try playing Stairway to Heaven, okay?"

"Okay Jazz. And thank you." Jetlight smiled once again, and started playing the piano once again, starting with the "Brothers", trying to hold his tears. But he had to make sure that the two who had requested this would know that he understood the message.

"Jetstorm, Jetlight is knowing it be us!" Jetfire got excited, and Jetstorm was holding his breath. The one who was with Jetlight came to them again, when the Stairway to Heaven started playing.

"Hey, J wants to see you in the backstage, you think it's possible to come there?", he asked, and the twins started nodding, following the taller man to the backstage, and looking from the afar how Jetlight played the piano. He just finished the song, and another round of applause was heard. From here Jetstorm was able to see that Jetlight's hoodie had wings printed in the back... Jetlight started the next song, Metallica's Nothing Else Matters. Jazz smiled a little. He was little proud of his friend, to overcome his shyness of playing in public, even though he had demanded that Jazz would accompany him no matter what.

Jetlight ended his performance with "My Immortal" from Evanescence. After that he got up from the chair, and bowed for the audience, who was cheering, and the host came back.

"Aaalright, now that we're all calm again, how 'bout some Rock and ROLL!"

Jazz came to Jetlight's side, leading him out of the stage. He had turned pale, he was panting little, and he was more than little freaked out, hands shaking. It wasn't because of the performance. It was because of the two youngsters, who were waiting on the backstage.

"Jetlight...", Jetfire whispered, and blind one gave a weak smile. Jetfire took a few more steps, placing his hand on Jetlight's cheek, before hugging him with all his might. Jetlight closed his eyes, wrapping his arms around Jetfire, holding back tears. Jetstorm saw something though...

"Jetlight, it had been too long.", he said, walking closer.

"I be not remembering you eyes be grey."

Jetlight flinched, when he heard that, and finally his walls broke.

"I'm sorry... I'm so sorry..." he whispered, pressing himself against Jetfire, who looked Jetlight in confusion. Jazz knew what was going on, but didn't say a thing. Jetlight raised his head a little, so that his brothers could see his eyes again.

"I... I cannot see anymore... I'm blind..." he whispered, wiping his eyes a little. Jetfire blinked his eyes, in little shock, but then raised Jetlight head again gently.

"Grey eyes look better." he then said, and Jetlight blinked in his turn. Jetstorm grinned.

"Agreeing." he said, and walked closer, hugging his long lost brother in his turn. Jetlight hugged him too, snuggling his nose against him.

"I missed you." he said, and felt how Jetfire hugged him from behind. Once again...Jetlight felt like he was really safe.

"We not be letting anyone take you away again." Jetstorm whispered, and Jetlight smiled. He wasn't the only one.

"Mind taking me in to your little family too?" Jazz asked, and Jetlight laughed little. Jetstorm looked at Jazz and nodded couple times. Jazz was welcomed in their family now.

"Being in family means you be joining the hug too!" Jetfire grinned, and Jazz shook his head a little, before being glomped by the brothers. Jetlight started laughing, and for a moment... he believed he was able to see again.