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The Potion

Benny Weir was currently standing in one of the halls of Whitechapel High, flipping speedily through the pages of his spell book. The reason he was doing this was because he was hoping to find something that would help his best friend Ethan Morgan with his present girl problem. Since Ethan was having some lack of confidence in asking Sarah out on a date, Benny was hoping to find a magical solution to the problem. He stopped flipping pages when his eyes had suddenly caught something very interesting on page seventy two of the book.

"A love potion," Benny said to himself as he read the page more carefully.

A smirk slowly came on Benny's face at the possibilities that the potion could bring for not only Ethan but himself as well. Yet the smirk slowly turned into a frown when he realized this wasn't what he really needed. He remembered the real reason was to help Ethan gain confidence to ask Sarah out and this potion wouldn't exactly do that. Even though Benny really wanted to try the potion out he knew that that would be selfish; his best friend had to come first. So with a heavy sigh he continued skimming through the book for something else. Several more pages were turned before he stopped on another promising page. After skimming the page over for the third time, Benny knew that this was indeed what he needed. He then took the musk bottle that Ethan had used and looked at it with a grin.

"Instead of just bringing out a girl's primal nature, let's see if you can bring out a guy's as well," he said to himself before making his way to the biology lab to get the ingredients he needed.

Meanwhile Ethan was currently trying to build up his nerve as he was slowly walking towards the very person he wanted to ask out. He was still a good distance away from Sarah who was busy putting books in and taking them out of her locker. A lump started forming in Ethan's throat the closer he got to Sarah and he was already thinking about turning around and leaving. Yet miraculously despite how nervous he felt at the moment, his feet still proceeded walking toward the girl of his affection. Though when he saw that one of the jocks was making his way over to Sarah as well; it immediately stopped him in his tracks. When the guy finally reached Sarah at her locker Ethan quickly hid behind a conveniently placed medium sized trashcan. Ethan than slowly lifted his head above the trashcan to see what was happening while trying not to be spotted by Sarah or the jock.

"Hey Sarah, how's it going?" greeted the jock as he casually leaned against the lockers.

"No, I'm not going out with you Drake," Sarah quickly answered without even looking at him.

She then closed the door of her locker and walked away, leaving Drake standing there like an idiot. Having seen this, Ethan felt a growing pit in his stomach. He gave a very defeated sigh as he dropped to the floor with his back leaning against the trashcan.

"What was I thinking? If she turns down jocks like that then there's no way she would ever go out with me," sadly thought Ethan.

In the biology lab, Benny was busy working on the potion that he was sure would help his friend get that boost of confidence that he needed. However it seemed that the lab didn't have all of the ingredients for the potion so he had to find a way to improvise. Of course since this was Benny the solution he came up with was to find another potion that he had the ingredients of and mix the concoctions together. It turned out that the love potion that he had looked at earlier contained ingredients that he could use with this one and Benny had to admit that he was a little happy about that. Nevertheless Benny soon came to a major dilemma with the potion. He needed one more ingredient that happed to be the most important one so he couldn't replace it and he doubted the biology lab would have it.

"Oh man! Where in the world am I going to find pheromones from a primal animal as the catalyst for the potion?!" complained Benny leaning his head back in annoyance at his current predicament.

"Hey Benny, what's up!" exclaimed Rory who had suddenly came out of nowhere and completely scared Benny out of his wits.

"Dude, how many times have I told you not to do that?!" Benny remarked with an annoyed expression on his face to Rory.

"Yeah yeah so whatcha working on?" asked Rory as he looked curiously at all the stuff that was on the table in front of Benny.

The last thing Benny wanted was for Rory to get involved in what he was doing, especially since he could admit to himself that his luck with magic wasn't always so smooth and having Rory involved would probably make things worse.

"It's a school project I have to work on that's due tomorrow," Benny answered with a miserable groan to make it more convincing.

"Bummer, I would offer to help but you know its school work. Well see ya later," replied Rory as he was about to leave the room.

Yet that's when a brainstorm hit Benny as the solution to his missing ingredient problem was right in front of him.

"Vampires have been known to exhibit a primal nature," contemplated Benny as a smile began forming on his lips.

"Wait a minute Rory," Benny called quickly while grabbing Rory's arm before he could get away.

"Yeah?" he asked carefully when he noticed the huge grin on Benny's face that was making him feel uncomfortable.

"Actually I really could use your help with this. I just need some of your pheromones," stated Benny.

"My pheromones?" wondered Rory with confusion clear on his face.

"Yeah I just need a few. You don't even have to really do anything. So what do you say buddy?" Benny asked while getting up from his chair and wrapping a friendly arm around Rory's neck.

A thoughtful look came on Rory's face before he gave his answer.

"What's in it for me?"

Benny's face gained a contemplative look having not expected that response, though he realized that he indeed should have. Luckily he was soon able to come up with something that he was sure Rory couldn't refuse.

"I'll give you my limited edition mint condition Avengers figurines," answered Benny.

"No way! You have all of them!" responded Rory with excitement.

"From the very first Originals to the New Avengers," Benny declared in a proud voice with a grin.

"All right I'll do it!" answered Rory immediately making Benny feel very relieved.

"Whew, it's a good thing I have more than one of that collection," Benny thought happily to himself.

"Now, let's get some of those pheromones Rory," Benny announced joyfully knowing that he would now be able to finish the potion.

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